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The Conceit of Independence with Tara Collison, Ph.D.

Always willing to help, but never able to ask for it, Tara Collison’s journey as a student of Influence Ecology is a useful case study in the conceit of independence. She discovered that her ‘independence’ was merely ego and that this view and the subsequent actions alienated others, left her exhausted, and had long-term consequences to her finances, health, and family. Now eager to discover more of her flaws, warts, and vulnerabilities, she’s currently collaborating to expand her newly branded consultancy, Meddlers. As “Chief Meddler,” Tara blends her two decades of experience working in the Fortune 50 and her training as a psychologist to meddle where most are afraid to go.

In today’s talk, we listen in on a discussion about the naiveté of self-sufficiency.