John Patterson

Might we be like ants and bees?

More than you might think. Sociality means group living. We form and maintain groups because all the individuals involved gain genetically. Are you a queen, drone, or worker bee? Has your hive shaped your role in it? In this article, we’ll turn our attention to eusociality—a sociobiological theory applied to ants, bees, and humans (to name a few).

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Can u draw a transaction? Influential U
John Patterson

Can you draw a transaction? (Hint, most people can’t.)

If asked to draw a transaction, you’ll likely sketch two stick figures shaking hands while exchanging money for something. Your abridged interpretation may be the root of all your problems; it’s why you struggle with career, money, people, and the reason satisfaction is always just beyond your reach. Here is a diagram (and explanation) of what you might be missing.

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John Patterson

Quiz: What’s your superpower? What’s your kryptonite?

The wait is over. Our personality quiz is here. Discover your inner influential superhero — and its kryptonite. It’s a quick online quiz that offers an easy onramp to the business philosophy behind Transactional Competence. The quiz introduces first-timers to the Transaction Cycle by showing them their place in it. It reveals both the superpowers and kryptonite of their transactional personality.

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John Patterson

Book Review: Transactionalism: An Historical and Interpretive Study

The zero-sum, winner-take-all, business-as-usual approach has reached its endgame. We now believe in our bones that the onus is on us—faculty and alum—to bring our unique business philosophy to the wider world. So, what is transactionalism, and why does it get a bad rap? While what we teach can be quite heady, true transactionalism is just as much a matter of the heart.

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John Patterson

Diagrams, Models, and Tools (oh my!)

We have reimagined our diagrams, models, and tools. Beyond just a new logo and look, you’ll find a fresh format that transforms academic abstractions into accessible ideas for anyone in business. While what we teach can be quite heady, true transactionalism is just as much a matter of the heart. That’s why we’re also making a move to share our diagrams and tools with the world.

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John Patterson

Financial Literacy: Money is a Tool

Basic financial literacy begins with your ability to think accurately about money. This includes your ability to recognize, explain, and apply the fundamentals to your personal finance. So, why then, are we so crazy about money? Because we forget that money is merely a tool. Any other orientation is simply flawed.

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John Patterson

Book Review: Influence The Psychology of Persuasion, New and Expanded

The foundational and wildly popular go-to resource for influence and persuasion—a renowned international bestseller, with over 5 million copies sold—now revised adding: new research, new insights, new examples, and online applications. Dr. Cialdini demonstrates the seven levers of influence to activate the shortcut mechanism in our brain. The result: we then accept willingly and quickly.

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John Patterson

5 habits that hurl you into the gap (and what you can do about it).

There is no natural division of brain and body, so why do we talk and behave like these are two separate things? Whether we comprehend our position in the cosmos, place in history, or differing views, we often grapple with our inability to reckon with whole systems. These fractured truths threaten our ability to think accurately about ourselves, strategies, and influence.

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