Tyson Crandall

Heal the Divide with Vernice FlyGirl Armour

Vernice FlyGirl Armour has inspired countless organizations and individuals to make gutsy moves and breakthrough results. Vernice has a unique vantage point and has empathy for what fractures our nation: Cop, Marine, Black, Female, Gay. Vernice first propelled herself from beat cop to combat pilot in a record-breaking three years and became America’s First African American Female Combat Pilot.

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John Patterson

Once Exhausted, Now Valued With Patricia DeBough

Her story amplifies our motto “slow down to speed up” and that what she hasn’t done is the most significant result. She realized that there was accurate thinking required before jumping into a series of untested actions. If not, she may move from a bad or difficult situation to a worse one. Today, she is in a new position, provides leadership, and is valued across the entire organization.

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John Patterson

The “Perfect Job” Fallacy with Helen Kearney

Helen Kearney is a sales recruiter for a global software company. Her life’s journey and her career specialization allow us to examine the question that we all – at one time or another – find ourselves asking: what is my perfect job (or purpose or life’s mission)?
As she explains, many people are exceptionally naive about their professional value. They may not understand their involvement in the larger transaction and the realities of their role in the marketplace. As such, she says, they often fail to consider or understand the needs of the employer and their concerns. Like any good marriage or satisfying position, a job is a reciprocal transaction.

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John Patterson

Subject Matter Expertise with Thomas K.R. Stovall

Thomas K.R. Stovall is a subject matter expert on turning subject matter expertise into passive and automated income online. He is an author, a sought after speaker and facilitator, a Google Entrepreneur in Residence, the founder of a patented enterprise microfeedback platform, and the creator of an organization that catalyzes growth for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs (ImBlackInTech.com), with almost 6000 people in the membership network across 16 countries.
For seasoned entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and business leaders respectively, his approaches teach practical ways to quickly close gaps between intentions and measurable outcomes. He is a gifted story-teller and a wicked-smart man. He first started participating in our programs almost a decade ago (FOT6), and the lessons he’s learned along the way are both humbling and extremely valuable. Listen as he shares the story of his journey.

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John Patterson

An Apple a Day with Jennifer Caldwell

Jennifer Caldwell is the Chief Development Officer with Food Share of Ventura County and works to feed and nourish the community she has called home for the past 30 years. Under Caldwell’s direction, fundraising events have grown to not only raise more revenue for the food bank but to provide the opportunity to spread the work and mission of Food Share within the community it serves. While nourishing the community, she took a turn to sustain herself, and during the Fundamentals of Transaction Program lost 41 pounds, expanded her value and influence, and doubled her income. She has also come to cherish the daily maintenance required to meet ever-expanding aims for herself and those she serves.

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John Patterson

The Innovation Gap with Sterling Hawkins

Sterling Hawkins grew up a fifth-generation retailer, having to master the intersection of human behavior and technology under extreme competition. In 2004, he co-founded, launched and sold his first technology company, Convena, where he developed innovative approaches to beat competition, handle high-growth and achieve performance no matter the obstacles.

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