John Patterson

The quitter trend to become your own boss

Do quitters never win? Apparently, they do. In the wake of the pandemic, more people than ever are starting on their own. The biggest winners are Solopreneurs. How they navigate the next twelve months will make or break the trend. Quitters with transactional competence stand the best chance of making a sustainable transition.

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Investing in yourself is your greatest asset, Influential U
John Patterson

Investing in yourself is your greatest asset

Your human capital is your ability to be compensated more (or the same within a shorter time or with less labor). Financial advisors don’t talk about this too often; however, being better at what you do (skill, specialty, etc.) creates a greater return than any other financial instrument. The greatest asset on your balance sheet isn’t your home or stock portfolio; it is YOU.

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John Patterson

Is Biden good or bad for business?

This isn’t one of those hit pieces meant to stoke the political divide. Instead, we look at Joe Biden through the lens of his transactional personality, the Performer. Often seen as a great connector, Performer personalities are primarily concerned with others (and almost to a fault). Is this true of President Biden? Let’s explore.

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John Patterson

Can’t get no satisfaction? This is what’s missing.

We often see, even in the most successful achievers, an imbalance in their lives. Perhaps they make a high income, but their health is poor. Maybe they are so focused on one aspect of life that they struggle to satisfy others. It isn’t easy to create balance in our lives, however, it is quite possible to be profoundly satisfied across many Conditions of Life.

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John Patterson

Our 3D Virtual Campus goes Zoom

In the early days of the pandemic, we launched the Influence Ecology Campus, powered by VirBELA; a 3D virtual campus platform. It allowed us to offer our Conferences and programs in ways never imagined. Eighteen months later, we’ve elected to move our entire program delivery to zoom.

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John Patterson

The Climate Crisis: The Business Imperative of Moving from Bark to Bite

If you’ve studied the 2015 Paris Agreement, you’ve been delighted by the pledges, promises, and plans adopted by 196 countries and counting. It is a legally binding international treaty on climate change to limit global warming. It accounts for several variables and terms, so what is missing? With the Oct 31 Glasgow Climate Conference behind us, a few vital missing components render the agreement less a contract and more a pledge of goodwill.

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