• Lee J and Valorie Howard, The Influence Ecology Podcast, Transactional Competence, Transactionalism

The Appropriate Mood with Lee J and Valorie Howard

As biological exchange animals, our moods and transactions are inextricably linked. Most people are naïve to the moods appropriate (or inappropriate) for transacting. To transact powerfully, you must attend to producing appropriate moods.

Valorie and Lee J Howard are entertainment experts skilled at building the perfect mood for their customers. They care deeply about delivering customized entertainment and special event experiences, having created over 5000 local and national events since 1995. Listen to them share about the power and potency of mood.

In today’s talk, you’ll hear Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels address how many people haven’t considered that producing appropriate moods doesn’t always mean that they should express highly positive moods. On the contrary, moods of agitation, respect, and caution are highly efficient and often required to increase a transaction’s speed and effectiveness; sometimes optimism, wonder, and humor can easily repel or produce indifference when it is inappropriate.