John Patterson

Father’s Last Words: Get Wise with Troy Frost

Troy’s father’s last words are a mantra he’s lived by. His business plan autobiography reads like a character who suffered not for being dull, but for being way too smart. He talks about the early days and answers the question: How do you make $30K a month in personal income?

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John Patterson

How to Increase Your Value with Trisha Tyler

Working as a principal in a large healthcare enterprise, Trisha Tyler of Mercer Health & Benefits, talks about how to create value for the companies that you work for; when you become reliable for that value, you get to do what you love and increase your income accordingly. One of her passions is the value of our oceans and in her spare time, she works on shark and ocean conversation.

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John Patterson

Don’t Disregard Your Biology with Dr. Gary Ward

Dr. Gary Ward has been a family physician and GP for 30 years. Gary and his wife Claire live in Perth, Western Australia. Gary talks about how we disregard our biology; that somehow in our conceit and entitlement, we have come to think that we are above it — that we sometimes forget that we are merely an organism in an environment.

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John Patterson

Do What Counts with Angela Meharg

Having realized she could never work enough hours to meet her income goals, Angela Meharg, CEO of Datisfy speaks about how a simple solution can scale into a business that is truly rewarding. Datisfy was founded specifically and exclusively to offer a solution for business owners who use QuickBooks to build customized reports that QuickBooks can’t provide. Angela’s journey not only demonstrates how a consultancy becomes an expanding enterprise, but it also teaches us a great deal about how we have grown indifferent to the fundamentals of reciprocation.

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John Patterson

Starting Over at 57 with John Baigent

John Baigent lost practically everything in the global financial crisis of 2007-2009, then recovered just in time to lose it all again in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, a quake that caused widespread damage in New Zealand’s second-largest urban area. He’s not only overcome what would sink most people — he also continues to thrive.

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