The distinctions of the Fundamentals of Transaction program are some of the most fundamentally useful, valuable, and practical set of distinctions I have learned since learning to “read, write, and do basic mathematics.”

Liz Kriegshauser, Business and Financial Services, Chesterfield, MO

The Fundamentals of Transaction course is the most practical business course that I have taken. I started my real estate company 2 years ago, and with the knowledge from this course, I am the #1 Waterfront Realtor in SW Michigan (with 2x the sales of the #2 Realtor). In the last 6 months while participating in the course my income is up 99% from the same time last year. I highly recommend the Fundamentals of Transaction program to anyone who is serious about doing the work required to produce exceptional results.

Paul DeLano, Real Estate, Union, MI

As Einstein said genius is simple but not easy. This has been precisely my experience with FOT. After completing the program and looking back on what I have learned I can clearly see that if you follow the simple steps to complete the transaction cycle and you have clearly defined your aims (and the 13 steps) it is impossible not to be successful, it is simply impossible. However, this task being simple it is not easy. Realizing how I have lived until now I am surprised I made out of bed, I see nothing but chaos and random actions that have been taking that have no clear beginning and no clear ending. Possessing the knowledge and applying the skills I have learned has been of a experience of waking up, getting your vision back or having the sun come out of a terrible storm.

Kristina Panchenko, Accountant / Owner, Miami, FL, USA

The Fundamentals Of Transaction program is a uniquely designed learning experience that helps you identify your goals and greatly improve your ability to achieve them by studying influence and transaction. A thorough understanding of the transaction cycle helped me analyze the way my organization does business and how we can improve our business development practices. Overall, a highly valuable and recommendable program.

David Senior Garcia, Oil/Gas Industry Consulting, Spain

Thanks to Influence Ecology I have a much more accurate picture of what I need to do to achieve my primary aims for the condition of life of money in particular.  Prior to this program I only despaired that I would never have enough.  Thinking accurately about what “enough” would mean to me has provided me a new focus for achieving those goals.

Anne Sciarrone, Architecture, Georgia, USA

Because of my learning in Influence Ecology and the Fundamentals of Transaction program, I have been able to develop a structured path for the years to come. This program has fostered my awareness of scheduling and focusing aspects of my life in order to be successful at building a greater for myself, career, and family. My motto is a constructive schedule is essential to creating desired results.

Charlie Berrian, Pastor / Non-Profit, Georgia, USA

Influence ecology has shown me how to use accurate thinking to articulate my aims & the steps I need to take to fulfill them.

Jennifer Wilson, Real Estate, United States

As I began this program I was ineffective at obtaining the right expertise in rehabilitating a year old injury which prevented me from bending my hip.  Through my study of this material, I was able to find and work with the right people and now not only can I sit for extended times but I am currently squatting over 200lbs.

Christina Malin. Pharmaceutical, Pennsylvania, USA

I found this study to be impactful, insightful, and extremely valuable.

Katherine Wheatley, Senior Budget Analyst, California, USA

Influence Ecology has helped me to understand that I have total control of my own future. The decisions I make to accept and decline invitations, offers, requests and assertions directly influence my satisfaction in life. Providing one approaches each opportunity in a fully considered manner we can find the autonomy we seek.

Cymon Allfrey, Architecture, Christchurch, New Zealand

I am a senior manager in a Finance and Investing company. I am accountable for our culture, that is, our team of 30 are thriving and operating consistent with our values. Said in lay mans terms, I am a coach to 30 people, including our Managing Director. We are 4 and a half years in from building this company from scratch and last financial year we turned over $5.5m, facilitated $58.45m in investments and had 3084 attendances to our educational seminars. We were experiencing good success but I was busy! I was spending most of my time “dusting off” my staff.

I very challenging and enjoyable course with great people and freedom to improve yourself.

Sarah Dawson, Other, California, United States

A big Ah-hah for me was in discovering that I am a Producer, and really embracing that, rather than wondering why I have such a hard time presenting, even 1:1, with people. It helps to know what I am good at, and make that part of my offer. With my husband, we now have a plan, for when we can stop working our full-time jobs – it’s a very satisfying feeling. One of the study papers offered a perfect set of questions to help us accurately think it through and make it work.

Linda Ploch, Product Development Engineer, Illinois, USA

Over the last 12 months of studying with Influence Ecology, amongst other things I learnt to rapidly distinguish my staff’s transactional orientation, that is, where they are most effectively placed in the business to leverage their natural strengths. This resulted in dramatic increases in my team’s productivity and job satisfaction.  After a big year of repositioning staff, hiring new staff and letting some go, I am only required a day a week now. Sales and delivery are as strong as ever and I am free to focus on other things.

Tim Guest & Danny Mayes-Smith, Financial Education, Perth, Australia

It is important to realize that this is a journey rather than an event. The FOT Program has provided me with a more comprehensive understanding of myself as a human being (living organism and my biology) in the environment of the earth we live on (and the galaxy we live in).

More precisely, living in a western developed democracy where most human rights are enshrined in law and we live in a conspicuous consumer society – the one IE calls “the Current”. I have been exposed to the concept of a “transaction cycle” in my paid work world of two large corporate mining companies as an engineer and project manager. However, the key difference with the IE FOT Program is the clarification of the “personality traits and transaction behaviours” associated with their Transaction Cycle and it’s “moves” and “phases “that are directly to our desire to fulfil our Conditions of Life”. I had gathered pieces of the “transaction jig-saw” as I lived my life up to having just turned 61 years in Jan. 2016 but this program has given my mush greater understanding with principles to understand and methodology for meaningful application – “…to be in meaningful acion”!

More importantly, it has significant emphasis on “application” – this is exactly what an engineer does – applies the laws of science for mankind’s practical use in their living environment – this aspect resonates with me.

The extent of that is illustrated by my commitment to participate in the MAP Program, starting Oct. 2016.

Gary Baldwin, Project and Program Management, Adelaide South Australia

This program gave me a structure to see how my daily thoughts, actions and aims in life were not matching up to my potential! During the course, I was able to see how my skills were not being utilized in a company that I had been working for 16 years. I set new aims, took new actions, trusted myself and interviewed for a new job. By the end of the course, I was in a new state running a new company as the Chief Operating Officer. Two levels higher in my industry than my previous job! Thank you Influence Ecology for making me the promise at the beginning of the course that I would see an increase in salary, position or would achieve a major milestone. I did all three!

Lisa Russell, Management/ Executive, North Carolina, USA

Influence Ecology has shown me how important accurate thinking and accountability is for me to achieve my aims in life. It has armed me with the knowledge of how the marketplace works, how to use it to my advantage, and how to protect myself from it. I’ve also been educated on how to move quickly and competently in business transactions by learning how to work with various personality types.

Randee Strand, Other, Texas, United States

Influence Ecology was everything I have been looking for, searching for many years.  I’ve sought a structure to help expand my results in business and personal life, and this was completely beyond high expectations!  The leaders are phenomenal individuals, and the program is very high quality.  Be ready to study, as the material itself is rich and mind-expanding – in particular the personality types and weapons of influence put something together about why I have been successful in my life.  When they state that successful and ambitious adults make up the student body, they really mean it.  It’s valuable to have an ecology of people to study with who are up to big things in life. Not only that but my income went up 12% within the first 4 months of the course.

Helen Kearney, Human Resources, Colorado, United States

The Fundamentals of Transaction is an all-encompassing, eye-opening study that will have you get clear about what’s important to you and leave you in action.

Matt Ploch, Sr VP – Automatics Underwriter, Illinois, USA

As a natural introvert the idea of transacting for help was not one I embraced.  Being forced to confront myself with data and facts was challenging and made me transact in a much more conscious, powerful and informed way.  Stupid as this sounds the most valuable lesson was learning that it is OK to decline an offer in the marketplace if it doesn’t meet your Conditions of Life or further your aims, being able to implement that lesson alone made it worthwhile.

Gary Bramley, Environmental Consulting, Kaeo, New Zealand

Influence Ecology and The Fundamentals of Transaction have been exactly the catalyst I was hoping they would be. In the past six months I’ve not only learned a new way to approach my life, but I’ve also had to confront and work through some long held beliefs, naïveté and habits that weren’t serving me. I was lucky enough to take FOT with my family, and its given us a shared foundation, narrative and language to guide and support each other with.

Patricia DeBough, Director, Brand and Field Marketing, Co, USA

Due to Influence Ecology I have started a path for my future that has a basic structure and can be built on.  The program has raised my awareness of what is constantly going on around me and how to focus and concentrate on what I need to build my future.  It is a useful and productive structure that produces results.

Alison Bruesehoff, Non Profit Museums, United States

Influence Ecology is akin to putting on a special pair of glasses in the realm of business (but limited only to business transaction) that allows you to see a whole new series of actions and opportunities that didn’t exist before. Very practical knowledge and skills that every business entrepreneur/leader must possess to have any insight and clue to running a successful company.

John Severson, Travel Agency, California, USA

Influence of ecology has really helped me through both the fundamental in transaction program and the fundamental in transaction program. I have a clear vision and articulation of my aims and how to achieve them. This has allowed me to really budget my income being able to undertake more activities to achieve my aims and lifestyle I desire. I have also realized to achieve certain aims in life I need to make some big changes and thanks to undertaking influence of ecology at my age (26) it is setting me up for a fantastic future. Influence of ecology have a very supportive team to insure you get the most out of the programs and I look forward to undertaking more work with this fantastic team.

Kate Matthison, Chiropractor, Auckland, New Zealand

I always had my life goals set, however, this program had me using very specific thinking to identify my chief aims for important areas of my life. What a difference it makes when your life goals become that clearly defined! And now, using this methodology, I have a realistic and accurate pathway for achieving my chief aims.

Maureen Martin, Education/Training, Alberta, Canada

I am committed to membership and MAP because of how much value I have gotten from FOT. Although there were times when the time commitment and the amount of new information almost drove me into a state of overwhelm, I can see now, it was absolutely necessary going through those moments to understand the true value of scheduling and accurate thinking. I believe what I have learned through my involvement in Influence Ecology so far, will have more of an impact on my individual results and the value I can bring to our organization than any other course or program I could have participated in currently.

Laura Senior Garcia, Consulting and Coaching, Spain

The Fundamentals of Transaction has radically altered my understanding of the word “transaction.”  More importantly, it’s having real, tangible, yet somewhat mysterious impact in my life.  Case in point:  a project in which I’m playing a pivotal role for my company transformed quite literally overnight from a low 6 figure to a high 7 figure opportunity.  Though a number of factors contributed to that, I’m confident that my participation in this education contributed strongly to this unexpected turn of events.  I feel like I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of the depth and breadth of Influence Ecology.  But I’m quite excited to discover what’s next.

Michael Carrera, Communication/Storytelling, California, USA

The Fundamentals of Transaction curriculum within Influence Ecology has elevated my self esteem and stature within my personal and professional environments.  I have made new friends for life and eagerly anticipate continued personal and financial growth through the Mechanics and Practice program and studies.

Janet Vreeland, Accounting/Finance/Insurance, California, United States

Datisfy has grown by leaps and bounds since I started the program in April.  I am now bringing in my OWN clients and referrals as opposed to working on Angela’s referrals.  I myself am focusing on Ambitious Adult behaviors and have in fact received wonderful reviews on how I interact with many of the CFOs that we tend to work with.  Getting repeat business from these sources is a testament to our success.

Kathryn Webster, Business Intelligence Software Industry, Canada

Amazing opportunity to articulate achieving satisfaction in the key areas of your life such as money, health, work and health. Results produced are then consistent with what you want in your life in a way that you never thought was possible. For example in 6 months reducing debt by $20,000.

Nicole Baldwin, Health Industry, St. Marys, Australia

This course opened my eyes to what is really necessary to become successful and fulfill my chief aims in life. It created a context for that clarity of vision and a structure for achieving it. I think this program is very useful for anyone wanting to learn how to operate at a higher level. I learned a ton!

Laren Watson, Health and Nutrition Coaching, United States

I know now that I have left many of the most important things in my life up to chance.  I now have Aims that I can articulate and act upon to satisfy the most important conditions of life after completing this course.

See Wong, IT, Auckland, New Zealand

I have increased my income by 16%, which is remarkable given I have switch from one line of work to another, completely unknown to me!  I am moving quickly in my new work ecology, creating alliances and transacting with people I could not before imagine working with.  I love the work I am doing to advance my career and my relationships, and becoming more fit than I have since college.

Lorenda Phillips, Professional Services, California, United States

As a result of influence ecology I have been able to transact for better offers and find myself getting opportunities that were not previously available to me.

Melissa Baer, Consumer Goods, Christchurch, New Zealand

FOT changed my life.  I was becoming overweight, drinking too much and eating very unhealthy.  I was becoming over burdened as the success of my company was taking more and more of my time leaving me with less time for my family, friends and leisure.  FoT provided me the fundamentals to get my life back on track and build the necessary habits and practices that will lead my to satisfaction in many of my Conditions of Life.  My Health measure was to start doing 80 min of Cardio/week and, in combination with having only a few drinks a month and eating healthier, I have dropped 20lb.  I am now within my ideal weight.  I started scheduling tasks more effectively for my business and pruning tasks that didn’t bring value to me or my business.  This habit has helped build processes that save a lot of time.  Two of the most important things I have learned are to be aware of the speed of the transactions I enter and seek out help from other Influence Ecologies.  These two lessons alone are more than worth the price of tuition!

Jim Clarey, Building Construction and skilled Trades, North Dakota, United States

As a computer security professional, I spend most of my day sitting down and over the last fifteen years my weight and general wellbeing have suffered as a result. At the end of this program, I am no longer obese and my weight and fitness are both continuously improving.

Barry Anderson, Consulting, Keilor Lodge, Australia

Influence Ecology programs not only provide a wake up call but also deliver the framework and accountability required to ensure one’s success in making the necessary changes.

Cynthia Smith-Power, Healthcare, Virginia, United States

As I started my Fundamentals of Transaction journey, I quickly realized that some of my preconceived ideas about what I was doing and I was doing them were wrong. By letting go of my ego and taking the time to think deeply and intelligently about the questions Influence Ecology teaches, I have been able to re-evaluate aspects of my life which have an immediate impact of my success individually and in my company. The result has been an increased awareness of the influence my actions have on others and how I can get the best of the people in my life for our combined success.

Neil Calvert, Technology, Wellington, New Zealand

Before contracting to participate in FOT I shared with to the person who referred me that “…the idea of adding any more work to my schedule makes me sick to my stomach and this seems like a lot of work.”  I was right on one count” the FOT program is rigorous, providing specific suggestions of practical applications for actual learning, not just completion of the course.  However, the knowledge in this program has given me better awareness and control over how I spent my time.  The harder I studied the more time, energy and effort I learned to devote to achieving aims that had gone neglected for years.

Nicholas Harris, Other, New York, United States

During Influence Ecology’s FOT program, I was able to effectively change our client process so that we can better coach and educate our clients.  All while giving me as the President/Founder of the company to gain additional personal freedom and meaning from the business.

Paul Adams, Accounting/Finance, Washington United States

Influence Ecology and the Fundamentals of Transaction Program has been an incredible journey. What I am taking away from this program is invaluable. I feel that not only have I adjusted my aims and am thinking accurately with regards to career and money, but in all aspects of my life. This program has changed the way I see my future and although sometimes the work was difficult and agitating, I am so pleased that I was fortunate enough to have taken this class.

Shannon Norwood, Healthcare, Texas, United States

Influence Ecology is a transformational tool that projects light through the fog! Fundamental of Transaction equipped me with many meaningful tools to better deal with challenging situations. It gave me unique opportunity to meet and learn from amazing people. For me, this is a strong beginning of a journey, a journey of ambition, growth, and contribution. I look forward to continuing my study with Influence Ecology.

Olga Kipnis, Medical/Health, Virginia, United States


The Fundamentals of Transaction Course has provided me with a clear set of tools for planning and achieving my aims around Health, Career, Money and Work.  I used to have a massive to-do-list which existed as a burden, I have learned instead to focus and schedule those tasks and as a result, my productivity has increased and I have more Peace of Mind.  In addition to this, exercise has shifted from something I do two to three times a week when I can fit it in, to something I am committed to doing six times a week in order to optimize my physical and mental well-being. The study is rigorous, I have learned so much, I highly recommend it.

Kirsty Reynolds, Business Development, Auckland, New Zealand

The program facilitators are knowledgeable and easy to listen to. The material is intense and outside of any study or thought I have done before, so it is exciting to learn something completely new, as well as a great challenge.

Noel Taylor, Accounting/Finance, Stirling, West Australia

I hold the highest degree one can earn; a PhD. in humanistic social sciences. It’s not in rocket science but it wasn’t easy to get. My study and the results exceeded all that. I have been a professor for 20 years my education in transactional competence has relieved me of the arrogance, conceits and blind spots peddled in higher education about succeeding and thriving. I was naive as an older, single woman of color; I was not fulfilling the most important aims in health, money, or retirement. I thought I was smart. In the Fundamentals of Transaction I transacted to increase my income, up by 150%, met my health aims (100%) and I invented and accepted ambitious offers that have expanded my career identity through focus and concentration rather than more work. The founders of Influence Ecology and the community of participants have helped me think accurately about my own failures and create more success. Not everyone will commit to such a rigorous education. Guess that’s our gain… and not theirs!

Kyra Gaunt, Education/Training, United States

Studying with Influence Ecology has confronted me with just how much I am leaving the way my life turns out to chance. Over the past six months I have seriously taken on the area of money and finish the program with a real plan to pay off all outstanding debt inside 2.5 years – couldn’t see how that was possible before this study.

Deidre Ruddick, Consulting Engineering, Lane Cove, Australia

The Influence Ecology Fundamentals of Transaction program gets results in key areas of life including money, career and health. After six months I have huge levels of clarity about my business and the work required to get to where I want to be.

Ed Breen, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxation, Queensland, Australia

The fundamentals of Transaction program offered by Influence Ecology is nothing short of brilliant.

Not only did it introduce me to the language and discourse i was missing , but opened my eyes to the innate and human need to transact with one another , for each others conditions of life.

This is one of the most rigourous and well designed programs I have ever done.  It is at the level of my MA degree and the programs we design and deliver at an academic medical center.

Nina Davis, Medical/Health, California, United States

I learned a whole new respect and habit of thinking accurately, and formed a new love for allowing others to have their space within a transaction , freeing me from the “micro-managing ” addiction I had found myself married to.

My metrics showed the “proof in the pudding ” , when measured to the same period the year prior , my income had increased at least double .

Thorald Koren, Arts/Entertainment/Publishing, United States

The FOT study has helped me create the strategic thinking and scheduling discipline I was lacking.  I had felt stuck and Influence Ecology has allowed me to break out of the “current” and articulate a transaction that is valued and accepted.

Jeffery Lambert, Government, California, United States

This program is great and makes you look at transactions like a transaction.  It is a cycle and denying that leaves you were you have always been.  tranactional competence is necessary for not only your AIMS but success and prosperity

Jennifer Thompson, Healthcare, Virginia, United States

Influence Ecology study made me realize the value of building sustainable ecologies. I am a do it myself person, and the single major thing I realized was that I need to ask for help and not do things alone. I also learnt that I need to transact based on my personality.

Sanjeev Gupta, IT and Software Development, Illinois, United States

I was at a cross-road in my career when I came across Influence Ecology on the advice of a friend. As much as I enjoyed what I was doing and making significant money, I was bunt out and had no balance in my life. My home life was deteriorating and I had lost the spark that I once enjoyed in my work.

The past six months studying the Fundamentals of Transaction Program has been monumental for me. It gave me the structure to design a life which I loved and the tools with which to go about achieving it. The course content, delivery method, and those that lead the program were world-class and provided me with a framework for my health, wealth, career and happiness.

Out of the program, I have created a new workshop which I know will significantly make a profound difference in the lives of many, my health is better than it has been in 10 years, and my relationship with my wife has not been this good since the day we got married. Highly, highly recommended.

Ian Collins, Oil/Gas Industry, Cape Town, South Africa

FOT has been a journey of self-discovery and self-affirmation for both my personal self and my business self. From the first study paper and the work I set out to do with my Environment, I started seeing the benefits of setting aside the time for the Influence Ecology studies. After Study Paper 7, I could see the advantages of recognizing Personalities in Transaction and of the power of understanding and utilizing Weapons of Influence in my transactions. After completing FOT, I feel like I have only just begun to unlock the power I have in transacting with others.

Alice Hinkle, Plumbing Contractor, Colorado, United States

As a mother of a young girl and a baby, I was experiencing an inability to ‘get things done’ like I used to during my professional career. The Fundamentals of Transaction course has opened my eyes to the despair I was experiencing, and provided me with a concrete path forward to craft an exciting and loving life with my family as well as the income I desired to support a satisfying life.

Sarah Jane Meharg, Education/Training, Ontario, Canada

While my primary market transaction is different from most, I still got a lot of benefit out of it. I learned how to better transact with powerful members in my ecology and how to partner with them to fulfill commitments.

Amit Riswadkar, IT Security, Illinois, United States

I highly recommend it.

Alex Lu, Accounting/Finance, New York, United States


The Fundamentals of Transaction Program teach the application of critical thinking in every condition (aspect) of life.  It is a challenging course that can yield life-altering results to your aims.  The program helped me to understand the connection between my biology and my financial aims in life, which has motivated me to be healthier (body fat dropped by 9%).

Bryan Bousquet, Engineering, Texas, United States

The rigor and detail required in completing the FOT Program was simultaneously a challenge and an opportunity to think fundamentally and more deeply regarding what I want out of life.

Caitlin (Katie) Barnes, Other,  Colorado, United States

I found the rigor of the program refreshing. The pace and depth of the coursework required continual focus and reflection. The readings were interesting and thought provoking and well integrated into the overall program philosophy and approach. I also appreciated the focus on multiple aspects of life balance – health, money, work and career – a much more integrated approach to improving your influence and transactional competence.

Craig Bouck, Other, Colorado, United States

Influence Ecology agitates you out of your life coma to think and prioritize what is important in YOUR life. It forces you to think accurately so that you can realistically plan, schedule, and build a pathway so that you can achieve what YOU value in life. It also opens up your mind to subconscious undercurrents in your world that will try and subvert you from your path and helps you with strategies to thwart such movements. Definitely a worthwhile journey to undertake!

Andrew Gasson, Networking Industry, South Island, New Zealand

Completing the Fundamentals of Transaction program has proved to be one of the most rewarding and rigorous studies I have embarked on to date. Learning to apply accurate thinking in regards to my aims and goals in life has contributed to me being the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. Thanks to the program, I am now saving more money than I ever have in the past and have a clear pathway to building my personal wealth, and a fulfilling career.

Sharon Skerry, Medical/Health, Gold Coast, Australia

I don’t even know where to begin but the results really speak for itself. During this program my income (145% increase) has been more than expected, I have started my social media networking solution where I have got my first client and through this client I have made more than $3000 and I have been procrastinating doing this for a couple of years. I am 1 kg away from my ideal weight and being able to compete in my Boxing Amateur “golden gloves”. But what’s more important is the clarity it provides of who you are to yourself and how you are perceived by others. Finally breaking your “habits” which is essentially what this program is all about. . . . I have been breaking habits that I have been unsuccessful doing in the past 5 years and longer just by doing the program as its designed and it really gives me the peace of mind I need to be in the “NOW”.

Aram Nikpai, Construction and Health Industry, Auckland, New Zealand

FOT has given me the tools to articulate what it is I want from life and the balls to go get it!

Blair Miller, Film Production, Colorado, United States

FOT really helped me think about the totality of my transactions with people. It helped me understand that I am unable to be successful alone and helped me to understand my strengths and where I need to transact for help. It forced me to state my aims, plan to meet them, and work to hold myself accountable which included transacting for help with accountability.

Ellen Missana, Human Resources in Higher Education, Virginia, United States

A word of warning, this work is not for the faint-hearted.  If you are not prepared to face yourself and re-examine your life then do not proceed.  If you are happy with the way things are floating along for you then save yourself the pain and proceed no further.  :This course is honest and is designed to awaken you to your truths and demands that you ambitiously seek your happiness.

Tim Swann, Banking/Real Estate/Mortgage, Auckland, New Zealand

I am a sculptor and this program has really challenged my current thinking and even though I have struggled with some of the material, it has come together and I have gained clarity about my aims in life and can now see a pathway to achieving my aims. I now feel confident to continue on my journey creating an international market for my sculpture and follow my own course in life rather than the one everyone else takes.

Jannie Alday, Health Sector, Victoria, Australia

I was successful in my career but never felt completely satisfied. After starting FOT, I recognized how aimless and naive I was in so many conditions of life. I was waiting for something to happen or take care of itself. I was sailing my vessel alone. I have now learned how to transact for help; I have increased my income (20%) and now continually and accurately plan for satisfying my aims.

Jennifer Oliver, Academic Health Care, Virginia, United States

In the past I allowed my fear of the unknown (my naiveté and laziness) to dictate the type of workers we employed. Influence Ecology provided me the opportunity to analyze my environment, my wants, my needs, and formulate a well-defined path to employing the proper individuals to foster the continued success of our business.

Joe Rocco, Construction, Colorado, United States

An intensive study, largely an eye opener. Takes the mystery out of what it takes to be successful.

Khadija Sunderji, Automotive Aftermarket, Toronto, Canada

The most life-changing aspect of FOT for me was delving into the mechanics of influence and working the Weapons of Influence into my transactions. Reading Cialdini’s Influence book and participating in webinars that further elaborated on its content was among the highest value studies I have ever undertaken.

Carolyn Saint, Education/Training, Charlottesville, United States

Starting over at age 56 is not an easy thing to do. I have to thank my study partners and Influence Ecology for not only helping me to see what I was doing ineffectively, but to find a way to transact comfortably in all aspects of my life. Now I don’t say “I knew that”, I say “I DO that”!

Eric Barker, Real Estate, Texas, United States

Influence Ecology’s Fundamentals of Transaction program promises to train its participants competency in business transactions and it does just that. Through its rigorous and well thought out program it takes any ambitious adult from naiveté to competence in achieving ones personal aims in business and in life. In our current world of information overload I was surprised to find that the study program, rather than adding to your bank of knowledge, actually whittles away at the stuff you don’t need and focusses you on the core things you do need in order to live a very satisfying life. I have recommended this program to my closest associates and would do so without hesitation to people who want real results in competing in today’s world.

Abir Tarafdar, Development of Software, Queensland, Australia

The FOT Programme has taught me the importance of achieving balance in Health, Money, Work, and Career; whichever area you choose to ignore will have a deleterious impact in the long-term. The best way to advance is through regular scheduling of tasks; your chief aims broken down into bite size chunks of actions. Fundamental to success is planned organization, cooperation, and concentration.

Daphne Thompson, Health Care, Victoria, Australia

Influence Ecology has provided a structure with which I can learn how to transact powerfully in the marketplace. It has helped me focus on what I want and need and helped me to think more clearly about my chief aims in life.

Deborah Bain, Integrative Pediatric Medicine, Texas, United States

I have gained a structure and a clarity around my businesses that I had always wanted but despite numerous courses had not managed to achieve. I now manage multiple projects and timelines and get way more done by doing way less.

Jane Dromgool, Equestrian, Bay of Island, New Zealand

Influence Ecology has opened my eyes to a greater understanding of what is going on around me. In the past I have chosen to not be an active participant in the process of transacting. I have drifted with the current, observing it and aware of it, but still influenced by it. The FOT course has opened my eyes to a greater understanding of the Current and how to be a better participant as well as to begin to have more fun in and with it. I now am developing greater ambition in what I want to achieve. This has been through the process of articulating my Aim of Life as part of the course

Garth Dawson, Banking/Mortgage, Auckland, New Zealand

Invaluable for assessing where to have employees work within a company.

Johnny Washington, Accounting, Texas, United States


I initially thought this course was more for corporate people. I was surprised how relevant i found it for me. FYI I work in Fashion and Beauty. I am very happy i have done FOT the one word that keeps coming to mind  is Clarity. Now that the course is  over the study definitely not stop, this course is a constant reminder of the path i will keep on to better myself in my conditions of life and i am much more clear about what they are.

Josephine Zagari, Other, Perth, West Australia

It’s great work.

Jason Seaward, Trucking and Recruitment, Canterbury, New Zealand

Through Influence Ecology I have been given the tools to create a life full of satisfaction. I have had a paradigm shift relating to money; I now adhere to a regular savings plan and have left my job to start my own business. The six month FOT program has given me the tools and introduced the distinctions so I am confident that I will action my business successfully. My commitment to exercise is now consistent and I now am in practice to keep it that way. The quality of my circle of friends has improved dramatically and now have a partner I will be keeping indefinitely. Thank you Influence Ecology; the Fundamentals of Transaction program is a life changer.

Katey Griffin, Arboriculture, Herne Bay, New Zealand

FOT has been extremely agitating at times, yet unbelievably enlightening in a way that has caused me to re-examine every aspect of my life.  The concepts that I have learned to date through Influence Ecology have empowered me to define my chief aims in life, and to chart a path to attain them.

Karl Strand, Construction/Facilities, Texas, United States

The value in this FOT program lies not just in the knowledge gained from study of the materials and participation in the on-line sessions, but more importantly in the difference it makes when applied to my life and career goals in the real world.

Michael Dunn, Economic/Fiscal Analysis Independent Consultant, Wellington, New Zealand

Very powerful programme and has helped me transact more confidently.

Rawiri Piripi, Gaming Industry, Waikato, New Zealand

I am honored to have completed this study in fundamentals of transaction. This is a very rigorous program and allows one to see things you saw before and yet did not see or understand at this level. With this new understanding and perspective, I am able to move stronger through my interactions with others. I have a long way to go to feel a mastery of this study.

Ricardo Kasmiskie, Real Estate, Texas, United States

Influence Ecology provided specialized content, and a powerful structure, for me to tend to all the aspects of life that are important to me. I have been able to capitalize on my strengths, and now know how to work through my weaknesses, to achieve the results that I desire. This is evident in a new job, an increase in salary, and I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been.

Shonit Jagmohan, Optometry, Victoria, Australia

After watching my husband transform into the powerful man and entrepreneur that I always knew he could be, I accepted the invitation to do my own work with Influence Ecology. Even after hearing from David about the program, a month into the program I realized I was still looking for the “quick fix” for my business (and life) that I have always sought. Instead, it was a wakeup call to all the ways I want to coast through life and not really do ALL the work required to succeed. I had to question my actual desire for success – and frankly to grow up (which isn’t always pleasurable). I still have growing pains but I know that the foundation for my business (and my life) that I have been at work on is what has been REALLY missing this entire time. THANK YOU Influence Ecology!

Kristen Moeller, Author/Publisher, Colorado, United States

I found the study material to most useful but the biggest thing I gained was being able to get a clearer view of how I have been interacting in the business world through the challenges that are designed into the program. These challenges require taking an honest and accurate look at my habits, personality and methods of transacting in the marketplace and adjusting myself accordingly.

Michael Ditmer, Experience Economy/PR/Marketing, Minnesota, United States

Participating in FOT was a life changing experience for me. I feel empowered in ways I never imagined before. I have a more orderly, procedural perspective on growing my business and satisfying my aims. As a businesswoman, I think learning to decline powerfully was perhaps the most powerful skill I acquired. I’ve been practicing it regularly and it works beautifully for me. I am grateful to Influence Ecology for all I learned and the wonderful folks I met in this course. Thank you!

Robin Robboy, Public Accounting, Georgia, United States

Where to start – Influence Ecology opened my eyes to the real world around me and how I was fitting in with what it wanted or demands of us all. This enabled me to accurately assess and invent what it is that I would like my world and environment to look like – then giving me the skills and structure around transacting with those people whom together we can make this a reality not just a wish or dream. Thank you Influence Ecology for waking me up to the reality of my world and how I was floating along in it, to now be the master of my own ship and steering it in the direction that I want. I promise those that are thinking of doing this course that it won’t be easy, however, I promise you it will definitely be worth it.

Sharon Schofield, Community Services Work, Victoria, Australia

It has strengthened my relation to the way I think about what’s important to me. I have learned the skills of accurately thinking about what I need to do to fulfill on the aims I have for my life.

Jeffery Newton, Professional Hair Care Industry, Minneapolis, United States

Influence Ecology and FOT have basically jumpstarted the knowledge that I wish my father (founded his own company 44 years ago and was viciously successful up until his senility issues) would have taught me, as an entrepreneur. It has helped me earn increased income, practice verbalizing my offer (never did that with any accurate thinking before FOT), and how to transact with integrity!  FOT has shown me that there are people who can be wildly successful, rich beyond measure, help others, and to do it all with integrity.

Jennifer Massoud, Makeup Industry, Dallas, United States

This program has reconnected me to my business, from which I had become alienated over the last few years (perhaps burn out).  For this I am grateful.

Karolus Smejda, Consultant, Chicago, United States

Taking part in the FOT Program made me wake up to reality in a whole new way.  I’ve started seeing the way we act as a species both individually and as a group in a new light, with specialized knowledge leading to new understandings. The insights learned in FOT into what motivates us to do what we do and either accept or decline offers in the market place are key to the success of my new business venture. I am very grateful to have been part of a leading edge program that educates and motivates ambitious adults to achieve all their aims in life through accurate thinking, scheduling and invention. I recommend anyone who is ambitious and dedicated and wants to see a clear way ahead of the crowd to success to get on board while the offer is still available to them!

Naomi Starr, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Titirangi, Auckland

The FOT is a serious wake-up call to how much better we can make our lives.  It is a very well constructed, savvy and wise boot camp for adults that shows you how to pull up your socks at the same time as you learn to lift your sights. It is not for the half-hearted and that’s part of what makes it so worthwhile. The connections and inspiration alone are worth the cost and that’s only a fraction of the life-long value I got from this course.  Do it.

Phyllis Tichinin, Agriculture and Human Health, Havelock North, New Zealand

The Fundamentals Of Transaction program has been a journey that has positively impacted every area of my life including my career, my fitness, my finances, and my relationships. This course has given me the opportunity to learn and apply knowledge in a unique and powerful way. Among the many things I have learned is insights into how and why different people transact in different ways. These ways of transacting have always been there, the difference is I now have an awareness and understanding of them and can use this to achieve outcomes that are beneficial to all parties involved. I apply the understandings, insights and practices that I have learnt on a daily basis to forward what I am up to in life.

Richard Morron, Construction Manufacture, Auckland, New Zealand

My experience with Influence Ecology and the Fundamentals of Transaction program has been outstanding. The highly relevant program content has enabled me to easily and quickly re-position my own coaching practice by removing unprofitable and distracting elements. I have been able to work less hours and generate more money as a result of these changes.

Ross Clennett, Recruitment Consultant, Mornington, Australia

The Fundamentals of Transaction program completely altered how I listen to the transactions going on around me and opened up the area of being a commercial screenwriter that wasn’t even on the radar screen when I started the program. It has brought an added amount of inspiration and excitement in my life that I was not expecting.

Scott Weeden, Oil and Gas Publishing, Houston, United States

This program was extremely valuable in providing me the clarity around what’s important to me in each area of life, and it has given me all the tools I need to create exact, sound and bullet-proof pathways to achieve them. This program forced me to go beyond superficial knowledge and gave me the maturity to objectively confront the gaps I inevitably needed to address to get from where I was at to where I want to be. The depth of this work is priceless, exactly what I needed and it exceeded my expectations hugely. This kind of depth is very rare in courses of this kind (this comes from someone who continually invests in their education).

Sofia Eastmond, Tech Industry SAAS, Christchurch, Australia

With the support of this vigorous study, I was able to meet my goals for my condition in life for health by 83% and condition of life for money by 96%.

Tina Calabrese, Health Care, Plano, United States

I chose Influence Ecology because the measures reports for their students were beyond unlikely–they appeared quite absurd. With research on your methodology and interviews with staff and other participants, however, I concluded that it was vaguely plausible that these numbers (50% more income than anticipated!) might be valid. Despite my disbelief, it was worth the risk (the withdrawal refund policy moderated my exposure). Now, upon reviewing the final outputs for my study with them, the outcomes aligned completely with the outcomes they said their participants produced. I was astounded (104% increase in income), the work load itself was largely unimpressive (approx. 6.5 hrs/wk uptick in time), the experience itself was the largest intangible cost because some fundamental points of view were challenged and applying the new concepts was disruptive.

Ana Athanasiu, Management Consulting, San Francisco, United States

It is a very practical program that makes one examine the future and plan strategically for a wealthy retirement.

Bee Choo Tee, Accounting/Administrations, Auckland, New Zealand

I found the Fundamentals Of Transaction full of highly relevant training for anyone wishing to thrive in business. I have made some great contacts with motivated people who I can do business with, to forward my chief aims in life. Another great result I have achieved is losing weight and becoming the size I was over 8 years ago, and now the weight continues to come off. This is a practical, no nonsense course that creates real results.

Brenda Homersham, Forex Trading Software, Goldcoast, Australia

This course has taken me from naivety in business to having clear aims for money, work, and career, and principles, rigorous structures, practices and an environment for transacting to realise those. A few of the many are career as a public identity (distinct from work), the 13 steps to building your primary transaction, the transaction cycle, effective scheduling, how power is developed through cooperation, and principles of influence.

Fred Overmars, environmental consultant, Christchurch, New Zealand

Influence Ecology programs are, in my opinion, required learning for anyone who has the desire, but not the tools or application, to reach their aims in life. In no uncertain terms, Influence Ecology holds you to account for all of the things you know you should start, stop, or continue doing (but ignore as habit), and makes you responsible for your own future.

James Walls, Information Technology, Wellington, New Zealand

Like any journey, the decision to take the first step is a critical and defining one. FOT is such a step and one that I am glad I have taken.

John Baigent, Property Developer, Canterbury, New Zealand

The Fundamentals of Transaction Program has given me a scaffolding on which to create a life that works for myself, my loved ones and the communities that I am a part of. I am immensely proud of what I have achieved in the last 6-months and who I now know myself to be. I can be and do and have anything that I want in my life, the only limits are the limits you impose on yourself. This course has given me a whole new set of learning and practical tools to go about transforming my life in a way that is healthier and provides a much deeper satisfaction for me in all areas of my life.

Josee Lebel, Natural Health/Fitness, Auckland, Auckland

The measures speak for themselves. [140% Health, 143% Money, 25% Income]

Khush Cooper, Human Services, Non-profit, Los Angeles, United States

Stratospheric – My Personality in fact my life’s course has been based on thinking that appeared to be well reasoned and considered. The study with Influence Ecology revealed fundamental flaws, in fact the whole basis for my thinking was based on assumptions and beliefs that have little relevance in the marketplace. It was as if I had been living in a dream world oblivious to realities of the world that if understood in my younger years would have set my life on a radically different trajectory. It’s never too late to begin accurate thinking and applying principles for living from a foundation of sound considered action.

Matthew Carpenter, Global Peer Group, Canterbury, New Zealand

This course has been one of the most frustrating and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. There have been times where I’ve wanted to whip my laptop at the wall, but the information I’ve learned as well as the improvements I’ve experienced applying that knowledge to my business are invaluable. I’ve gone from thinking that I can succeed to knowing I can.

Matthew Reise, IT Consulting and Support, Georgia, United States

Influence Ecology and their FOT program is the best DIY coaching and mentoring complete system out there. Don’t look to hire a fisherman, learn how to fish your self. The program will not work for everybody. I strongly recommend it for driven autonomous persons who want to really take care of their own lives and careers. Not just in theory, with specific actions and lots of work.

Alejandro Baneres, Wellness, Spain

The Fundamentals of Transaction program provided a new perspective from which to practice old knowledge in a contemporary world with accurate thinking and the ability to articulate my situation at any given time and articulate the solution to a significant breakdown in my personal and professional lives. Through focused attention on the narratives of the transaction cycle, influence science and practice I have been able to transact powerfully with those in my career ecology and intimate relationships to rapidly realize results that have not been achievable in the past. I would highly recommend this program to people who want to achieve ethical results in the areas of money, health, career and prosperity now.

Metua Bates, Health/Business, Auckland, New Zealand

The program really increases the value on self-study and allowed me an opportunity to reflect on parts of my life which I had previously made (inaccurate) assumptions.

Patrick Wartan, Legal/Business problem solver, Chicago, United States

The distinctions provided in the program provide a stunning new view in which to assess life and our progress toward achieving our goals and ambitions.

   Philip Dunn, Automotive Engineering, Melbourne, Australia

Without this you’re screwed; and you don’t even know how screwed you are!

Estella MacIntyre, Floristry, Auckland, New Zealand

Influence Ecology has transformed my ability to make money and transact in the marketplace. It has also given me structure to find satisfaction in many other areas of my life.

Isaac Koren, Arts/Entertainment/Publishing, United States

I am grateful for the 30% increase in income and improved health I have achieved during this rigorous program. Most importantly, I value my offer and I can see the difference in my client’s eagerness to transact. Thank you to Influence Ecology for helping me articulate and work toward the achievement of my Chief Aims in Life. It wasn’t always easy, but the results are well worth the investment.

Joni Rocco, Wood Flooring, Parker, CO

Honestly, I was the least likely person to take a course Fundamentals of Transaction . . . but I am so glad I did. It has changed my mindset and business acumen immensely. Every creative needs a reality check like this. It is intense, grueling, a little ugly, but ultimately fulfilling.

Keith Knight, cartoonist, writer, professional, Los Angeles, CA

Excellent program in providing an understanding of the marketplace and my place and participation in it.

Larry Lall, Information Technology & Personal and Corporate Growth, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Prior to starting the course I had a lot of questions regarding where I wanted to get to and how I would get there, both in a personal and business sense. FOT has been fantastic and has allowed me to define a very specific future plan. This plan is based on the framework that FOT creates.

 Edward Hall, Sports Turf, Auckland, New Zealand

I began Fundamentals of Transaction with Influence Ecology with a view to creating a new offer or business ‘sideline’ to support my income into the future. I was entirely naive to how small, limited and inaccurate my thinking was.  What I am discovering in working with influence Ecology is a world of Transaction which has fundamentally altered and improved the way I approach my business and indeed the many conditions of life critical to my fulfilment and happiness.

    Ian Gurner, Dentistry/Health, Tasmania, Australia

I was initially very skeptical of the program. The concepts were challenging and unusual; the language foreign and at times obscure. There was a period of time where I struggled to see the value of the program – a period of time that you uncannily anticipated in one of the middle study papers – but about 3/4 of the way through, everything started to make sense, and I started to see incredible value and truth in what you were saying. For the first time in my life, I was forced to actually think about what I wanted out of life. Not just in an academic sense, but in a real, nuts-and-bolts, write-this-down-or-suffer-the-consequences way.

Before starting the program, I didn’t know what chief aims were. I didn’t know I had them. I didn’t realize I was “always transacting.” I didn’t know what I was offering to my customers, or who my customers were, or what their breakdown was. After the program, I have clear aims. I am cognizant of how I interact with others. I realize the difference between work, career, and money. I know what my primary transaction is, and how it can help me achieve my aims.

This is been a surprisingly great experience, one that I did not fully appreciate until the end of the program. Thank you.

  Ryan Burney, Web Developer, Denver, United States of America

Fundamentals [of Transaction] has provided me a structure to grow myself. It’s challenged my way of being and thinking and offered new practices to be able to achieve my aims in life. I am now very clear of exactly what it is that I want to achieve and have a clear pathway of where I am going.  In knowing this I can be satisfied and happy with what I’m achieving now. Online study allowed me to fit it in with my work and family schedule. The presenters “walked the talk” and created an amazing learning environment. It was worth every penny, in fact I achieved 100% of my net wealth target within the first 3 months of the course and 75% of my ambitious second target.

  Sally Herbert, Solar/Building/FX, Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks to what I learned in the Fundamentals of Transaction, I was able to present an offer for double what I had previously charged for a similar product and have it accepted by the client.  As a result, I and my client were both completely satisfied and it’s some of the best work that I’ve ever done.

Traci Meek, Entertainment, Auckland, New Zealand

During my participation in this unique and challenging course I have experienced a significant increase in my income and influence and have achieved milestones in my health and financial plans that break my past patterns. I am inspired by the chief aims in life I have now defined for myself. I highly recommend Fundamentals of Transaction to those that are ambitious and are committed to lasting results in their lives.

Richard Mills, Entertainment, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is an INVALUABLE program! I would recommend it to everyone, except that then I wouldn’t have as great of an advantage for having done it. I thought I was pretty effective in my pursuit of my chief aims, and while it was startling to discover just how far off the mark I was, it’s been incredibly empowering to simultaneously discover the tools to help me get on a much stronger path. Thank you, thank you!

Kim Zubick, Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Until studying with Influence Ecology and the Fundamentals of Transaction program, I never understood why my great ideas and excellent people skills never made me any real money. Now, at 43 years old, after a lifetime of rigorous education and training, I am finally making serious moves in my money and career. And people are noticing.

Ellen Melko Moore, Branding Expert, Denver, CO

How is it that everyone on the earth is not fully engaged in this pursuit and in this education?

Joeseph McNerney, Attorney, Wilmington, DE

What a mirror for my ineffective habits and practices. While a little disturbing, I now have access to being the business man that I have always wished I could be.

David Cottrell, Integrations Solution Software, Denver, CO

This course has been challenging and rewarding. I have been able to apply the concepts from this course to several parts of my life and I have come away with a better understanding of business and how it needs to function.

Erin Holleman, Legal Online Research Databasing, Northglenn, CO

This work is making a huge difference in my performance on the job, and has generated an enormous sense of power and freedom around operating in a new way.

Jennifer Juday, Human Resources, Education and Training, Austin, TX

One result that I attribute to my study in the Fundamentals of Transaction program is having blown through our annual stretch goal of $500K in new revenue on our team to reach $1.1M in new revenue sold in just seven months. Just being able to see where we are at any given moment in the transaction and identifying what can be put in to speed it up has helped us close deals faster and with greater client satisfaction. This does not begin to touch on the personal growth I have received from articulating my personal chief aims in life. This program is highly disruptive to bad habits and enormously valuable in my life. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to study this work.

Trisha Tyler, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

The programs have brought my business from debt into profit again, and helped me find a way to provide for my retirement within 3 years, after I had lost half of my assets in a poor investment. Influence Ecology brought home to me how naively I was operating in my life. I have learnt to apply accurate thinking to all aspects of my life and how to transact effectively with others for mutual benefit. The result is I am achieving my dreams and happiness.

Susan Sadler, Health, Perth, Western Australia

Through the course I became a lot more conscious about how invitations, offers and requests are made in the marketplace and how to access and apply certain weapons of influence that make certain ventures really successful.

Nataly Martini, Tertiary Education, Auckland, New Zealand

The Fundamentals of Transaction Program brings clarity to how you build and manage your offering in the market. FOT eliminates excuses for any incompetencies you might have and allows you the freedom to interact in the market as an adult. Clarifying my transaction cycle, understanding the transactional personalities and transacting for knowledge has helped me reduce my sales cycle from 6 months to under 60 days.

Mark Drummond, Expense Reduction Analyst, Denver, CO

The Fundamentals of Transaction program tied together many years of prior independent reading in the area of success, and provided a framework for action that was absent in all of my previous study. Regardless of how much you think you know, if your actions are not properly ordered and coordinated, the results will be hit-or-miss at best. Like setting a destination in a GPS and knowing with 100% faith that you will get there, the 13 Steps have you first set your goals, and then proceed to pave the road and provide the car, gas, snacks and friends to get you where you want to go. My own before and after transformation has been profound: BEFORE – unclear and frequently changing goals, belief I had to do it all myself, mediocre results despite nearly continuous activity (not action), passively hoping for a ‘magic in the middle’ event to deliver me to financial freedom. AFTER – transacting successfully with other personalities that complement my own, making offers on a nearly daily basis, receiving offers at least as frequently – for very interesting work, hourly rates double what I would have previously thought possible (and poised to go up), clear pathway from point A (today) to point B (Chief Aims), mindset of abundance and optimism.

Daniel Auld, Tech Industry, Auckland, New Zealand

It is life changing. Influence Ecology put all the knowledge I acquired throughout the years and transformed it into actionable steps to acquire my life’s dreams.

Louisa Da Silva, CEO , Services Industry, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The course has given me insight into how I was trapped into running my business based on an outdated paradigm and has started me on a more structured future to expand my business which will give me more personal freedom.

Griff Morris, Design Industry, Perth, Western Australia

The fundamentals of transaction program provided me with a structure in which to concentrate and focus on my primary business transaction. The program also provided an accountability structure for the goals I set for Money and Health, goals I’d set previously on numerous occasions but realize now I was unsuccessful as I was focusing on the result rather than on the action that was actually going to get me there. I’ve also found Influence Ecology to be like no other company I’ve previously dealt with, the workability present is unquestionably a result of their transactional competence which is lacking in so many other organizations.

Aimee Barton, Infinite Wealth, Perth, West Australia

The Fundamentals of Transaction program is a compilation of all the best work out there on transacting. The program lays a framework for transacting powerfully. This program and the other material provided has changed the way I transact and see the world. I was familiar with the majority of the concepts in the program but never have I seen a place compile the most important philosophies in one place allowing you to actively and accurately practice them. Anyone looking to truly master the art of business and transacting, this program is for you. I have made immense improvements in all areas of life!

Bradley Stevens, Insurance Industry, Chicago, IL

Through possibly the most difficult time in my life, Influence Ecology has helped me focus and concentrate on what is most important for me for the future so my needs are not only taken care of but I can flourish.

Christine Randall, Education & Training, Byford, Western Australia

Prior to Fundamentals of Transaction I was completely in denial of my future due to the fact that I didn’t really understand what I needed to do. Now I have a much clearer vision and the tools to take me to where I need to go.

Michael Yanez, Retail Development, Los Angeles, CA

Influence Ecology provides great tools and methodology to evaluate challenges, problems, breakdowns and opportunities in order that one can articulate solutions that effectively provide narratives for each step of the transaction cycle. Combining these steps with effective weapons of influnce provides a framework for reaching a solution that helps one achieve their main goals in life.

Richard Faubion, Blindness Foundation, Denver, CO

This program forced me look at areas of life, some I had deemed as important, and others as not important, and had me discover my naiveté in deciding what was important and what was not. Knowing this and applying the principles of FOT have allowed me to transact in a much more powerful way leading to my decreasing of debt by 100% and at the same time increasing my income by 22%.

Bryan Lieberman, Real Estate Investment, Chicago, IL

I think that Fundamentals of Transaction is great for people that have a clear idea of where they want to go in their life but aren’t sure how to get there. FOT teaches you how to take an objective look at yourself and your current practices and it asks you to consider whether you are being honest with yourself.  The webinars are informative and inspiring and the Study group provides good opportunity to practice what you have learned.

Angela Torr, Retail, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

Worthwhile program for both newbies & seasoned entrepreneurs. The course is not just theory & sharing some good ideas, but a very practical methodology is offered for you to test the readiness of your business offer. By taking your offer through the steps you see your strengths and weaknesses and these can be addressed before you make a costly mistake in the marketplace.

Trish Richardson, Performance Specialist, Colorado Springs, CO

Over $11K in debt paid, a 60% increase in income, soon to be married to an awesome partner, relocation to the other side of the country and now the director of my first company – these are just some of the solid results I have attained in the past 6 months. Prior to doing the Fundamentals of Transaction I was very much a “fatalist” hoping for the best outcome. Now I am very much in control of my journey and my destination – GAME ON. . . .

River Milnes, Sales Consultant, Melbourne, Australia 

I have finally found a structure to have me deliver on my potential. I considered an executive MBA several years ago, but the $75,000+ tuition didn’t seem worth it for someone who doesn’t want a “proper job.” I am an entrepreneur who happens to be very technical – and I want to run my own show. This education was practical, intelligent, and very realistic.  Inside the structure I was finally able to launch my business as a “practice owner,” rather than sole practitioner . . . something I’ve been talking about doing for many years. I decreased my debt and taxes owed by over $50,000, and increased my income by 7% over the same period last year, and 41% over what I had anticipated during this period. And the best part is the people I have met and with whom I continue to brainstorm and strategize. This isn’t for people who are all about “possibilities” and produce nothing. This is for people who produce. Period.

Angela Meharg, Database Technologies Specialist, Toronto, Canada

My goal was to make $250,000 in profit and equity over the six month course. By the time I had completed I made $1,002,000 million in 28 weeks. I made in 6 months what formerly would have taken me 4 years to complete.

Will Watson, Real Estate Industry, Auckland, New Zealand

Between July and December 2012, I grew my gross income in my business by 55%. That % was great in and of itself, but I did it while taking 5 weeks vacation in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2012. The financial growth enabled me to create a business savings which I have never had in the entire 7 years of my business. Additionally, I accomplished all of this while changing my primary offering in my business. For years I have been trying to be everything for everyone in my industry. I begin to refine what I offer so that I am doing work I really enjoy, making a rate that reflects my knowledge, and with clients who value what I have to offer.

Shoshanna French, Consultant, Denver, CO  

Through Influence Ecology I have managed to take on the areas of my life that I have previously not focused on. I now have more clarity in what it takes to make successful transactions. I can understand the people in my ecology a lot better now and begin to design and create transactions for specific personalities.

Chee Choy Kok, Health and Services, New South Wales, Australia

The Fundamentals of Transaction Programme is the best programme I have ever done in an objective and subjective sense. This is not some other business or entrepreneur course, it is a course that teaches you Transactional Competence, and how to create, design and build an offer that is valuable (scarce and useful) in the marketplace where you are the specialist in what you do, and can therefore gain the kind of respect that satisfies your career aims, do the kind of work that satisfies what you want to be doing with your body and mind, command the kind of money that is a match for your financial ambitions, and have the kind of health that allows you to fulfill all of this successfully with no sacrifice of one for the other. My income has tripled, I am the fittest and healthiest I have been since I was 20.

Drew Knowles, Education Industry, Auckland, New Zealand

Influence Ecology gave me the insight that I was NOT transacting powerfully as a business person. I was waiting for invitations, offers and requests. I feel I have been armed with the specialized knowledge to know truly understand the  marketplace and my target audience needs, how to present my offer powerfully and reinvent to stay relevant. The most important understanding that I am walking away with is HOW to achieve my chief aims in life. I now understand that before I was introduced to Influence Ecology, even though I was enjoying a certain amount of success, I was hoping to achieve the rest of my goals with no clear plan. Now I can create a clear plan for EVERYTHING  I have ever wanted in life and KNOW that I will achieve it because I know how to determine the specific actions needed and how to execute on them to achieve my dreams . . . all of them.

Vernice ‘Flygirl’ Armour, published author and professional speaker, Washington DC

I’ve been a learning and development professional for over 20 years, having led programs for over 50,000 people, many representing some of the world’s most notable global brands – But none of these programs provided the kind of business education available through the private member curriculum offered by Influence Ecology.  I was able to create and satisfy very ambitious aims during the first four months of the Fundamentals of Transaction Program, including, a 57% increase in income over the prior year, I became debt free after many years of “trying,” quit smoking after 30 years, and Lost over 70 pounds.  This program is incredibly practical and powerful and I’d recommend it to busy, successful professionals who want to get to the next level of success in their already accomplished lives.

Annie Abrams, Education Training, Idaho, United States

I found this program highly engaging, stimulating and challenging. I initially resisted the idea of learning the techniques of persuasion in the marketplace but now appreciate that I can recognize when these techniques are being used on me and can transact much more consciously. I am also now prepared to use influence to ethically progress my aims in life.

Gary Ward, Medicine, Western Australia

The FOT program opens the curtains on the wizards of oz, reveals and de-mystifies elements of our societal machines; I learned how intuition that human ancestry developed to help us all has been hijacked. It’s like they found the puppet master’s handbook and shared it with the puppets. The strings are cut, and I am free to invent my life.

Julie Scanlon, Collaborative Office Services, Aliso Viejo, CA

I have always had a strong vision of the type of life that I want to live, but I was not making that life a reality. I was starting to fear that it would never happen. The Fundamentals of Transaction Program provided me with the knowledge and a framework for inventing and taking the actions necessary to get there. I have taken a rigorous, detailed look at what I want in life in terms of health, money, career, and work. I now know what actions to take.

Tim Nicklaus, Biomedical Engineer, Denver, CO

This is the first time I have ever had to confront my career, money and work and ultimately my chief aims in life that contribute to my happiness. I got to engage in and create these areas whereas up to this point, they did not exist for me as critical to my overall happiness. Making a difference to others will always be important to me, but now so is my happiness! The practical nature of this program allowed me to accomplish in 6 months what I was struggling with in the prior 6 months. I paid off 75% of my target debt measure and accomplished 100% of my target income.

Iosefo Tapusoa, Human Resources Management, Perth, Western Australia

I’ve given over 120 testimonials for Influence Ecology!  That my programs are now offered internationally and that I was selected to design new programs for another international corporate client speaks to the power of the transaction cycle in presentations and trainings.

Mary Grace Glasier, Business Productivity Specialist, Denver, CO

If you can afford it, do it. If you cannot afford it, find the money asap.

Gary Baxter, Transportation Services, Nollamar, Western Australia

Excellent week!  Closed on a million dollar solar deal that we facilitated with a national solar company.

Ken Beitel, Environmental Energy, Denver, Colorado

A brilliant programme! During my participation I have moved to a different country, and not only started a business which I was told would not work in my new city, it has worked and is now thriving. My transaction volume has increased by over 400% in the past six months thanks to the structures I gained from the programme.

Richard Kerr, Real Estate Industry, Perth, Western Australia

The Fundamentals of Transaction Program is a brilliant course that if you really apply yourself and at the same time trust the process, cause there were times that I felt lost and wanted to doubt it . . . but stuck through . . . it really does work. You will get to master and embody principles that will impact your effectiveness. I was able to increase my income by 70% and have a clear, step by step understanding of what I need to do to fulfill on areas of my life that are important to me. I can now be with people and know what my objective is with them, who I want to interact with and how to present my offer to them that has them be interested and accept it. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is interested in achieving all of their chief aims in life; to those that want to become wealthy and enjoy the process at the same time.

Anat Peri, Entrepreneur, New York, NY

I was skeptical that the Fundamentals of Transaction Program offered by Influence Ecology would provide me with anything useful to apply in the “real world” of business or my private life. I trusted the people who invited me to register in the program, so I decided to keep an open mind. I was slow to recognize the momentum associated with the insights and technology of the program until we were about a third of the way through. Then the evidence of its application was suddenly everywhere I looked. The leverage and understanding that the program provides me in the marketplace as well as in my family life is amazing. I would like to thank Kirkland Tibbels and John Patterson for their patience with me during the program and for sharing their insights with the world.

Stephen Kamarudin, Consulting, Perth, Western Australia

The Fundamentals of Transaction Program taught me that everyone is watching and nobody is paying attention. More seriously, this program provided the rigorous structure I needed to create powerful new habits and practices. It also provided access to a new way of seeing myself in those areas of life which matter to me. I am simultaneously sobered by the gravitas of what I see and inspired at the possibilities which have opened up for me. Quite simply, I get that I am always transacting. I wish I had access to this program years ago!

Ben Rubach, Consulting Engineer, Chicago, IL

The Fundamentals of Transaction program has been the best business course I have done to date. I have gone from being a generalist to being a specialist. As a business professional I have added 30 new clients and brought A$400,000 of income to the company I work for. I have also developed a new business for myself helping mature business professionals embrace modern technologies. In regards to my health, I have gone from purely sedentary to completing 60km of walking and running in less than 3 months. This course had me confront why my transactions weren’t working well and taught me how to do so powerfully and ethically. I can’t praise Influence Ecology highly enough!

Christian Dengler, Information Technology, Perth, Western Australia

My work in the Fundamentals of Transaction program from Influence Ecology resulted in a 40% increase in my income during the program. My overall health and fitness improved as well as I learned to make them a priority for my life. My understanding for how human beings transact has made crystal clear things that were fuzzy and overwhelming before the program. Before you drop the cash to go get an MBA, try this.

Nathan Havey, Environmental Industry, Anchorage, AK

I participated in FOT with my husband and during the time of the program I have learnt so much about his transactional personality, how his mind works, what he struggles with and what he is really good at. We have shared this particular tool with our three teenage girls and identified which personality they most strongly identify with. For me it has made a difference in how I interact with each of them and for our girls it has made a big difference in how they relate to each other and other people in their lives.

Kim Ball, Consulting, Perth, Western Australia

Fundamentals of Transaction program, with its rigorous and comprehensive study and practice, has provided clarity and structure for the priorities that I need to have a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Pam Millist, Information Management, Melbourne, Australia

This study has definitely been more useful and enjoyable than any of my tertiary studies, I have enjoyed it a lot. It’s been more applicable to me, it’s very empowering and motivating, it really gets you clear on what you want, what you want to do and what you need to do to get there.

Renee Bull, Freight & Logistics, Auckland, New Zealand

In prior studies I have learnt much about how crucial your internal and external environment is on your health and function. The FOT program teaches you how to create and move within your environments with Transactional Competence. It teaches you tools to get clear on what you want in life if you don’t already know and either way teaches you how to achieve what you want in life. I thought I was powerful prior to this program. Now I’m even more productive and ‘busy’ without my actions or no-actions negatively affecting my family life and also have time for myself again.

While and due to studying the fundaments of transaction program, I have been able to take my practice / business to the next level as well as have a holiday, secured a long term contract in a second practice / business, spontaneously put together our overseas wedding and still surpass my expected health, money and income measures.

Most of all, it’s easier to say NO and only YES to things I truly want to do.

Jens Duehr, Chiropractic Health Care, New Zealand

This course is literally the best choice I’ve said yes to. The ability to see where you are, how you transact, what is available to you should you chose to transact differently, and the tools and resources to shift your whole vantage, is invaluable. I can’t say enough about this course.

Sarah Fletcher, Personal Development, Kansas City, Missouri

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