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The Company You Keep with Karina Christensen

Before embarking on a full-time real estate career, Karina Christensen was part of the personal flight team for American business guru Jack Welch and media proprietor Oprah Winfrey, having the opportunity to travel with them for many years around the world and cultivate within herself what it takes to partner with high-profile clientele successfully.

As a specialist now working with Keller Williams Luxury Homes International, she and her team specialize in luxury condominiums in Denver, Colorado. Having lived in Munich, London, Singapore, and Montana, Karina followed the sage wisdom, “you are the company you keep,” and built her career by nurturing coveted relationships. Attracted to this education and its influential ecology of peers, Karina learned that ‘relationship’ is only one of many powerful tools and unlocked the ceiling on her income and satisfaction.

In a recent program webinar, Vice President Drew Knowles and I spoke about the Influence Ecology conferences and the value of placing yourself in a powerful environment to connect, study, and practice.