• Jenn Oliver, University of Virginia, The Influence Ecology Podcast, Transactional Competence, Transactionalism

Jenn Oliver – Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Jenn Oliver, Senior Director of Service for the Academic Division at the University of Virginia, has learned a valuable lesson about what we refer to as “putting the mask on first.” Before her study with Influence Ecology, primarily, other people’s needs informed her plans. Her work was oriented only around doing for others, leaving her overwhelmed and aimless. Like many people, she was waiting for others to notice her value and reward her accordingly. She now takes care of herself and her aims first before assisting others. She’s learned to decline requests, respect her own aims, and spend time on what matters to her personally and professionally. Her interview demonstrates how she has expanded her value while gaining more time, more money, and more focus.

In our talk, Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels teaches about the willingness to decline and how doing so produces more authority—and freedom.