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The leading business education in transactional competence. We teach ambitious business professionals how to construct the fundamental transactions that accelerate their results.


Proprietary Content

We offer proprietary study modules comprised of written, video, and audio segments that teach functional models and practices designed to help the ambitious professional achieve their aims.

Webinar Classrooms

We deliver live webinar classrooms with real-time Q&A led by our senior most mentors and program faculty. Webinar recordings are available when live attendance is restricted by time zone or other circumstances.

Peer Mentoring

Participants self-select peer mentoring groups (online or in person) to help implement and practice the program principles. These groups are not required but are recommended.

Online Tools & Resources

Online tools include models, personality indicators, and more. Resources include access to member profiles and our Distinctionary, a vast collection of terms and examples.


We offer a consequential graded learning environment where both study and practice matter. Certification credentials are available and required for advanced access.

Tailored Options

We have designed our entire curriculum to reward ambition; we offer supplemental webinars, podcasts, and audio material according to interest and ambition.


The leading business education in transactional competence.

Those who transact powerfully, thrive.™


Tuition is $5550 USD*

Pay in full and save $195

Proprietary Content

Live Webinar Classrooms

Peer Mentoring

Online Tools and Resources


Tailored to Ambition Level

*All tuitions shown in $US Dollars. Tuition may vary by country. Payment plans available.
The Fundamentals of Transaction Program is the first of a four-part curriculum.

The leading business education in Transactional Competence™.

Those who transact powerfully, thrive.™

Influence Ecology Podcast, hosted by Co-Founder and CEO John Patterson, Transactional Competence