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Becoming Specialized with John James and Lauren Cato Robertson

John James and Lauren Cato Robertson are co-founders of the C-Section Recovery Center. They are massage therapists with a specialized practice that focuses on clients suffering from C-Section Recovery. Their assertion is that, in modern times, we often “interrupt the biological process” and don’t account for the impact of that interruption to our children — or our own bodies.

Through their study with Influence Ecology, they have discovered their own entitlement and conceit and have not only learned to specialize and accept help from others, but have also overcome their differences to develop a solid, powerful, and working partnership. In their words, they “both grew each other up.”

In today’s talk, we listen in on a webinar classroom led by Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels on the topic of specialized knowledge and how this unique and uncommon knowledge is so much more than just another kind of focus.