• Dr. Khush Cooper on the Influence Ecology Podcast transactionalism

Money is an Exchange of Help with Dr. Khush Cooper

Her view of money changed (and she made much more of it) when she began to understand that money is an exchange of help, rather than a necessary evil. Dr. Khush Cooper holds a doctorate in social work and her journey is quite relevant to those in the non-profit sector or anyone who has ever struggled with making a living and wanting to do good. This episode’s closing segment is from a membership webinar on the subject of ‘indifference of the marketplace’.

You’ll hear Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels address the State of Mind of an Ambitious Adult. In her interview, Dr. Cooper refers to “passively waiting rather than ambitiously transacting,” and this talk underscores the difference between “most people” and those who act with Ambition.