The Payoff of Deliberate Practice with Josh Damigo

Josh is a former professional musician who now teaches business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs how to amplify their professional influence. As you will learn within a few seconds of listening to his interview, he has a way with words. Josh’s superpower, as we like to call it, is his ability to speak, and this talent manifests in his professional roles as an ethical salesman, public speaker, emcee, entertainer, and educator. Josh is currently a senior faculty member with Influential U and a client manager for much of the United States and Europe. His journey with Influential U is a story of deliberate practice, and while the act may not be enjoyable in the moment, the compounding effect of time on task can pay off exponentially in the long run, as you’ll learn from his interview. In this episode, we’re also excited to introduce Josh as the co-host of the Influential U Podcast. He’s earned it. Listen to this week’s episode, and you’ll discover why.

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Check out our show notes for links to connect with our guests – plus links to websites, books, or special downloads we talked about. This podcast is made possible by the Influential U staff, mentors, and members around the world. Special thanks to our executive producer, Tyson Crandall, and video and sound by Michael Teehee and Darryl Anderle.

The Influential U Podcast is produced by Influence Ecology, LLC in Ventura, California. This episode was recorded on June 15, 2022. The podcast theme is by Chris Standring and titled ‘Fast Train to Everywhere.’

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