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Led by Drew Knowles and Rebekah Tucker

In this Focus Lecture Series, Sandler Training will be bringing their Sandler Success Triangle model to referrals, and you will develop the “attitudes, behaviours, and techniques” to build your networks of valued help. You will not only learn the best mindset to help you build expansive networks of resources, but you will also address the activities and specific techniques needed to make asking for and offering referrals a natural part of your ‘being influential’ toolbox. This 9-session lecture series is free to Influence Ecology customers and their guests and is a great way for you to introduce your friends and clients to Influence Ecology. Each 45-minute lecture is a stand-alone session, but together, they are a powerful resource. The sessions are at 5 pm Pacific Time, the first Tuesday of each month in 2021.

MAP 2 is the first program designed to guide you through the study of the Conditions of Life in their totality. The challenging and deliberate work of thinking through the Conditions of Life and how we may satisfy our most basic needs or greatest ambitions in each is the foundational work of Influence Ecology’s advanced studies.

The work you do in this study concentrates on the domains of transaction we identify as planning, strategy, tactics, and implementation (PSTI). These domains carry with them specific disciplines and characteristics for each Condition of Life. Our study offers you a structure and process to think accurately about each and will help you organize the action necessary to powerfully transact to satisfy your aims.


This program is co-designed and delivered in a partnership between Influence Ecology Vice President Drew Knowles and Rebekah Tucker, the CEO of Sandler Training Sydney. Rebekah joined Influence Ecology in 2019 with FOT64 and is currently completing her advanced studies in the Mechanics and Practice Program.

Drew Knowles | Human Performance & BehaviourDrew Knowles is Vice President, Asia-Pacific Region, and one of the four Partners accountable for Influence Ecology Asia-Pacific. He has over 20 years of experience in human performance and behaviour, facilitating programmes to over 15,000 people in various industries, occupations, and cultures all over the world. Before joining Influence Ecology, he owned his own boutique consulting company. Drew specialised in helping CEOs and Executives of some of NZ’s largest companies deal with chronic stress and improve their mental performance, authoring a 3 year series in M2 Magazine (NZ/AUST). Drew is married and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.



Rebekah Tucker on Twitter: "HTS Podcast: How to Succeed at Sandler Rule #43 - You Don't Learn How to Win By Getting A Yes. You Learn By Getting A No."Rebekah Tucker is the CEO of Sandler Training Sydney. She has over 20 years of frontline sales, sales management, and business development experience. Prior to Sandler, Rebekah served as Director of Sales for Australia and New Zealand for a niche market software company where she produced record-breaking results, exceeding her target by nearly 200%. There she built and trained the UK, European, and US teams as well as establishing direct sales and partnership/reseller channels for Australia and New Zealand. Rebekah has experience across many vertical markets, including IT, Professional Services, Retail, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Government, Legal, Pharmaceutical, and Private sectors. Her extensive experience and knowledge span from small direct sales to multinational, enterprise, strategic selling.


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