A Private Membership Curriculum

Our private membership curriculum provides an education, methodology, and structure for producing exceptional results — but it is not for everyone. Successful participants must earn candidacy into our advanced programs and peer-groups.

As an education, we study the fundamentals of transaction, the science and practice of influence, and the potency of accurate thinking. We offer Ambitious Adults a clear pathway to produce a satisfying life.

Our methodology concentrates on the knowledge, mechanics, and practices required to produce a satisfying career and income. While most people struggle with the complexities of modern life and failing economies, our methodology helps our participants invent and maintain satisfying habits that reach far beyond their business lives.

The structure of our programs is rigorous. Aspiring people seek membership in business and social environments where exceptional results are demanded of them. Membership in any worthwhile organization is earned and maintained through a recurrent demonstration of the ability to transact powerfully within it. Influence Ecology is no exception.

“Influence Ecology programs not only provide a wake up call but also deliver the framework and accountability required to ensure one’s success in making the necessary changes.”

Cynthia Smith-Power
Healthcare, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States


1. Fundamentals of Transaction

Our curriculum begins with an ambitious 6-month program that develops the knowledge and practices required for Transactional Competence.
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2. Mechanics and Practice (MAP)

Successful participants earn candidacy into this advanced 1-year program that simplifies the mechanics and practices of complex transactions.
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Our most advanced program is a 2-year study of the Conditions of Life in their totality and the Domains of Transaction we classify as planning, strategy, tactics, and implementation.
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Member Conferences

Included in advanced programs, our bi-annual global conferences are interactive environments of practice among an international assembly of peers.
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Free 30-day guest access to learn more about our public webinars, online tools, and live events. 


The leading business education in transactional competence.

Those who transact powerfully, thrive.