Don’t Compete on Price, Compete on Value with Joe & Joni Rocco

Joe & Joni Rocco, a husband/wife small business team from Denver, Colorado, demonstrate the benefits of being a specialist in a highly commoditized industry: they don’t compete on price, they compete by offering a variety of characteristics of value. From working weeknights and weekends, late-night bids, high-stress, and a fatherless family, they now enjoy a life that is quite the opposite. They came to understand one another’s Personality and Transactional Behavior and reduced an 80-hour work week to 40.

In this episode’s talk, Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels talks on the Characteristics of Value that are considered and applied when constructing a business offer. He states, “If you are worried about the direct competitor, you are worried about the wrong thing.” You’ll hear why this is — and how to go about constructing a valuable offer that first satisfies you.

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“The Thirteen Steps” are referred to during the talk by Kirkland Tibbels. These are proprietary and are only available to our global Members.