Mechanics and Practice Program

This year-long practicum, which includes and requires both the Annual and Mid-Year Conferences, is designed to confront any naïveté in each Condition of Transaction™. It organizes the accurate thinking required to build, improve, or work on the satisfaction of any Condition of Life™.

It is life-changing. Influence Ecology put all the knowledge I acquired throughout the years and transformed it into actionable steps to acquire my life’s dreams.

An Advanced Study for More Satisfaction


The Mechanics and Practice Program (MAP) begins an advanced study for those who demonstrate their ambition and earn private invitations to participate in this assembly.

This year-long practicum, which includes and requires both the Annual and Mid-Year Conferences, is designed to confront any naïveté in each Condition of Transaction. It organizes the accurate thinking required to build, improve, or work on the satisfaction of any Condition of Life™.

This is an advanced program and is reserved for serious-minded adults who are committed to learning and practicing the habits that produce satisfaction and surplus in specific Conditions of Life.

We transact with participants as ambitious adults in our advanced programs. More specifically, our advanced programs are designed to support and obligate participants to demonstrate and hold the state of mind of an ambitious adult, and act accordingly.

Membership in this advanced environment offers resources, knowledge, and help from the founders, faculty, peers, and our senior-most advisors and mentors.

Successful MAP participants earn candidacy for the MAP2 Program, a rigorous two-year practicum.

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Next Cohort Start Date:

April 14, 2022, at 4 pm Pacific

Registration closes March 15

Campus sessions are held on the second Thursday of each month, starting April 14, 2022, from 4:00 pm–5:00 pm Pacific Time.

Campus sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes; however, some come early or stay later to take advantage of conversations with peers, faculty, or mentors.

  • Learn to think accurately about how to satisfy unavoidable Conditions of Life™ for activity, career, money, and health (other conditions are addressed in advanced programs).
  • Navigate the current marketplace and learn how to decline the offers and assessments that don’t forward your aims.
  • Transact to produce compliance; have your offers, requests, assessments, and assertions accepted.
  • Practice negotiating with differing personality types and behaviors.
  • Build and present your business offers to have them accepted quickly by your specific customer.
  • Gain practical knowledge, relevant resources, and highly valued help from members throughout the world.

MAP participants have access to participate in or audit any of the following events, campus sessions, and associated program materials:

  • The Fundamentals of Transaction Program
  • The Membership Program
  • Focus Lecture Training Series

Campus Sessions

The Mechanics and Practice Program has a monthly campus session that meets on either the second or third Thursday of each month for 60 minutes beginning at 4pm Pacific. These sessions include the MAP participants in your cohort.

For those who currently reside in Europe or Africa, campus recordings are made available. Live attendance is requested unless you are unable to attend due to the time zone or a legitimate emergency.

Study Modules

Participants must complete and submit each study in the series before progressing to the next study. Participants are expected to complete the MAP Study Modules within 12 months.

Two Member Conferences

The Annual Member Conference is held in North America each January. The Mid-Year Member Conference takes place in July in both a North American venue and an Asia-Pacific venue. MAP participants and MAP members are obligated to attend the entirety of both conferences.

Our advanced programs are structured to track and measure six-month goals. These aims begin and end with each member conference and are reported monthly to the entire Mechanics and Practice group and addressed on monthly MAP webinar sessions.

For all Mechanics and Practice Program participants, from 2012 through 2018, the average personal income was 41% more than anticipated.*

In addition to tracking income increases, participants target and track one health aim (weight loss, fitness activity, etc.) and one money aim (debt reduction, savings, etc.). The average results in 2012-18 were 97% of target for health goals and 100% of target for financial goals.

We don’t promise these results or that someone will increase their income; their business offer may be faulty or ill-conceived—or they may not apply the education as instructed. The “average increase in personal income” is an average that includes those who performed better or worse than the average, however, in a few cases an outlier result has not been included as it skews the more typical result achieved.

This program focuses on results in activity, career, money, and health as a foundation for satisfying these and other loftier aims. Our advanced programs continue to build on the results achieved in these aims and address the satisfaction of many other Conditions of Life which may include, for example, relationship, family, education, spirituality, or legacy.

All metrics are tracked confidentially represented by percentage increases over time. Metrics are inspected by program leaders for accuracy throughout the program.

*Satisfaction Metrics report, January 2019. This increase is calculated against anticipated income, a figure which a participant determines by looking at the income anticipated during the program’s six-month time period. “Anticipated Income” is not based on what participants hope, dream, or aspire to produce; rather, this figure is based on what participants already expect to make, based on historical data and already contracted raises and increases. This allows us to track the impact of the program on their income.

  • Recommended current annual income level is minimal $100K USD seeking to earn incomes of $280K-$400K+ annually.
  • Entrepreneurs and small to mid-size business owners seeking to build successful and sustainable businesses.
  • C and mid-level managers and executives who seek to expand their influence within their organizations, communities, and personal lives.
  • Business and creative professionals who seek the knowledge and practice required to reach their aims for money, activity, and career.
  • Those focused on expanding an existing or new business endeavor.

Zoom system requirements

See the Zoom Download center for the latest Zoom software.

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam – built-in, USB plug-in, or:

See the Zoom System Requirements page for additional details.

Learning Management System requirements

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • The website browser recommended is Google Chrome
  • You will require Microsoft Excel. Other software like Numbers will not work.

Yes, you must first have completed the PRIMARY program, the Fundamentals of Transaction Program.

Access to this program is by invitation only, however, you may always request an invitation.

The programs are currently led only in English.

Yes, however, check the prerequisites to be sure.

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