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Program Faculty and Client Manager

Marne Power is a Learning Specialist and Productivity Coach within the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia. She holds a Masters degree in Instructional Design and Technology with an emphasis on Human Performance Improvement.

She is also on the Program Faculty and is a Client Manager for Influence Ecology, the leading business education in Transactional Competence™.

We teach people how to transact for what they want.

Marne’s 25-year history in the training and development industry includes working with leaders, managers, and executives, as well as designing and leading programs on a wide range of topics for tens of thousands of people worldwide. 

Recognized as someone who affects change, Marne teaches people how to take the proper, deliberate, and incremental actions necessary to cultivate the habits and practices that are essential to achieving long-lasting results. Known as an organizational expert, Marne spends her time assisting faculty and staff in designing individualized personal productivity systems to enhance efficiency and decrease overwhelm and burn-out.

Marne is married and lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.


  • Faculty and Client Manager for Influence Ecology, the leading business education in Transactional Competence™
  • Masters in Instructional Design and Technology with an emphasis on Human Performance Improvement.
  • 12 years train-the-trainer focused on effective sales, public speaking and program delivery
  • Senior Sales Manager for a national sales organization
  • Guest lecturer throughout the University of Virginia as well as local businesses
  • Executive coach for Department Chairs and Senior Leaders at the University of Virginia

When I came here, I saw you couldn’t escape the impact that this education has on people’s lives. I wanted that for my life, but I wanted to give that to others. 

– Marne Power

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Measured Practice is Her Priority with Marne Power

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“Influence Ecology programs are, in my opinion, required learning for anyone who has the desire, but not the tools or application, to reach their aims in life. In no uncertain terms, Influence Ecology holds you to account for all of the things you know you should start, stop, or continue doing (but ignore as habit) and makes you responsible for your own future.”

– James Walls, Wellington, New Zealand


About Influence Ecology

Influence Ecology is considered the leader in the field of Transactional Competence™, having published and contributed to the only comprehensive text on the subject, Transactionalism: An Historic and Interpretive Study by Trevor J. Phillips. Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels has authored more than 500 papers on the subject, study, and discipline of Transactional Competence™ and is a sought-after lecturer at universities, major corporations, and civic organizations around the world. 

Influence Ecology’s curriculum includes conferences, webinars, online tools, podcasts, and mentorship utilized by men and women in over seventy countries around the world. Our membership includes an international assembly of accomplished professionals, faculty, and peers from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures.

Influence Ecology Co-founders John Patterson and Kirkland Tibbels
Co-founders John Patterson and Kirkland Tibbels