Let Accurate Thinking Lead the Way with Nicole Briones

Today we’re speaking with Nicole Briones with Consortium Health Plans, where she is Director, of Actuarial & Analytics. Nicole’s journey through our programs revealed some key takeaways about ethics, money, personality, and more. As an outcome of her study with Influential U, she’s championed the mantra, “let accurate thinking lead

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We Must Care About Each Other’s Dreams with Jean Lloyd

 Today’s episode features Jean Lloyd who is a Cultural Architect with a unique approach as she does not prescribe a blueprint for success, because her clients are already experts in their fields. Rather Jean brings guidance and critical thinking to her clients to impact their success and they get a

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Loyalty Shouldn’t Kill You with John Patterson

Today’s guest is Influential U CEO and Co-founder John Patterson. You’ve heard him on this podcast since 2016, but somehow, we’ve never gotten to listen to him tell his story. In 2005, John was having an existential crisis, and his job, relationship, and life were simply not working for him,

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Co-operation Instead of Competition with Meredith Hart

Today’s episode features Meredith Hart, a Fundamentals of Transaction graduate here at Influential U who learned that “Cooperation May be More Valuable than Competition,” or as Kirkland Tibbels always says, “Amateurs Compete. Professionals Cooperate.” Meredith Hart is the Economic Development Director for the City of Ventura. Her specialized knowledge in

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Hunting Discomfort with Sterling Hawkins

Public speaker, author, and entrepreneur Sterling Hawkins joins us on the Influential U podcast to discuss his new book, “Hunting Discomfort,” and share how Influential U has impacted his business and life. Sterling Hawkins is a sought-after keynote speaker on growth, performance, and leadership, and he’s the CEO and Founder

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