How do I build a surplus of help?

We teach that autonomy is having more help than you require.

“It is rare, if not practically impossible, to live a good life without the ability to acquire good and valuable help. How we acquire that help is by giving help. This is fundamental – and this is called ‘transacting.'”

The Primer on the Transactional Approach

Influential U's purpose is to help people live ambitious and satisfying lives.

What kind of help can I offer?

Our access to fulfilling our purpose is through the study and practice of the fundamentals of transaction. There is compelling evidence that Humankind is one of only a few exchange animals and that our unique ability to exchange and specialize are the primary reasons for our species success.

It is through exchange and specialization that we are greater than the sum of our parts. We thrive amongst a surplus of reciprocal help.

Transactional Competence™ is about developing the ability and capacity to offer good help; to offer valued solutions to breakdowns in exchange for the same.

You can offer solutions to breakdowns in the many forms of money, knowledge, and resources. One underutilized form of this reciprocal help is referrals.

Asking for and offering referrals is smart transacting.

Why ask for referrals?

  1. You turn your best customers into brand ambassadors.
  2. You speed up transactions by reducing the time and cost of building trust.
  3. Your best customers talk to customers just like them.

Why offer referrals?

  1. You help two people with one action; both a favored vendor and your referral.
  2. You build your authority, autonomy, and ecologies of help.
  3. You place a deposit in the bank of reciprocation.

We all grow with your referrals

We aim to be a profitable, growing enterprise for many years to come. We hope that you share our aim. Our best and smartest customers refer new customers to Influential U and are building and expanding ecologies of good help around them. They have become leaders and mentors for people just like them. They help us help others live ambitious and satisfying lives.

We all grow with your referrals. We ask that you take a moment and refer someone.

Refer Someone

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If requested, your Client Manager will contact you to support you. You can use this form to send as many referrals as you like.

Let us do the talking.

As you are an expert in presenting your offer, we are expert in presenting ours. Make an introduction and let us do the rest.

When you offer a referral, we will first contact you to determine the next and best course of action.

Simply said, "No."

Presentations and Invitations are very different transactions. We recommend that you make Invitations only and advise that you keep it simple. The Presentation of this offer is many years in the making and we advise you to trust our expertise in this matter.


Our Client Managers are the most qualified and competent people to offer a presentation and do so regularly.


Yes, from our homepage, your referral can subscribe or sample our content. Guests may create an account, explore, and learn more.

However, as no one is searching Google for Transactional Competence, the best chance of them understanding is through a presentation.

Our Specific Customer

  • Recommended current annual income level is minimal $100K USD, seeking $250-500K

  • Corporate management, entrepreneurs, and business owners who seek to build successful and sustainable businesses enterprises

  • Business and Creative professionals who seek an exclusive, smart, and sophisticated means to satisfy their aims for money, work, and career

  • Those seeking highly specialized knowledge in the mechanics and practices of transactional competence


In most cases, it is not appropriate to invite someone who cannot (or should not) afford the tuition. Additionally, we seek a Specific Customer and ask that you review this section above for clarification.


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