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Work is a Human Condition

Work is a human condition, an unavoidable Condition of Life that is misunderstood and often incorrectly assumed to be one’s only access to earning or making Money and having a Career. This confusion and misunderstanding have too many of us laboring unnecessarily to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

The Priority in Practice Program is a focused study in the Condition of Life known as ‘Work.’

Commonly collapsed, the program unmingles the activities of Work from the activities required to produce Money and a Career Identity.

When people understand the proper role and conditions for Work they find that producing results become less burdensome, less laborious, and much more effective.

Priority in Practice Program Details

Next Program Dates

Next Program Start Date: August 30th, 2017
(closes for registration August 4th , 2017)

Virtual sessions are held every Wednesday for 12 weeks – time TBD

Dates: August 30th

Virtual sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes.


$1,925.00 USD*

Tuition Options and Financing

  • Option A: Pay in full for a 3.5% discount.
  • Option B: Pay a $900 non-refundable deposit with the balance of $1,025 due by 4th Virtual Session.
  • Option C: Pay 4 equal installments with a $35 admin fee per invoice (first due 10 days prior to Session #1, then by Sessions 4, 7 & 10)

Tuition can be paid by check or credit card and is due upon receipt of invoices. The first invoice will follow the acceptance of the program application and contract for participation. The first invoice is due 10 days prior to the start date of the program.

*Tuitions vary in some countries.

Key Benefits

  • Learn to think accurately about making and accepting commitments.
  • Develop effective habits and practices to satisfy your aims.
  • Transact to produce compliance; have your offers, requests, assessments and assertions accepted.

Who Should Participate

Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners who

  • Experience being overcommitted.
  • Lack effective habits and practices necessary to achieve their aims.
  • Seek the known knowledge and education required to reach their aims for money, work, and health.
  • Do not have enough time to engage in the things they ‘want’ to do.

Measured Results

The Priority in Practice program focuses on developing the habits and practices necessary to achieve one’s aims in the areas of health, money, and work. Thus we track compliance with people’s promised actions around aims they set in health (weight loss, fitness activity, etc.), money (debt reduction, savings, etc.), and one other aim in another Condition of Life (business, family, sociality, etc.).

Left to our own devices and without intervention, our good ideas and intentions have no power against our automatic habits. We assert that participation in a social ecology does elevate the compliance one achieves versus if they were left to their own devices. The average compliance of promised actions for 2013–2014 is 91% for health, 94% for money, and 102% for their other aim.

Metrics are inspected by Program Leaders for accuracy throughout the program.

Program Logistics

A 12-week program that combines individual and group study, group accountability, individual planning work, deliberate practice, and specialized business knowledge.

  • 3 Months / 12 Weeks
  • 12 Study Papers
  • 12 Virtual Sessions
  • 1 Individual Session with Leader
  • 1 Exit Interview with Leader
  • After Session 6, access to any previously attended Session in another program
  • No fee to attend Focus Lecture Training Series during participation
  • Invitations to Open Training Sessions / Special Events
  • Invitations to Mid-Year and Annual Member Conferences

Time Requirements

There are 12 one-hour virtual sessions held weekly for 12 weeks.

Our participants report an average of 4–6 hours between sessions to complete assigned practices and Study Papers.


Participation is by application only.

Upon completing an application, each individual will be provided an interview to answer questions and determine whether participation is appropriate for both the individual and the existing Membership of Influence Ecology.

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“Rather than study, practice, and learn the habits, behaviors, and ethics that must be embodied in order to reach their aims in life, most people adjust their aims to fit their current habits, behaviors, and ethics.”

Kirkland Tibbels
Influence Ecology Co-Founder

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