John Patterson

Fake Famous = Fake Influence

Fake Famous is a 2021 HBO Max documentary with the description: “Followers, likes, comments – these are the currencies of fame today. Illuminating the good and bad of our obsession with social media, a new documentary trails three starry-eyed Los Angeles transplants as they participate in a social experiment designed to turn everyday people with modest online followings into “famous” influencers.” Should we be horrified by ‘faked fame’ or consider it a legitimate strategy?

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Meredith Hart

Government and Entrepreneurs

I was skeptical, but through every Influential U session, I gleaned tools that have helped me become an efficient, effective, functional team player who can (and has) exceeded personal and professional goals.

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John Baigent

Performance – Improving productivity

It may seem that friction and dysfunction are a normal part of business because that’s the way it is – people are people, right!

In my experience, this is particularly the case in the construction sector. Missed deadlines, delays with subcontractors, variations, cost overruns – sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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Gary Ward

Medicine and Philosophy: a “Process-Relational” Perspective

Ignoring philosophy and its relevance to medicine is like ignoring gravity. We all know gravity exists; we don’t know exactly what it is, but we know we can’t ignore it. We know philosophy exists, but mostly we ignore it … at our peril.

Why is philosophy relevant to medicine? And what are the dangers of ignorance of the influence of philosophy?

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John Patterson

Influential U CEO calls BS on Showtime series Billions’ take on being ‘transactional’

As a teacher of Transactional Competence, I am used to hearing the term “transactional” misused and abused. However, a recent rash of scenes on the Showtime series BILLIONS has finally brought me out from behind the velvet rope of my business to call B.S. on the show’s bastardization of something we all do every day—transact. Humankind exchanges to survive. No one is immune.

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