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A Powerful Identity with Ron Sprengeler

How do you produce a robust identity amongst thousands of peers in a large corporate environment? Ron Sprengeler is someone who’s done just that. Rather than join the naïve ranks of those whose viewpoint is that the job alone entitles them to a respected identity, Ron’s case study demonstrates how to produce a powerful corporate identity in two ways: one, you’ll hear how he’s become well known and admired for his specialized knowledge and two, he shares just how he’s cultivated a respected identity, reputation, and character among his peers. He’s survived a big merger and feels confident that what he’s learned from Influence Ecology will continue to help him provide real value in the marketplace.

Our latest talk distinguishes some of the fundamental principles that produce a respected identity—not only for the small business owner but also for any employee working within any size organization.

Ron is pictured above with his fiancée Karina Christensen, a podcast guest from a previous episode.