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A New Guiding Philosophy with Kristina Panchenko

A virtual CFO, Kristina Panchenko offers emerging businesses the financial tools and knowledge to take their business to where it ought to be (www.oughttobe.net). Her firm helps small business owners with critical forward-looking financial tools, management, and reporting that are typically only affordable to large enterprises.

Kristina Panchenko was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to the USA at age 16. Her view of survival was conceived in an environment of hard work, scarce resources, and limited opportunities. Subsequently, her guiding philosophy was that rewards and honor only come through hard work, suffering, and struggle. Her study with Influence Ecology has helped her reorient her view of work, career, and life to take full advantage of her valuable time, exceptional talents, and remarkable history; she credits transactionalism as her new guiding philosophy.

You’ll also hear Influence Ecology Co-Founders Kirkland Tibbels and John Patterson address the history of transactionalism and the relevance of this history to developing your own transactional competence.