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Special Episode: Faculty Dinner with the CEO

Our 2018 Annual Member Conference in Los Cabos included a podcast episode dinner with a few members of our faculty. You’ll hear from Vice President Drew Knowles, Dr. Gary Ward, James Walls, Marne Power, and Suzanne Pool—five faculty from five different countries—as we dialogue about why Influence Ecology has become their tribe and speculate on the possibilities the future may have in store for our education and its role in people’s lives and society.

Podcast Bonuses:

The Influence Ecology Faculty Represented:

John Patterson – Co-Founder and CEO, Ventura, California

Drew Knowles – Vice President, Auckland, New Zealand

Marne Power – Program Leader, Charlottesville, Virginia

Dr. Gary Ward – Program Leader, Perth, Western Australia

James Walls – Program Leader, Republic of Singapore

Suzanne Pool – Associate Client Manager, London, United Kingdom

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