“Having attended over 100 conferences across my professional life I can confidently state that the learning environment within an Influence Ecology conference is unsurpassed.”

Ross Clennett

Mid-Year Member Conference

July 18-20, 2019 North American Region

Mid Year Conference 2019 Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain, Influence Ecology, Transactional Competence, Transactionalism

Mid-Year Member Conference

August 1-3, 2019 Asia Pacific Region

Mid Year Conference 2019 Surfers Paradise Queensland AU, Influence Ecology, Transactional Competence, Transactionalism

Annual Member Conference

January 20-24, 2020 Ojai

Annual Member Conference 2018 Testimonials

Nothing compares to a live event—especially with Influence Ecology. Live events are where you witness, firsthand, how the different transactional personalities act in real situations. That’s what helps it sink in and become useful in your own transactions. And beyond that—the friendships you forge with other the ethical, ambitious participants are tremendously valuable. It would be hard to imagine my year without kicking it off with Influence Ecology!

Angela Meharg

The 2018 Annual Member Conference was an exceptional experience. Starting with the exceptional location at the Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the deeply relaxing experience of a few days in a five-star resort. Once the conference got started, the material was so powerfully relevant to my aims for the year that I found that I was struggling to catch up to the conversation as it had progressed while I was considering the previous material. I’m eager for the experience of the Mid-Year Conference to expand on my learning around my career both inside and outside of the ecology of Influence Ecology.

Bill McCroskey

The Influence Ecology Annual Member Conference presents the opportunity to engage with a community of highly accomplished individuals with a shared purpose the general public would find hard to believe is genuine: to help others advance their lives and reach their goals.

Cory Shepherd

An enriching experience of how to live life well; balancing and ordering all aspects of your life and making a difference to the people who matter to you in work, friendship, family, and play.

Daphne Thompson 

The best part of conference for me is having an opportunity to discover how others are putting the tools of this study into practice in their lives and business. I leave conference with more concrete understanding and improved ability to apply to concepts taught in the coursework.

Dawn Dalili

Annual Member Conference 2018 was yet another vivid demonstration of the philosophy of Transactionalism—a philosophy that strips away the pretense of separateness and reveals what is at the heart of human reciprocity . . . the desire to help, and be helped, in the quest for a rich and satisfying life. To be amongst some of the smartest and most generous people I have ever met is a privilege and the source of the deepest pleasure in my life. Thank you again, John, Kirkland, and all the staff at Influence Ecology.

Dr. Gary Ward, MD

I found the Career/Identity theme of the year immediately relevant. I anticipate great value in the forthcoming monthly webinars as a structure through the year for the career expedition inquiry to maintain or enhance my career and the value, help, or harm (if withdrawn) of my offer. I’m in awe of the talent in this ecology. As someone with an offer for which I use a business structure as a vehicle, rather than being in business for its sake, I benefited unexpectedly from the practical suggestions and resources from business professionals, especially in the career/identity group when structuring our career expedition plan. My 2017 Mid-Year Conference flagship aim group is planning to reinvent as a Career Plan group.

Fred Overmars

Being at conference is an experience like no other. The room is filled with ambitious adults who are not only there to expand their transactional competence in order to achieve their own aims but who are also actively offering themselves as a resource to help me achieve mine. The friendships that are formed and the knowledge gained on how to transact for what I want in life are priceless. Already looking forward to the next conference!

Heather McRae 

Aside from the value of building your ecology with participants, many orient themselves with a “How can I help?” mentality. I’ve been looking for someone in my profession with whom I can talk shop about how to transact in an environment which is typically punitive (Human Resources). The best part of the conference for me was the work-in-action portion around the theme of the year. Taking the time to work through the PSTI model inside of a small group was potent. When we study on our own, at home, we don’t get the same kinds of deep dive. It is a sight to behold the mastery of Kirkland and John from the stage; they are captivating in their collective intelligence, playfulness, bottom line orientation and ability to work both fundamental and senior material into the conference. This was my second conference and I can’t wait for the next one—it’s not to be missed.

Helen Kearney

It was a fun and impactful experience!

Helen Daniel

I absolutely loved it. I’ve just come off a rather difficult holiday season personally and I hadn’t given Influence Ecology nor the Annual Member Conference much thought. I am blown away by the ecology that I am so gratefully being connected with. I’m amazed at the help that is on offer and the philosophies that are being taught. The possibilities that exist in the world are seemingly endless. The help that I am able to offer others and my career inside and outside Influence Ecology is exciting and presents an incredible amount of opportunities for the future for us all. The people that I’ve gotten the pleasure of meeting at this conference are simply amazing. I’m very grateful for having been introduced to Influence Ecology and being allowed to study and participate. I’m looking forward to the years ahead and watching the personal growth, success, and happiness explode within the ecology.

Ian Flatt 

After seven years as an observer, this was my first conference where I participated. Participation allowed me to shed my self-imposed propriety and engage with the ecology to get better acquainted with them for the first time. It was a pleasure to further develop and deepen the relationships I have only slightly known as well as to meet some of the new members. The theme of the year, Career, is a great topic for me to work on as I am currently struggling to identify my aim in this area and can use some concentration and focus here. Influence Ecology’s Annual Member Conference is extremely valuable because it creates an environment for practicing what they teach. With ambition and generosity of spirit, members help each other create real solutions for real problems they experience in their businesses and practices at home. Rather than acting alone, we benefit immeasurably from the resources in the room and learn what it takes to take our ideas from a seed, to succeed, using a proven framework that helps us find the path. This conference, for many, brings all of their study to life in full living color. It is a powerful experience which galvanizes member understanding and knowledge. It’s a privilege to attend and be among some of the brightest minds in our world today.

Jack Nesbit

The environment was amazing and such a perfect setting for deliberate and focused study. The Sheraton was lovely, excursions outstanding, and I have a wonderful appreciation for the thought and action put into providing participants with information about travel to Mexico (transportation, currency, hotel discounts, safety, etc.). This preparation made the transition into the environment very low stress for those coming to a new place in another country. The Founder Studies sessions, as usual, were amazing! The presentation and philosophical background set the stage for the conference and really opened my mind in new ways in preparation for the conference days. Thank you, Kirkland, for recognizing my accomplishments publicly. Conference days were outstanding—Kirkland and John, you are simply brilliant! Curriculum—WOW!!!!! I also thank Influence Ecology for the invitation to participate as a panel participant. Being given the opportunity to share my experiences applied as a result of my study with Influence Ecology resulted in a new self-awareness of the “offer of help” I am to this ecology and others. Publicly speaking of my transactional competence and the outcomes which were a result of my study magnified my commitment to this ecology and to Influence Ecology. No game—was great! The lack of the game actually was a positive experience for almost everyone I spoke to. The time spent working with others on our Career Expedition and the conversations that came from that networking will last for a long time.

Jenn Oliver

I am learning to honor sweeping the shed of humility. I have often viewed some work like bookkeeping, cleaning my desk, doing the dishes, etc., as beneath my pay-grade. There is something about doing small, “unimportant” things well that generates/supports being well-grounded. Sweeping the shed dramatically alters my appreciation for things like the smell of a rose, the smile of a child, the comfort of a hand on my shoulder. Influence Ecology is its own magic.

Joe McNerney

Love the ecology—Paul Adams. Every time we talk my head explodes with ideas.

John Severson

Conference is like learning a foreign language by immersion. I am continuously surrounded by incredibly competent and engaged people who understand and appreciate the art of learning how to transact.

Joni Rocco

This education isn’t engineered just to make people richer, it’s for ambitious adults to fully enrich their lives. While that includes results in money, it also involves higher order values such as family, identity, and the opportunity to work towards a life that works. This 2018 Annual Conference in Cabo, I am especially grateful to everyone who brought their families and partners because sharing the experience with the extended community made it especially unforgettable and wonderful.

Joseph de Leon

The 2018 Annual Member Conference was a unique opportunity to implement the practices gained through study of the Influence Ecology programs in a conference environment with other members of the ecology who are of great inspiration to me as one of the younger members.

Kara Methven

AMC 2018 was the best Influence Ecology conference that I’ve attended. I am continually amazed by the ambition of this ecology and the quality of the conference presentation.

Karl Strand

The light in my whole being went on with a BANG! My brain is full and my heart is light! So much to take home and think about and I’m excited by the work I need to do! Grateful to have this group available to me. What incredible insight and help from all!

Kathryn Webster

AMC 2018 makes me want to attend every Influence Ecology conference till I die.

Khush Cooper

The 2018 Annual Member Conference was outstanding! I have been studying with Influence Ecology since May 2015 and I thought I was applying the transactional tools, only to see a whole new world of competence emerge from the conference. I came to realise how my Inventor Personality has kept me separate from others, how I have tended to work independently, not asking for help and as a result sometimes experiencing burnout. I came to realise that I don’t have to have a completed proposal to present to others, but rather that I am only one aspect and one personality in the transaction cycle, and that by engaging upfront with the other transactional personalities—Performer, Producer, and Judge, together we will be able to create far more powerful solutions to breakdowns in the marketplace. I was reminded that “Dreams do come true in groups!”

Kirsty Reynolds

I am filled up professionally and personally after this week in conference—and READY for 2018! I’ve been studying with Influence Ecology for a little over four years. The cutting-edge content continues to evolve and help me transcend to the next level of mastery in my business. With this education, rather than taking what I used to call “risks” in my business, I now do the accurate thinking to evolve my life and business in an educated and well-strategized way. Not only have I put into practice what I have learned, through my participation in Influence Ecology, I get to be part of a group of ambitious adults from across the world who truly love and care for one another—while challenging each other to go to the next level of our lives and businesses. My life now is much more balanced and I have a level of clarity and mastery of what I am doing and where I am going that wasn’t there before. Not to mention, Influence Ecology puts on one heck of a conference—a top-notch learning environment that brings out the best in people—always in a glorious setting. #foundmytribe #bestconferenceever #Iloveinfluenceecology.

Kristen Moeller         

I started this study in 2012 after a significant period of indifference to my identity as a tenure-track professor and a published scholar. I didn’t know how to transact for the best help, so I left my career to become an entrepreneur with no clear plan, just a whim. I resigned in 2011. That move was a disaster. Soon I was broke, jobless, recently divorced, and needed to get back in a tenure-track position. I was rudely awakened to ageism in the marketplace. In one case, I applied for a tenure-track position at a prestigious institution, was short-listed, and lost the job to one of my former grad students. I almost gave up, but with the mechanics and practice of transactional competence I learned with lots of help from the founders and my study groups, I faced the music and started transacting for a job that wasn’t even advertised. Six years later, after adjunct teaching for 5 years, I was able to transact and be offered a new position that was not advertised that more than doubled my income. In my first semester, I’ve been more productive in submitting articles for review than ever before in my 20-year history in academia, and I intend to outperform expectations. I am receiving amazing invitations from Ivy League schools including Harvard Business School, and I’m an ethnomusicologist in the Humanities. I make more money with less effort. But it would all disappear if I didn’t continue my ambitious study and group practice with dozens of members of Influence Ecology. I am proof that those who transact lead the most satisfying lives. Thank you, John Patterson and Kirkland Tibbels, for your generous offer of help that allowed me to pursue a study of philosophy that benefits me as much if not more than my Ph.D. I invite more academics to join us!!

Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D.

Being surrounded by this ecology is so energizing and helps re-ignite my drive toward my aims.

Lea Wold

It was extraordinary. Always impactful for what is my focus in my business. This year’s conference lined up perfectly with my aims.

Leslie Williams

One of the most outstanding conferences I’ve attended. Influence Ecology has the expertise to craft its conference content like it was tailored specifically for you and your aims. There are constant learning opportunities that speak to you whether it be from the conference speakers or the participants themselves. How often does one attend a conference where everyone participating has a stake in each other’s learning and growing? Just outstanding!

Lisa Baptista

Upon attending my first conference mid-year of 2017, I was reluctant to allow myself to set expectations very high. I have been to many conferences, and at the time I thought I had attended many conferences like the one I was about to experience. However, before the conference started I was introduced to an ecology of people who couldn’t say enough about how incredible the conference would be and how valuable it would be. So, I let myself do something I rarely do. I set the bar as high as I could imagine. I wasn’t even close. I could not have imagined the level of impact that I was about to experience. And now, my first Annual Member Conference. The people, leadership, support staff, the structure, the work and content, the energy, and the support when I felt the challenge to rise to the occasion is indescribable. It can only be experienced. The world needs this work. I have met aims in my life that I hadn’t had the ability to express before I had the support to do so. I’m now in a new world as it pertains to my experience of myself and what I can and will accomplish in my life. I’ve learned so much, and I feel like there is so much more available. The key distinction in the work of this ecology versus others is simply that you not only get the tools, concepts, and practices to define and reach your ambitions, but you are also given an ecology of people whose seemingly only goal is to see you accomplish those very ambitions. I’m honored to be a part of this community. It has changed my life. It will continue to change my life. I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have this experience.

Martin Bhatia

Being at the Annual Member Conference with the leaders in Transactional Competence and a majority of the members of the ecology was like getting a shot of rocket fuel. I have taken things that were only thoughts and ideas for my offer to a plan in action with more resources than I thought possible.

Maura O’Flynn

Influence Ecology member conferences provide many opportunities to learn from the experiences of others as well as from our own insights in response to the presentations and our direct participation. This 2018 AMC was outstanding in that regard as well as offering abundant opportunity to meet and network with others in a variety of informal settings and through a well-designed social program.

Michael Dunn

AMC 2018 was my third Influence Ecology conference and they get better all the time. When the founders set out to create and grow an “influential ecology” they knew what they were doing. The members of the group are high powered, successful, innovative people and every conference gets better as our relationships grow and solidify. The subject matter varies from heady philosophy conversations to comedy and hits home either way. I value my relationship and participation with Influence Ecology.

Miranda McCroskey

This was a truly remarkable event highlighting the richness of this ecology in terms of its resources of help. It was agitating, exciting, and challenging but I came away having given and received help and a very practical plan to expand my identity to achieve my aims. It is a privilege to be part of this ecology. Thank you, John and Kirkland and the entire Influence Ecology team, for making this event happen.

Moira Clay

The Influence Ecology Annual Member Conference is an inspiring event. To be surrounded by ambitious adults who are all willing to offer and request help to achieve their fundamental aims of life is an ecology like no other. Simply being able to talk in a consistent language, not having to translate your thoughts to adapt to the current, is a release and quite simply accelerates the transaction. Members quickly become friends, and I can’t wait to meet up with them all again at the next conference. Before then, I have a new level of energy that I can take into my own transactions where I hope to inspire others that transactionalism is something worth studying.

Neil Calvert

The 2018 Annual Member Conference was just what I needed at this time. From the Founder Studies into the conference, many personal questions and inquiries were answered and covered in depth. The theme of the year being Career: Your Identity of Help/Value in Specific Ecologies, provides me the opportunity to address my identity in my conditions of life, so I will fulfill and satisfy. I am fulfilled, happy, and overflowing with gratitude. The group participation was like looking in a mirror globally. We appeared to be on the same page at different stages and were able to offer great support, suggestions, and insight for each group member. We walked away knowing our value and what we offer in our various ecologies.

Nichelle Berrian 

The most amazing venue, where our biology got energized by awesome 🙂 views and was ready to embody the study and new practices, ready to pause and tend to each other; listen and create narratives for our careers, transact. Unbelievable opportunities to see whales from the beach (!), who seemed to invite us to enjoy their game, to invite us to be aspects in most powerful transactions, believing that dreams do come true in groups. Unique situations where I would say, for the most part—keep status quo. There have been a few occasions when I introduced people to Influence Ecology, and, at some point, they shared questions related to the ethics of how this influence may be applied. For those individuals who may be in an inquiry, the ethics are taken to the level of the Universe. What can be more powerful than seeing each other in an holistic, co-existent, co-creational, cooperative, relational process of creating, becoming, creating ONE-Together where aims of others are important and achieved for all in a powerful transformation. Thank you, Influence Ecology, for providing specific tools and practices to be able to create these powerful transformations.

Olga Kipnis

This year’s Influence Ecology Annual Conference was extremely relevant and valuable. The material and the opportunity to connect and re-connect with other participants has provided the experience of creating a powerful and impactful platform to take on the next stage of my life as I transition to retirement. This built on the learning of the Influence Ecology programs and has created new pathways for me to move forward.

Pam Millist 

My experience of attending the last two conferences with my team has allowed us to set aims for the next six months and then begin to take territory toward that future.

Paul Adams

If you are new to Influence Ecology as I am, this is a great experience. It can be overwhelming at first, and I expected that. It will test your biology. There will be breakdowns. Look, Listen, and Feel. You will have a great time. You will learn, as I did. People really do want to share with you. Will I return? Yes.

Paul Harris 

The warmth, acceptance, inclusion was more than I ever expected. It is much easier now to see how much “help” I can depend on. I am confident our career/identity will be more congruent with our aims and offers as this year progresses.

Peggy Campagna

The intellect, experience, caring that goes into this curriculum is unparalleled. It is so practical while being of deepest value to humanity. The Influence Ecology conferences are the highlight of my year and the caliber of the attendees is without par.

Phyllis Tichinin

The conference delivered inspiring, crucial information to support my plan to achieve my aims for 2018! It was refreshing and fun to interact with people who have committed to transacting at a higher level of understanding and learn how they are in action with their practice.

Rhetah Kwan

The environment of ambitious professionals who attend the conference and the skill of the presenters make the Influence Ecology AMC a 5-star professional development event. As valuable as the formal conference sessions were, I found the social events and networking opportunities equally as valuable and well worth my attendance alone. The smooth running of the conference, across five days, is testament to the care and skill of those at Influence Ecology charged with creating the AMC.

Ross Clennett

I learn by doing, and the Annual Member Conference gave me an opportunity to practice—in real life, and with real people—what I have been learning all year. I had the extraordinary experience of knowing I changed the ecology by being a part of it, in dialogue and in practice. And, in turn, I was changed by the ecology. Now, I feel more able to work with people in a more meaningful way than I did before I attended conference.

Sarah Jane Meharg, Ph.D. 

The 2018 Annual Conference catalyzed all my learning across years at Influence Ecology. If participants want to truly move to implement and embody the practices of the study, to work on their breakdowns, this concentrated venue is second to none. The caliber and character of attendees and leaders are of the highest order.

Sarah Shepherd 

I’ve attended enjoyable and relevant conferences before, but nothing quite as compelling as the Influence Ecology 2018 Annual Member Conference, which was my first conference with Influence Ecology. I found something new and of value to me in each session I attended, and the supportive group environment was a perfect place to practice and develop my transactional competence. It was lovely to have my wife Tracy welcomed as an observer, too. What an exceptional event and a great way start the year with clarity about my aims and the things I plan to do to achieve them.

Simon Chesney 

An unrivaled opportunity to network with an outstanding group of people as well expand knowledge and consideration of very useful and impactful change content. It is perhaps the best business conference I have attended and the location is unsurpassed.

Suzanne Pool

Yet again, the staff and facilitators have delivered an outstanding event. Year after year, I continue to be grateful for the privilege of being a part of this ecology and the benefit of this work. Thank you!

Tim Guest 

There is no other group of professionals that I know that authentically works to provide help to one another and represents such tremendous value to one another like this ecology. Talk about things moving with velocity and solving the issues that I face right now! I’m walking away with clear plans to move my highest priorities forward, with ideas that I didn’t have just three days earlier.

Trisha Tyler 

The venue, facilities, and staff were amazing; a spectacular place to have the conference. Each day brought new and expanded learning to the current curriculum, including the introduction to the theme of the year. So often, I heard conversation around the room suggesting that the theme had been chosen specifically for them. Exciting to expand on our career ecology and the supporting syllabus for the upcoming year.

Wendy Russell

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