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What is transactional competence?

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An exceptional life isn’t just for the lucky. We say, f*ck luck!




Income Increase


Health Aims Met


Money Aims Met

Tuition ROI is 305.9%. Statistics are averages for all primary program graduates 2012-2021

Practical Solutions

Influential U gets real results. Our clients report earning more moneyhitting health goals, and having more time to enjoy both. We have taught thousands of ambitious business professionals how to construct the exchanges that accelerate their influence. Our programs are offered in 12 countries with webinar participants and podcast subscribers in over 100 countries.

Influential U produces life-changing journeys. We will show you how to go from one-hit wonder to sustainable satisfaction, because real success means replicating results to consistently achieve aims. Since our founding in 2009, students have brought our proprietary practice to schools, institutions, and enterprises around the world.


Redefine Interaction

You are always transacting. Learn how to see every human interaction as a series of exchanges you can influence.


Develop Accurate Thinking

When you can think accurately about your aims and how to get them satisfied, you can cut through all the bullshit.


Acquire New Strategies

Find new strategies for being highly influential, laboring far less, and producing more income and satisfaction.


Build Surplus

If you build a surplus of valued help, then you can’t get taken down by market downturns (or pandemics).


Produce Whole-Life Balance

Produce life-changing journeys from ones of isolated, non-reproducible success to ones of holistic, whole-life satisfaction.


Enjoy Deep Satisfaction

Enjoy the ability to take clear action that unlocks a whole-life satisfaction that has otherwise proven to be elusive.

Attend an Insightful One-Day Workshop

Influence Accelerator

This powerful one-day workshop will reveal a framework to fast-track your influence, results, and satisfaction. Our practical training will help you face behaviors, practices, and naiveté preventing you from satisfying your health, career, and financial aims. You will learn realistic strategies to break down barriers and begin to see a plausible pathway for whole-life satisfaction.

Professional Growth and Personal Satisfaction

We won’t have you walking across coals or listening to affirmations while you sleep.

You don’t need a cheerleader. You want competence.

Many are raised to think of ambition as a dirty word with selfish connotations. For many, the default standard for success is to be independent, self-reliant, and hard-working; waiting for someone to consider you for advancement. It doesn’t work.

Success is not for the faint of heart. Lofty goals are challenging to achieve, and most won’t reach them. But why do some quit while others bounce back? How do some muster up the resilience to try again when faced with failure? 

How do we find our ignorance, challenge our hubris, and confront our naivete? Where can we find a means to see a correct reflection of ourselves as others see us? Who gives us an accurate read of ourselves and our aims before we make poor choices?

Client Companies

Reviews From Our Members

Dr. Kyra Gaunt
Dr. Kyra Gaunt
Assistant Professor, New York
Read More
My education in Transactional Competence has relieved me of the arrogance, conceits, and blind spots peddled in higher education about succeeding and thriving.
David Cottrell
David Cottrell
Chief Information Architect, Colorado
Read More
What a mirror for my ineffective habits and practices. While a little unsettling at first, I now have access to being the businessman that I have always wished I could be.
Sain Dzemail
Sain Dzemail
Founder, Western Australia
Read More
To grow financially by 289% is phenomenal, and I did not see that coming at all. An amazing group of people to work with and really have you be supported to create your business future unlike ever before.
Trisha Tyler
Trisha Tyler
Senior Executive, Colorado
Read More
We blew through our annual stretch goal of $500K in new revenue on our team to reach $1.1M in new revenue sold in just seven months.
Tim Swann
Tim Swann
Risk Management, New Zealand
Read More
A word of warning, if you are not prepared to face yourself and re-examine your life then do not proceed. If you are happy with the way things are, then save yourself the pain and proceed no further. This course is honest and is designed to awaken you to your truths and demands that you ambitiously seek your happiness.
Dr. Khush Cooper
Dr. Khush Cooper
Non-Profit CEO, Los Angeles
Read More
The measures speak for themselves. 140% of my health goals, 143% of my financial goals, and a 25% increase in income.
Fred Overmars
Fred Overmars
Managing Director, New Zealand
Read More
This course has taken me from naïveté in business to having clear aims for money, work, and career, and principles, rigorous structures, practices, and an environment for transacting to realize those.
Dr. Gary Ward
Dr. Gary Ward
General Practitioner, Western Australia
Read More
I found this program highly engaging, stimulating, and challenging. I initially resisted the idea of learning the techniques of persuasion, and now use influence to ethically progress my aims in life.
Ana Athanasiu
Ana Athanasiu
Consultant, California
Read More
I chose Influence Ecology because the measures reports for their students were beyond unlikely. With research, I concluded that [these reports were] plausible. Now, upon reviewing the final outputs for my study with them I was astounded (104% increase in income).
Tristan Swanwick
Tristan Swanwick
CEO, Queensland
Read More
I found the Fundamentals of Transaction Program invaluable in accurately thinking about my life´s goals and helping to realize them.
Vernice ‘Flygirl’ Armour
Vernice ‘Flygirl’ Armour
Keynote Speaker, Washington DC
Read More
It gave me the insight that I was NOT transacting powerfully as a business person. I was waiting for invitations, offers, and requests. I feel I have been armed with the specialized knowledge to know and truly understand the marketplace and my target audience.
Laura Senior Garcia
Laura Senior Garcia
Executive, Spain
Read More
I believe what I have learned through my involvement in Influence Ecology so far will have more of an impact on my individual results and the value I can bring to our organization than any other course or program I could have participated in.

Professional Development

We meet for in-person workshops and conferences and live webinars.
Our courses are facilitated by certified faculty and licensees, and strengthened by peer group support.

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