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Transactional Competence™ is a knowledge and skill grounded in the philosophy of Transactionalism (wikipedia).


Transactionalism: An Historical and Interpretive Study was written in 1966 by Trevor J. Phillips (1927–2016) and first published in December 2013. At the time of its publication, it was the first, most comprehensive account of the origins and evolution of the modern historical, philosophical, psychological, and educational philosophy known as Transactionalism.


Often mistaken for something merely contractual, Transactionalism is about unity. It is about the mutual transactions that make up our human condition. It is about the co-constitutive, reciprocal acts required to satisfy various unavoidable conditions of life. The philosophy of transactionalism appears across a wide range of disciplines from anthropology to zoology. Though "transactionalism" never appears in the works of the educational philosopher, pragmatist, and psychologist John Dewey, Phillips documents his conceptualization of "transactions," which stems primarily from his work and collaboration with political philosopher Arthur Bentley in the 1949 book Knowing and The Known.


To thrive we must know how to transact to satisfy each of our Conditions of Life™ (unavoidable situations like the need for money or good health, etc). You are always transacting with others to satisfy these conditions (and they, you). Your specialized ability, expertise, and knowledge of this fact determine your capacity to thrive.


Influential U teaches a proprietary framework that demonstrates a unique marriage of both subjective and objective philosophical thinking, speaking, and practices. This framework orients all parties to the location of specific aspects, narratives, and roles within any transaction and considers the Personality and Transactional Behavior™ appropriate for success. Students come face to face with a biological tendency towards the behavior they have always relied on to gain compliance and the opportunity to exploit that natural behavior.


Taking into account their unique aims, knowledge, specialization, and Personality and Transactional Behavior™, participants use an integrated and objective series of steps for thinking accurately about how to make highly-valued business offers that satisfy multiple Conditions of Life.


This fundamental model is then embodied as a responsible, ethical platform for building and accelerating any successful transaction and its recurrence and expansion.


You could think of this as a practical and systematic roadmap to build a simple transaction (buying a burger) or a complex transaction (building a burger franchise). For an individual, these steps reveal how to think accurately about how to satisfy your most important career, work, and financial goals. For an enterprise, these frameworks help accelerate initiatives.

For details and demographics, see Our Members. This shows detailed statistics and demographics about our Members.

Here are some general guidelines about those best suited for our programs.

  • Recommended current annual income level is minimal $100K USD seeking to earn incomes of $280-$400K+ annually.
  • Entrepreneurs and small to mid-size business owners seeking to build successful and sustainable businesses.
  • C and mid-level managers and executives who seek to expand their influence within their organizations, communities, and personal lives.
  • Business and creative professionals who seek the knowledge and practice required to reach their aims for money, work, and career.
  • Those focused on expanding an existing or new business endeavor.
  • Companies or teams who require a cohesive framework with which to accelerate initiatives.

Program Faculty are successful and accomplished business professionals who have completed our four-year curriculum and have been certified to facilitate our programs. Once certified, our global faculty participates in ongoing weekly training and development led by the co-founders. To meet them, see Our Team.


Program Mentors are successful and accomplished business professionals who have been invited into our advanced curriculum and have been accepted to personally mentor our programs.


Our aspiring membership includes an international assembly of accomplished business professionals, entrepreneurs, and faculty from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures. As students begin the successful completion of the Influence Ecology curriculum, they often seek to continue their mastery by teaching or mentoring others.

Delivered internationally, our study programs are delivered live on Zoom.

Our study modules are offered through a website-integrated learning management system ("LMS") to organize, track, and simplify the learning process. The webinar sessions are co-led by seasoned program faculty and successful advanced mentors and members and are fortified by peer-formed study groups.

The LMS systematically offers the study module content and its application, lesson by lesson, topic by topic. Any work you complete is saved as you have last completed it. This means that you can write something and return to any aspect of it throughout the program (and the entire curriculum) to edit it as you evolve.

The Fundamentals of Transaction Program study modules are date permitted, meaning that they are only available for your class group to coincide with the campus session schedule of your class group.

Our programs are currently only delivered in English.

Delivered internationally, our study programs are delivered live on Zoom

We also hold in-person one-day Influence Accelerator workshops in areas with expanding student populations. Workshops help you construct new solutions and connect with an expanding resource of ambitious professionals from diverse industries and occupations.

We hold our in-person global flagship Annual Member Conference each January in North America and host a July Mid-Year Member Conference in both North America and the Asia-Pacific.

"Influence Ecology" is an abstract concept for the reciprocal, co-constitutive organism/environment relationship; we are organisms within the environments we influence and are in turn influenced by the environments we cannot escape. This is the very meaning of ecology.


Our ability to survive (and thrive) has always and will continue to depend on our competence to transact within the consequential environments we occupy, build, or maintain. Our unique curriculum offers an immersive study and practice which allows any business professional to both understand the asset and liability of their current behavior—and to construct the environments required to meet their highest aspirations.


Our fundamental philosophy is the concept that human beings are inherently, and always, transacting to satisfy a variety of Conditions of Life.

All in, you might expect to invest an average of five hours a week in the study and development of this specialized knowledge.


In our first course, the Fundamentals of Transaction Program, there are 12 one-hour webinar sessions over six months.


Our participants report an average of 6.5 hours between sessions (every two or three weeks) to complete a single study module.


There are other ways you might participate that may include your own research or voluntary involvement in a 3--5 person study group, which is recommended.


Your investment in your own education determines your success.

Our member curriculum takes advantage of the potent influence of social ecologies where ultimate success (or failure) is a matter of the environment you build. Our intent is to offer a consequential environment of study and a culture of ethics and accountability.


We tend to this environment by holding high standards for participation. We decline 36% of those who apply for our programs and remove 24% of those who begin them.  In addition, advanced program participation is by invitation only.


Most aspiring people understand themselves enough to seek membership in business and social environments where exceptional results are required of them.


Membership in any worthwhile organization is earned and maintained through a recurrent demonstration of the ability to transact powerfully within it. Influential U is no exception. Those who qualify and complete our programs enjoy the benefits of, and gain access to an international network of ethical and accountable partners.


For non-compliance with our program standards and obligations, we state in our participation contract that we reserve the right to remove you from the program without refund. In fact, it is this consequential environment that makes our programs so highly valued and unique. Our obligations include the timely submission of study modules, participation on scheduled campus sessions, and being respectful of others' participation. In all cases, you will know well in advance if your participation is in jeopardy.

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