What's Your Superpower?


Drew Knowles
Josh Damigo

Led by Influential U Faculty Drew Knowles & Josh Damigo

This powerful 90-min webinar focuses on a primary cornerstone of Transactional Competence™ that we call Personality and Transactional Behavior; it’s about how we approach every exchange. It’s about how you and I grapple with our everyday interactions with people; all of our relationship conversations, business meetings, and essential exchanges.

Often we try to overcome our obstacles with communication classes, leadership programs, or negotiation training – and here’s why it doesn’t work: these tactics don’t account for the simple fact that you and other people are unique. Instead, you must consider your Transactional Behavior while approaching other people from their Transactional Behavior.

Personality and Transactional Behavior allows you to understand your own personality and easily influence other personalities. Each Transactional Behavior™ demonstrates assets, liabilities, and behaviors that can accelerate transactions or grind them to a halt.



Take the Personality Quiz – quiz.influentialu.biz

Download Diagrams and tools – influenceecology.com/diagrams-and-tools

You will discover your inner superhero, accelerate your influence and get to yes faster.

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