How to Labor Less with James Walls

James Walls, Product Marketing Director with Dimension Data in Singapore, explores the subject of labor and addresses how nowadays the ethic of ‘working long hours’ is no longer a badge of honor. In fact, the notion of doing more does not itself produce more income or more value. You’ll hear how James, who seems to have been weaned on labor, hard work, and intense pressure — began to find freedom, peace of mind, and satisfaction through the development of his transactional competence.

In this episode’s talk, Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels offers more on this subject. In this talk, you’ll hear Kirkland speak about what we call the biological Conditions of Life — and how, when these are threatened, we have a tough time satisfying other conditions.

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Throughout this and other episodes, you’ll hear our guests refer to “FOT,” which is an acronym for our Fundamentals of Transaction program.

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