Small Replicable Habits Create Outstanding Results with Summer Anderson

Today, we have Summer Lynn Anderson, the author of her new book, “Start Within: Better ROI Begins with You,” on the Influential U podcast. Her study with Influential U gave her a foundation to understand that small replicable habits can create outstanding results. Summer is a graduate of our Fundamentals of Transaction and our Mechanics and Practice programs. One thing we can say is she is a brilliant thinker, so grab a pen and get ready because when she starts to speak, something valuable is about to be said! Summer is the managing director at ZRG Partners, LLC; she holds her BA in Sociology from UC Berkley and, as you’ll hear in this podcast, is a life-long learner and avid reader. She has over twenty years of global experience in shaping retained executive-level recruiting strategies and delivering results for companies such as Allergan, Booz Allen Hamilton, and various Fortune 500 Technology and fast-growing eCommerce companies. She’s been married to her husband Tom for over 26 years and has three daughters, Ella, Lily, and Ava. Today she is coming to us live from Newport Beach, California.

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Check out our show notes for links to connect with our guests – plus links to websites, books, or special downloads we talked about. This podcast is made possible by the Influential U staff, mentors, and members around the world. Special thanks to our executive producer, Tyson Crandall, and video and sound by Michael Teehee and Darryl Anderle.

The Influential U Podcast is produced by Influence Ecology, LLC in Ventura, California. This episode was recorded on September 8, 2022. The podcast theme is by Chris Standring and titled ‘Fast Train to Everywhere.’

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