John Patterson

What Is Your Legacy? With Sue Rhomberg

Sue Rhomberg of Living Legacies not only works with people to capture their life’s story, she has the commitment to celebrate their life. Her work offers an uncommon perspective on what a legacy is — and (you’ll be surprised to discover) what a legacy isn’t.

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John Patterson

Beware the Ambitious Arsonist with Louisa Da Silva

Having immigrated to the United States from Brazil, Louisa Da Silva, owner of DS Cleaning and Maid Service, found that her stream of new ideas created ‘fires’ that her team had to extinguish. Previously overworked, stressed, and unhealthy, she’s now planned for and living a balanced and focused life.

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John Patterson

Respect Your Offer or No One Will with Shonit Jagmohan

Shonit Jagmohan is an optometrist living in Melbourne, Australia. As a health and ambitious business professional, he offers an excellent case study in specialization, authority, and scarcity. A Fellow of the International Academy of Orthokeratology, he states, “I help fix your eyes while you sleep.” Being someone who is usually a ‘yes’ to everything, positive about everything turning out, and wanting to keep options open, he learned to decline — and that he can be known and revered for what he declines.

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John Patterson

Don’t Compete on Price, Compete on Value with Joe & Joni Rocco

Joe & Joni Rocco, a husband/wife small business team from Denver, Colorado, demonstrate the benefits of being a specialist in a highly commoditized industry: they don’t compete on price, they compete by offering a variety of characteristics of value. From working weeknights and weekends, late-night bids, high-stress, and a fatherless family, they now enjoy a life that is quite the opposite. They came to understand one another’s Personality and Transactional Behavior and reduced an 80-hour work week to 40.

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John Patterson

How to Labor Less with James Walls

James Walls, Product Marketing Director with Dimension Data in Singapore, explores the subject of labor and addresses how nowadays the ethic of ‘working long hours’ is no longer a badge of honor. In fact, the notion of doing more does not itself produce more income or more value. You’ll hear how James, who seems to have been weaned on labor, hard work, and intense pressure — began to find freedom, peace of mind, and satisfaction through the development of his transactional competence.

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John Patterson

I’m a Millennial. Is My Generation Entitled? With Nathan Havey

Nathan, the founder of Thrive Consulting, asserts that “business is the greatest organizer of human effort” and identifies as a millennial, audacious about positive change but eager to temper his conceit and entitlement. He says, “I was the classic entitled millennial, unwilling to put in the work to get competent, and falsely assuming I was naturally gifted beyond compare and impatient with those who couldn’t see my brilliance.” Nathan is a much sought-after presenter on conscious business and is an active member of the American Sustainable Business Council.

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