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We Teach You How to Transact for What You Want

Our live workshops help you construct new solutions, reach elusive goals, and connect with an expanding resource of ambitious professionals from diverse industries and occupations.

Each of us must transact to live a satisfying and comfortable life. Those who transact powerfully, thrive. When people fail the fundamentals of transaction, they struggle to influence others, labor far more than they’d like, and don’t make the money they could.

You will learn:

  • To cash in on the asset of your Personality and Transactional Behavior™
  • To accurately target your aims and eliminate hardship in your personal and professional life
  • To construct the fundamental transactions that produce continual results
  • To produce balance across many areas and Conditions of Life™
  • To accelerate your ability to influence others, gain compliance, and produce results

This is practical training for existing Influence Ecology members and their guests in your local area. With a focus on understanding and practice, our global faculty is certified to teach and mentor the Influence Ecology methodology.

Influence Ecology’s business curriculum includes live webinars and workshops, online courses and tools, educational articles, podcasts, and mentorship utilized by men and women in seventy + countries around the world. Our membership includes an international assembly of accomplished business professionals, faculty, and peers from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures.

Influence Ecology is the leading business education in Transactional Competence™, having published and contributed to the only comprehensive text on the subject, Transactionalism: An Historical and Interpretive Study by Trevor J. Phillips. Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels has authored more than 500 papers on the subject, study, and discipline of Transactional Competence™ and is a sought-after lecturer at universities, major corporations, and civic organizations around the world. 


Academic campuses, classrooms or auditoriums.
Attire: Business


Quarterly in established student communities.
2 hours 30 minutes duration.
Check-in 30 minutes prior.


Free and open to our members, their guests, and the public. We rely on guest referrals to offset the cost of this free training.


Led by the Co-Founders and senior faculty certified to teach and mentor the Influence Ecology methodology.[vc_empty_space][vc_separator color=”custom” accent_color=”#b2876f”]

The leading business education in transactional competence.

Those who transact powerfully, thrive.™

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