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How to Coordinate 10K Super Bowl Volunteers with Laura & David Senior Garcia

As the Personality Diversity Experts chosen to coordinate 10,000 volunteers for the 2017 Super Bowl, Equilibria siblings Laura and David Senior Garcia talk about how studying transactional competence has improved their company’s focus and helped bring conscious awareness to a diverse world. Their company works worldwide to help people embrace and leverage diversity to elevate personal, professional, and organizational performance.

In this episode’s talk, Kirkland Tibbels and John Patterson address how a transactional approach helps people understand the fundamentals of coordinated action.

Podcast Bonuses:

The stress ball in the photo was placed there in a playful moment and captures their sibling spirit.

Laura Senior Garcia is Equilibria’s Global Operations Executive and a Senior Coach.

David Senior Garcia is Equilibria’s Advanced Error Reduction in Organizations (or AERO) Product Manager and performs as a Coach, leading some of Equilibria’s most advanced workshops around the world.


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