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I Took Too Many Risks with Johnny Washington

With an aim to make the most money he could, Johnny Washington, from McKinney, Texas, acknowledges that he used to take way too many risks. Amped on the rush-to-action tendencies typical of the idea-oriented personality, he thought he could do just about anything he imagined. He produced many significant breakdowns, and burdened by some of his choices says, “I still don’t see a clear way out.”

Armed with transactional competence, he’s now thinking accurately about how his choices will affect his Conditions of Life, and he’s compressed his sales cycle from arduous meetings lasting hours and weeks into a simplified sales process that takes only minutes. What does life look like now? He says, “A lot less hectic and more money!”

This episode’s talk is an excerpt from a webinar titled “Accurate Thinking” where Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels and I address why we must think accurately about some of our most essential Conditions of Life.