John Patterson

Is there an innovation recipe?

The greatest innovations in history share one common ingredient: they convert scarce resources into abundant ones. This secret recipe begins with a reinvention of tangible, intangible, and human assets. So what is the formula?

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John Patterson

In defense of ambition (nope, it’s not a dirty word)

When did ambition become a dirty word? Perhaps we have forsaken the pursuit of opportunity equality (anyone can become anything) in favor of pursuing outcome equality (trophies for showing up). Studies have found that ambitious people attain higher education and income levels, build more prestigious careers, and report higher overall life satisfaction.

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John Patterson

Want surplus? Befriend boredom.

Most millionaire households do not have the extravagant lifestyles that most people would assume. Rather than surrendering their income to luxury goods or status items, they live below their means and devote their time to continued study, nurturing relationships, and self-improvement.

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John Patterson

Might we be like ants and bees?

More than you might think. Sociality means group living. We form and maintain groups because all the individuals involved gain genetically. Are you a queen, drone, or worker bee? Has your hive shaped your role in it? In this article, we’ll turn our attention to eusociality—a sociobiological theory applied to ants, bees, and humans (to name a few).

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Can u draw a transaction? Influential U
John Patterson

Can you draw a transaction? (Hint, most people can’t.)

If asked to draw a transaction, you’ll likely sketch two stick figures shaking hands while exchanging money for something. Your abridged interpretation may be the root of all your problems; it’s why you struggle with career, money, people, and the reason satisfaction is always just beyond your reach. Here is a diagram (and explanation) of what you might be missing.

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