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The Annual Membership Program

Our private membership curriculum begins with an education, methodology, and structure for producing exceptional results—but it is not for everyone. Successful participants must earn candidacy into our advanced programs and peer groups. 

This program provided the structure I needed to create powerful new habits and practices. It also provided access to a new way of seeing myself in those areas of life which matter to me. I am simultaneously sobered by the gravitas of what I see and inspired at the possibilities which have opened up for me. Quite simply, I get that I am always transacting. I wish I had access to this program years ago!

Ben Rubach

Members join us for what we know.
They stay to win together. 

The Influential U Membership Program provides the education, structure, and environment required to develop our transactional fitness. For competence, knowing requires doing and fitness requires practice. Application is the act of purposefully and intentionally putting into practice that which we have come to understand through study.

As a member, you will participate in the direct application and practice of the program you’ve just completed. With the help of a study group, you’ll study, practice, and apply each study module for one month. The Membership Program study modules offer a monthly sequential guide to deliberately practice what you’ve studied. You’ll also enjoy uninterrupted access to your existing program modules, help from our faculty and advanced participants, and inclusion in our global membership.

Co-Founder John Patterson leads the monthly one-hour Membership webinar sessions that include new content, advanced peers, guest speakers, and special topics.

In this program, our members produce an average of 55% more income than anticipated and report high satisfaction levels with activity, career, health—and other areas of life (see Measured Results, below).

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Tuition can be paid in full or can be paid in monthly installments with annual auto-renewal options.

For those completing any program, tuition is discounted if registered no later than thirty days following the final campus session of the program.

Our Membership Program is a year-long structure specifically designed to satisfy the following objectives:

  • To embody and apply the material introduced in the program you’ve just completed
  • To develop strong habits of deliberate practice and acquire qualified feedback
  • To provide the education, structure, and environment required to strengthen your fitness
  • To utilize the help and resources of our global mentors, program faculty, and members
  • To accelerate your ability to influence others, gain compliance, and produce results

Our advanced programs are structured to track and measure six-month goals. These aims begin and end with each Member Conference and are reported monthly to the entire Membership group and addressed on monthly Membership webinar sessions.

For all Membership Program participants, from 2012 through 2018, the average personal income was 55% more than anticipated.*

In addition to tracking income increases, participants target and track one health aim (weight loss, fitness activity, etc.) and one money aim (debt reduction, savings, etc.). The average results in 2012-18 were 85% of target for health goals and 100% of target for financial goals.

We don’t promise these results or that someone will increase their income; their business transactions may be faulty or ill-conceived—or they may not apply the education as instructed. The “average increase in personal income” is an average that includes those who performed better or worse than the average.

This program focuses on results in the areas of activity, career, and money and encourages attention to one’s health as a foundation for satisfying these and other loftier aims. Our advanced programs continue to build on the results achieved in these aims and address the satisfaction of many other Conditions of Life.

All metrics are tracked confidentially represented by percentage increases over time. Metrics are inspected by program leaders for accuracy throughout the program.

*This increase is calculated against anticipated income, a figure which a participant determines by looking at the income anticipated during the program’s six-month time period. “Anticipated Income” is not based on what participants hope, dream, or aspire to produce; rather, this figure is based on what participants already expect to make, based on historical data and already contracted raises and increases. This allows us to track the impact of the program on their income. Extreme increases in income metrics that sometimes occur are removed, as outliers of this nature do not represent the typical outcomes of a typical participant.

Member Participant Definitions

A “Member” is someone who has completed a program, meets the general requirements as a Membership Participant, and remains in good standing with the Requirements and Obligations of Participation.

A “Member Study Group” is limited to a group of 3–5 Members* who meet virtually or in person no less than twice a month.

*TCX Members may form a larger Member Study Group (a Community of Practice) exclusive to members of their originating class team or TCX certified graduates at large.

Participation Requirements and Obligations

Members agree to the following during the term of the Program as described below:

1. Attend two (2) Webinar Sessions Monthly – Participants agree to attend the monthly scheduled Membership Webinar Session and audit one other available webinar per month (see a, b, or c, below) where these webinars are available. In the event Participants are unable to attend the required scheduled Membership Webinar Session, they must make up that Session with one of the following where available:

a. Mechanics and Practice Session  (for MAP and MAP2 Members only)

b. FOT or PIP Program Session (must have completed FOT or PIP to attend the associated Session)

c. Focus Lecture Training Webinar

Note: For most TCX only Members, the monthly Membership Webinar and occasional Focus Lecture Training are the limits of currently available live or replay webinars.

2. Member Study – Participant agrees to complete the offered monthly Membership Study Module and Satisfaction Metrics no later than the 1st of each month. Each Membership Study Module also includes the resubmission of the Study Modules from the senior-most program that you have already completed.

Example: If you have completed the Fundamentals of Transaction Program, your MEM Study 1 includes the resubmission of FOT Study 1.

The second month, your MEM Study 2 includes the resubmission of FOT Study 2, moving each month to the next Study.

3. Conference Attendance* – Participants are recommended and encouraged to attend the entirety of both the Annual Member Conference and Mid-Year Member Conference while participating but make no agreement to attend.

*Conference is only available to those who are participating in other Influential U Programs and/or Membership.

4. Workshop Attendance – Participants are encouraged to attend workshops in their area, where offered.

5. Participation in a Member Study Group – Participant agrees to form and participate in a Member Study Group for the term of their participation and agrees to limit participation in the Member Study Group to those who are active participants of Influential U Programs—and to those at their access level.

6. Conduct and Representation – During live events, conferences, study groups, and webinar sessions, Participant agrees to demonstrate conduct appropriate to a professional business environment. Participant acknowledges the importance of expanding a professional business membership and will use their best efforts to support the expansion and reputation of Influential U (the company and its programs) throughout the world.

In the event you are unable to adhere to the above, please contact the Registrar for an exception or to counter.

Each monthly Membership study module is offered through our learning management system (LMS) and includes a structured and guided review, practice, and embodiment of the senior-most program for which you have completed.

The Membership Program includes a monthly Membership campus session that typically meets on the fourth Thursday of each month for 60 minutes beginning at 4:00 pm Pacific. Although attending the campus session at this time is always requested and recommended, a recorded replay is available for seven days to make the webinar available across all time zones.

These campus sessions include members who have completed FOT, PIP, MAP, MAP2, and the TCX Program.

The monthly campus session is led by Co-Founder and CEO John Patterson and may include Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels, advanced members, and highly accomplished guests.

Monthly sessions may include specific study topics (typically based on a yearly syllabus, specific principles, assigned papers, and books) as well as an opportunity for members to engage in their continued study and practice.

Members retain access to participate in or audit any program they have already completed.

Depending on your access level, this may include webinar sessions and associated program materials for:

  • Fundamentals of Transaction (FOT)
  • Priority in Practice (PIP)
  • Mechanics and Practice (MAP)
  • MAP2: PSTI (MAP2)

NOTE: Auditing Transactional Competence™ Across-Teams (TCX) sessions is not possible due to the proprietary nature of these teams and their enterprise initiatives.

Membership also includes associated program materials for, or invitations to, the following:

  • Focus Lecture Training Series
  • Live Training Events / Workshops
  • Influential U Conferences

Membership is available exclusively to those who have completed any program and are in good standing.

Yes, however, check the prerequisites to be sure.

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