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The leading business education in Transactional Competence™.

Those who transact powerfully, thrive.

We offer a curriculum that teaches Transactional Competence™ through a process of study, social influence, and deliberate practice.

Delivered internationally, our business programs are a combination of virtual online classroom, study papers, peer study, and program leader interaction and are designed for individuals who thrive in a high-performance environment.

Our fundamental philosophy is the concept that human beings are inherently, and always, transacting to satisfy a variety of Conditions of Life. We teach the fundamentals of transaction and the science and practice of influence where it matters most – in an ‘social ecology’ of peers where ultimate success (or failure) is a matter of the company you keep.

[/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″ css=”.vc_custom_1419964648456{margin-top: 30px !important;background-position: 0 0 !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;}”]“Influence Ecology programs not only provide a wake up call but also deliver the frame work and accountability required to ensure one’s success in making the necessary changes.”

Cynthia Smith-Power
Healthcare, Virginia, United States


What is transactional competence?

We are biological, linguistic and transactional beings. To survive (and best, thrive) in our current social constructs we must know how to transact to satisfy each of our Conditions of Life (unavoidable situations like the need for money or good health, etc). You are always transacting to seek the compliance of others (and they you) to satisfy these conditions. Your specialized ability, expertise and knowledge of this fact determines your capacity to thrive.

We teach a Transaction Cycle which demonstrates a unique marriage of both subjective and objective philosophical thinking, speaking, strategy and practices. This Transaction Cycle demonstrates the moves and phases of any transaction and considers the Transactional Behavior appropriate for success. Participants come face to face with a biological tendency towards the transactional behavior they have always relied on to gain compliance and the opportunity to exploit that natural behavior.

Taking into account their unique aims, knowledge, specialization, and Transactional Behavior; participants use an integrated and objective series of steps for thinking accurately about how to construct a highly-valued business offer that satisfies multiple Conditions of Life. This fundamental model is then embodied as a platform for building any successful transaction, it’s recurrence and expansion.

You could think of this as a practical and systematic roadmap to build a simple transaction (buying a burger) or a complex transaction (building a burger franchise). These steps reveal how to think accurately about how to satisfy your most important career, work and financial goals.

Our programs are for those who are done with wondering if theory, hope or ‘magical thinking’ are good financial strategy. Our programs are for those who seek to reset; to find the much-needed integrated, objective and practical pathways, practices and structures to satisfy their greatest aspirations.

Our Executive Team

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Our fundamental philosophy is the concept that human beings are always transacting to satisfy 
a variety of conditions of life. Some transact powerfully; most don’t.

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