North American Mid-Year Conference 2020: San Antonio, Texas

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“Influence Ecology produces the most relevant, valuable learning environment for its conferences. Nothing is not deliberate. Every year is better than the last.”

July 12-14, 2020  San Antonio, Texas

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The Mid-Year Conference is designed specifically to concentrate and focus your aims for the second half of the year.

[vc_empty_space height=”22px”]Led by the founders, program leaders, and our most advanced members, this three-day live event provides highly specialized training and practice tailored to help you accelerate your learning.

Mid-Year Conference is an interactive educational environment of practice and practical application. It is designed to provide you with the environment, guidance, and resources to elevate your Transactional Competence™.

“This conference has saved my company in the past. It is worth every penny to get there.”

“A swift kick in the ass to launch what’s next.”

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Grand Hyatt San Antonio
600 E Market Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
+1 (210) 224-1234

Map & Directions


Sunday 6:00pm-9:00pm 
Monday 9:00am-5:00pm 
Tuesday 9:00am-5:00pm


Tuition is $2150 US

Payment plans are available. Tuition does not include travel or accommodations.


Co-Founder John Patterson
Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels
Program Leader Marne Power
MAP2 Advanced Members

“More than worth the thousands of miles of travel to engage and become friends with such an ambitious group of influential leaders.”

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Conference Week Schedule – Mid-Year 2020*

Day Time Evening / Social Events
Sunday July 12 TBA Details coming soon
Monday July 13 TBA Details coming soon
Tuesday July 14 TBA Details coming soon

* Schedule and conference details will be announced in the near future. 
[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Details and Agenda”]NOTE: This section is updated as more details unfold. All details herein are subject to change.

Conference Location

Grand Hyatt San Antonio
600 E Market Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
+1 (210) 224-1234

Check-in time begins at 4pm, check-out time is 11am.

The conference will take place in one of the main Ballrooms.

Airport Transfer

More details on this coming soon.


More details on this coming soon.

The Environment



Sunday–Tuesday: Business*

Resort and local activities: Resort Casual

*A note on attire: We always recommend that people present themselves according to their ambition and offer in the ecologies in which they transact. This is demonstrated in varying ways depending on the ecology; however, please note that in this conference, you’re demonstrating your ambition and offer within the Influence Ecology member ecology. Dress to your identity aims within the ecology.

Weather Forecast

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Embrace historic Texan hospitality on the River Walk

Grand Hyatt San Antonio celebrates the history and charm of the Alamo City with a welcoming spirit and an elegant style. Experience the River Walk in the heart of downtown San Antonio, and enjoy top restaurants, museums, and must-visit sites, all within walking distance. Located along the River Walk, a stay at our hotel lets you experience the welcoming hospitality of San Antonio. From trendy cafés, open-air markets, and Mission-Era sites like The Alamo, the city’s deep, rich culture is on display everywhere.

After exploring the city’s many attractions, Grand Hyatt San Antonio offers an upscale—and updated—retreat, with rich décor and modern Southwestern accents for an authentic ambiance. Suites offer separate living areas and coveted Hemisfair Park views.

Conference Location

Grand Hyatt

600 E. Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205

(210) 224-1234

Book your room here.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Accommodations”]

  • Book your room here.
  • Pet Friendly: At Grand Hyatt San Antonio, we understand that pets are part of the family. Bring your four-legged friends along for the journey and allow them to enjoy our comfortable rooms in downtown San Antonio. View our pet policy.
  • Our FedEx Office® Print & Ship Center provides a full business center featuring a printer, copier, fax machine, and several computers with high-speed internet access. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel to help you successfully complete any last-minute business needs. Please see additional information here.
  • Dining: Ruth’s Chris Steak House is known for their custom-aged USDA Prime steak, but also serves hearty breakfast and lunch. Or stop by Bar Rojo on the Riverwalk for handcrafted cocktails and small plates.
  • Fitness Center: Keep your workout routine at our 24-hour StayFit fitness center. The fifth-floor, glass-enclosed facility provides more than enough space and features Life Fitness cardio machines and strength-training equipment. Enjoy sweeping San Antonio views as you grind through a workout.
  • Our outdoor heated pool is the perfect place for a lazy dip, a quick workout swimming laps, or relaxing poolside on the sundeck. The rooftop offers panoramic views of the city, while comfortable lounge chairs provide an ideal setting to take in the San Antonio scenery.
  • YogaAway™ classes available on in-room TV.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Travel Information”]Arrive no later than Thursday for a 6 pm Start to the Conference

You have one airport choice.

San Antonio International Airport (SAT)

Hotel direction: 9.7 miles South

This hotel does not provide shuttle service, but the city has an official airport shuttle between the airport and downtown for a fee by SATRANS, the city’s official airport shuttle, between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. daily. For more information, call 210-281-990, or visit

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Terms and Conditions

  • Conference content and exercises are sequential and experiential in nature and as such, missing any portion of the conference may impact the intended outcome.
  • Tuitions do not include travel, accommodations, or airport transfers.
  • Tuitions do not include food and beverage unless otherwise posted on the web page for that conference (e.g., buffet breakfast, snacks, etc.).
  • Social mixers vary, and any excursion, food, beverage, or transport is not included in your tuition unless otherwise posted.
  • Special sessions, guest lectures, and Founder Studies admittance and seating is subject to availability.
  • Some portions of conference are restricted and only accessible for MAP or MAP2 level participants.
  • Guests are welcome for limited portions of the conference or social mixers and are not permitted in most special sessions, guest lectures, or Founder Studies. Active or Inactive customers of Influence Ecology may only attend conferences as paid participants and not as guests.
  • $500 is fully non-refundable. 90 days prior to Conference 100% of any paid tuitions are non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes all conference tuitions paid as any aspect of a MAP or MAP2 contract. Participants claiming confusion or unclarity about which conferences they are registered to attend do not earn the right to refunds or transfers. Those who postpone their MAP or MAP2 start date are subject to these terms and conditions.
  • Prior to this 90 days, any conference tuition transferred to a later date forfeits previously earned discounts and requires payment of this balance to transfer.
  • No-show tuitions are fully non-refundable.
  • We have secured a special discounted room rate only available for the days posted. These rooms and room types are available on a first-come, first-served basis subject to the availability of guest rooms at the time of reservation.
  • We require that you complete your Conference Preparation Package upon notification which includes session and social event attendance, signed agreements, and legal releases.
  • Influence Ecology makes no claim to the validity or accuracy of information offered as help by its participants to other participants. Please be mindful of coaching or advice. You must think accurately for yourself and on behalf of your own aims; transact at your own risk. Furthermore, conference is not a free license to solicit business. Rather, it is an educational environment offered to illuminate the knowledge or resources in which to satisfy ambitious aims. As always, if you are interested in someone’s offer, by all means, ask.
  • We reserve the right to inspect or cease any participant activity to preserve the ethics of this educational environment.
  • Posted schedules and content are subject to change.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Prerequisite”]The Member Conference is exclusive to our alumni, members, and program participants.[/vc_toggle][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]

North American Mid-Year Conference 2019 Testimonials

The 2019 Mid-Year Member Conference was extremely valuable to me. I learned to appreciate the transaction cycle and its narratives and gained insights on how to use the transaction cycle, keeping my aims in place and taking into consideration the aims of others. Deliberate practice is so important as is asking for help. Both are key elements to moving our aims forward.

Alison Bruesehoff

As Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels says, transacting is a contact sport. Nothing beats a live event for experiencing both the spectacular resort environments and the press of dealing with others in the flesh, in real time. One thing I’ll be practicing between now and our Annual Conference—my poker face! When my “biology” gets agitated, I can’t hide it at all—and having some mastery over that would offer me an advantage in the marketplace.

Angela Meharg

The 2019 Mid-Year Conference provided just what I needed to advance my transactional practice. A consequential environment, where the behaviors I want to instill were modeled, and where I deliberately practiced them. I was also called upon to examine my state of mind and reinvigorated to evidence that of an ambitious adult, in those arenas where I want to be one.

Anthony Nicoli

Practical conference—really filled gaps that I and many others had been experiencing. I appreciate the focus on work & action halfway through the overall transaction cycle of a year of fulfilling ambitious aims. The transaction cycle game provided me physical experience of a transaction cycle.

Brad Neiman

The 2019 conference had a lot of warm and friendly people.

Brady Uselman

MYC2019 was my very first conference with Influence Ecology. I was very impressed with the community, the quality of sharing, and the risk folk willingly shared around their individual and collective knowns as well as the stretching in practice. Folk were very welcoming and caring. I received great help at the conference.

Charles Hill

The 2019 Mid-Year was more than expected. The structure of the conference and the level of participant engagement the conference form required were unparalleled and exceptionally helpful in learning how we each actually transact under real-life conditions as opposed to how we think we transact. Great experience overall!

Christopher Mercier

Mid-Year Conference created a highly consequential learning environment that forced me to confront my reactions to the marketplace in a visceral way.

Cory Shepherd

This was the best conference I have been to in years. It was confronting in a way that sparks motivated action rather than despair, and I have little doubt that the next 6 months will be shaped by the experience of the last 3 days.

Dawn Dalili

This was my first conference. I felt welcomed and had an opportunity to communicate with many participants and Influence Ecology staff, including the founders. Those exchanges were very open and meaningful. The material presented at the conference was insightful. What impressed, even more, was how deeply it resonated with me what many of the participants were sharing about their experiences of study and practice of transactionalism. Everybody at the conference was engaged, there were no bystanders. The group is cohesive. People are authentic, warm, and ready to help. There was a lot of fun during the sessions and after (thanks to the organizers and all the participants!). The atmosphere was fantastic!

George Vlasov

This was my third Mid-Year Conference. Each year I’m increasingly impressed with the quality of content and opportunity for growth and focus. As always, the caliber of participants was world class. I highly recommend this aspect of Influence Ecology—MYC is not to be missed!

Janet Vreeland

The Mid-Year Conference was tremendously valuable. I took away the following: 1) Hubris – didn’t realize how I get caught in my own “I can do this” without asking for help/assistance. This is a game changer as I have struggled with asking for help and how to ask for help; I know now how to humble myself and reach out to people, whether I have a hard-set question or whether I am still fluffy on my needs. 2) George’s Testimony – I, like George, really enjoy helping others and making things better/easier overall. However, I also struggle with shoving agenda and not actually listening to what others need and how they need to be addressed. His testimony hit me hard and has been helping me figure out who to reach out to for further discussion and how to recognize when I push agenda versus actually help others. 3) Sales – I had an amazing conversation with Drew Knowles where he helped me realize my new sales partner is an inventor/performer and not a micro-managing performer. I am going to change how I talk to him and ensure I make my ideas on changes his!

John Severson

As usual, the Mid-Year Conference proved to be invaluable! To be able to practice in person what we have been studying is to really “know” something. The game was an eye opener for me and shed a very clear light on how I tend to behave in real-life situations, and it made me aware of what is holding me back. To be able to network in person with my peers was also very powerful. One of my biggest breakthroughs in this conference was a conversation I was able to have with someone in the program who was able to point out a way for me to act with more authority in my business setting without having to give up my performer personality. Truly transformational!

Karina Christensen

I was a bit indifferent to my attendance at MYC2019 as I traveled to the conference. As the conference progressed and my engagement with the ecology escalated, I was reminded of the tremendous value of the information and concepts provided and how extensive the offers of help of my fellow members are. What a wonderful and energizing experience!

Kris Wiesenfeld

My conference experience was all I had hoped it would be AND MORE. The presentations were fun as well as informative, and of course, the material was thought-provoking and challenging as usual. The games and interactive exercises helped drive the message home. I had the opportunity to establish some new relationships and pick up some valuable insights as a result of requesting help, so I appreciated the push in that direction. I was reminded of what a fabulous ecology this is and felt so grateful to be a part of it. The venue was perfect, very comfortable and accommodating. Thanks for an excellent conference, a top-notch event in every way.

Luann McKenzie

The experience being at this conference was one of being part of a room full of help. Influence Ecology set up a series of learning opportunities both with individuals, teams, and the entire collective. I entered with a mindset to be able to absorb the material presented in a way that would open up new options to put this into action. I got what I came for.

Mark Kammerer

The 2019 Mid-Year Member Conference was the perfect check-in during a very challenging year. After being laid off, I had set a goal to secure a new job before the conference, which I achieved. I was then able to use the content of the conference and the vast amount of help available in the ecology to set myself powerfully before beginning my new position. That, and being able to spend time transacting with a truly unique community of people, made the conference worth every penny.

Martha Runnette

I had managed to go incognito in my participation. There were pieces I knew were out of integrity, but seeing that as a factor of my fitness level or not consciously evaluating or building an environment and fitness level conducive to fulfilling my aims actually gave me access to impacting the gap vs. just making myself wrong.

Meg Skelton

After an Influence Ecology conference, I return to the office and home with new ideas and tactics to implement. The insights into different personalities allow me to interact with my team better and respect their roles and strengths differently. A huge bonus is spending time with members of the ecology who, after six conferences, have become my friends.

Miranda McCroskey

The Influence Ecology 2019 Mid-Year Conference was a great check-in on the ambitions I set for the year, a great structure for checking in with an amazing ecology of professionals I trust, and it gave me the space to set strategy for the rest of the year.

Paul Adams

I’m so glad I was able to participate this year. The event was like a homecoming and return to “ambitious adult with deliberate study and an assessment of my fitness in all areas” as a useful distinction to raise the ante in my offer and how I approach achieving my aims.

Paul Halvorson

2019 Mid-Year Member Conference was extremely valuable. The work that we did around asking for help and understanding that we may not be fit for our offers was so valuable that I can see where I can improve on my offers in the market as a result. These conferences are developed to have a mirror held up to show how we are doing, and let me tell you, that is very helpful.

Peter Burgraf

There is a big difference between going to a conference to somehow advance your own personal or professional aims and look good and attending a conference and finding out you care just as much about other people getting their aims met as well as yours. Out of practicing the distinctions and handoffs of the transaction cycle, much more opened up than I expected. I accomplished each goal I had for this conference.

Romagne Boucher, PhD

The Mid-Year Conference was an amazing experience. The exercises and practice were exactly what I and many others needed to make continued advances in our lives and careers. It is obvious that the founders spend a great deal of time reading the comments that all of the students make and tailoring the conference to our needs. The environment at the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain is perfect for the conference as well. Altogether it was a fantastic conference!

Ron Sprengeler

Conference is a reality check for me. I use conference to modify my plans and make appropriate pivots so that I am clearly aimed towards living a more satisfying life. Attending conference increases my agility in the marketplace.

Sarah Meharg

Well done, again. Conference content and delivery were great, but the connections built with others pursuing all varieties of ambitious aims was the most valuable outcome of the conference.

Scott Wolf

Influence Ecology knows how to create truly consequential environments. This was my best conference experience to date. I cannot think of a better place in which to engage in diligent practice, or a more insightful and caring group within whom to engage.

Simon Chesney

The 2019 Mid-Year Member Conference provided hands-on, tactical practice moving transactions forward. The presentations were informative, the attendees were top notch, and the whole thing was wrapped in a levity that made it all a lot of fun. I’ll definitely be back next year!

Sterling Hawkins[vc_separator color=”custom” accent_color=”#b2876f”]

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