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Because No One Wins Alone

People join us for what we teach.

Our proprietary curriculum has helped thousands of ambitious business professionals learn how to construct the exchanges that accelerate their influence and results. Our elite membership programs have spread to 12 countries. Our reach includes webinar viewers and podcast subscribers in over 100 countries.

They stay to win together.

As we teach it, the most ambitious know they can’t do it alone. In fact, the truly wise rely on other people to cut through the bullshit, get good help, and share a wealth of knowledge, resources, and talents. While our live conferences are powerful and challenge current notions, they sometimes feel more like a family reunion than a shark tank.

Our Membership Profile

Our courses help you construct new solutions, reach elusive goals, and connect with an expanding resource of ambitious professionals from diverse industries and occupations. Programs are a hybrid of live and virtual to allow participation from anywhere in the world. While our programs are currently only delivered in English, it is not uncommon to work with students from across the globe. These demographics were last updated May, 2021.

These demographics offer a picture of our program applicants. While not all applications are accepted, these offer a baseline for comparison.


Top 25 Industry Categories by Percentile

Company Size

Number of Employees by Percentile


Top 10 Titles/Roles by Percentile


Degree Earned by Percentile


Percent of Age Ranges

Marital Status

Marital Status by Percentile


Number of Dependents by Percentile

Personal Income

We use the $ symbol to represent money, this data includes a variety of global currencies.

Percentile of Personal Income Range

Personal Net Worth

We use the $ symbol to represent money, this data includes a variety of global currencies.

Percentile of Personal Net Worth

During the primary Fundamentals of Transaction Program, our members form study peer groups. Typically, these groups are three to five people who not only study together but learn a great deal about themselves in the process. Study groups are very beneficial to discuss the principles, their application, and practice. In addition, there is much to be gained by understanding and observing your own and others’ Personality and Transactional Behavior™. Our peer group recommendations include group size, study practices, and privacy guidelines. 

68% of our participants demonstrate the ambition to gain invitations to our advanced programs and bi-annual conferences. Whether you participate for six months or complete our four-year curriculum, the peer group approach continues. Our live workshops and conferences are often the place where, after working together virtually, members meet for the first time. Some of our members have been attending our January flagship conferences for more than a decade. As such, we are grateful to be in each other’s company. We truly are the company we keep.

Our Global Membership

We meet for live workshops and conferences, live webinars, and online training.
Our courses are facilitated by certified faculty and licensees, and strengthened by peer group support.

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