Karina Christensen

What me? A Valedictorian??

I have to confess I have never been the #1 in anything. I have been in the top 10, the top 3, and the top 1%. As a student, I was middle of the road and only rallied when it came to passing the exam to make it to the next grade; without flying colors. The extra effort it would have taken to become #1 in anything was just not worth my time when there were so many other things I wanted to explore.

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Tyson Crandall

Choosing Resilience with Tiran Jackson

Tiran is the living embodiment of inspiration. He became an entrepreneur because of difficult and challenging circumstances that you’ll hear about in this episode, and through this, he found his strength and resiliency. He’s a motivational speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and engineer. Tiran’s purpose is inspiring other through his

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Tyson Crandall

How to Create Reciprocal Value in Your Offer with Todd Brossart

Todd Brossart is the founder of Mental Events, a company that offers mindfulness-based therapy and workshops that allow his clients to connect with what’s important. Todd is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board-Certified Diplomate who worked for over ten years for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He specializes

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Tyson Crandall

People Rely on Me to Make Things Happen with Liz Smiley

In this episode, we speak with Liz Smiley, and if you study with us, you know her well, but for those who haven’t yet – Liz is a partner at Influential U, the Director of Admissions, and serves as our registrar. She has over 25 years of experience in the

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John Patterson

Fake Famous = Fake Influence

Fake Famous is a 2021 HBO Max documentary with the description: “Followers, likes, comments – these are the currencies of fame today. Illuminating the good and bad of our obsession with social media, a new documentary trails three starry-eyed Los Angeles transplants as they participate in a social experiment designed to turn everyday people with modest online followings into “famous” influencers.” Should we be horrified by ‘faked fame’ or consider it a legitimate strategy?

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Tyson Crandall

Don’t Let Perfection Be the Enemy of Good with Jennifer Caldwell

Today we’re speaking with Jennifer Caldwell, the Chief Development Officer of FoodShare of Ventura County. You’ve heard her story before, as she was on our podcast before the Covid-19 Pandemic and it’s a favorite episode of many of our listeners. She’s been a morning show co-host and producer, 40 Under

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