Reinvention: Professional Influence and Reimagined Approaches

During our July 2022 Mid-Year Conferences, Influential U introduces a new cornerstone concept we call The Five Stages of Professional Influence. The 2022 Year of Reinvention continues its bounty as we announce new foundational principles and three new products in July.

At the Mid-Year Conference, we explore the Five Stages of Professional Influence and identify the key problems that keep you stuck at any stage (find your Stage here). Each Stage helps define your crucial problem, where to put your focus, and pinpoints what winning looks like.

Professional Influence is our ability to design the rewarding career we desire. We have entered a new era to work when, where, and how we want. The metaphor of climbing the corporate ladder is a relic, replaced with a career that is truly ours to define.

What Stage are you in? Is your thinking accurate? How do you validate and modify your approach?

Personal reinvention begets enterprise reinvention. For Influential U, since 2009, we’ve been the ‘secret smart club,’ and our curriculum has spread worldwide by word of mouth. Yet, we’ve always known that our fundamental principles could significantly impact the world—especially in small businesses and large corporations where managers or employees don’t have the capacity to use our higher education rigors fully.

For this audience, the challenge we overcame was to make fresh programs and reenergized approaches that are extremely valuable. We lowered the cost, participation time, and discipline required in our ‘secret smart club.’ Now, entry-level choices still include the Fundamentals of Transaction Program; however, a larger audience can consume our self-guided training, peer-group consulting, and one-on-one coaching. 

Thrive is self-guided training that works on your time; You can grow at your own pace with exclusive online videos, practical tools, and our first-ever weekly live eCoaching sessions. Thrive helps you overcome your greatest professional challenges and crush your goals.

Thrive is an entry-level self-guided monthly subscription included in all programs: IU Mastermind: Peer-Group Consulting, IU Coach: One-on-One Coaching, and our entire higher education four-year curriculum. For active students, it’s already in your student dashboard.

You can start with Thrive; however, when you complete any program, you can retain access by subscribing. Never fear missing out on weekly eCoaching, continuous improvement, and an ever-growing library of video coaching and tutorials. Thrive subscribers also earn an automatic 10% off all conferences and 50% off all workshops.

As of July 10, 2022, A Thrive Subscription will replace our current Membership, Alumni, and Esteemed Alumni programs as the base level of participation.

Current Membership and Esteemed Alumni members will get Thrive at no additional charge through the end of their current contract term, at which time they can choose to subscribe to Thrive or terminate their access. A monthly discount is applied for those who choose to automatically roll into Thrive once the term of their current contract or program expires.

There will no longer be a Membership Program or Webinar. The June 2022 webinar was the official final session. Any existing Membership Program modules will remain in your dashboard until the end of 2022, when the Membership Program is retired.

Thrive is a monthly subscription and can be canceled at any time. However, any monthly discounts are forfeited to rejoin Thrive if your subscription is interrupted.

Don’t hesitate to contact Director of Admissions Liz Smiley to address any additional questions.

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