Swept Away by a Powerful Current with Peter Burgraf

Peter Burgraf is Vice President of Business Development at Q2 Business Capital in Chicago, Illinois. Peter, like many people in early life, was swept away by the idea, plugged in self-help books and traditional mantras, that “If you just work hard, everything will turn out fine.” He was young, had a ton of debt, and no way of getting out of it. He had some big goals and didn’t want to wait 25 years to move into a position that might provide the income he needed to support his family. He began to develop his transactional competence and now, at age 35, he has not only satisfied some rather lofty financial aims but is also newly married, a homeowner, and a father.

In this episode’s talk, Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels talks about how we’re all sold on and swept away by unexamined ideas, platitudes, and beliefs that, ultimately, may never help us satisfy our ultimate aims.