Accelerate Your Influence

In our powerful one-day workshop you will be introduced to a framework to fast-track your influence, results, and satisfaction. Our practical training will help you face behaviors, practices, and naiveté preventing you from satisfying your health, career, and financial aims. You will learn realistic strategies to break down barriers and begin to see a plausible pathway for whole-life satisfaction.

The X Factor

There is an “X-Factor,” and it’s not what you think. It is not about bolstered confidence, repeated affirmations, or walking on hot coals. It’s not about the right idea, an ancient secret, or a stroke of luck. To hell with luck! It is NOT taught in business school, yet it is knowledge that must be learned. It is a skill that must be practiced. Those who have it are wholly satisfied. Those that don’t, struggle.

The X Factor is Transactional Competence™


The ability to see every human interaction as a series of exchanges you can influence.


The skill to start a new business or manage an enterprise as a series of exchanges you can control.


The capacity for you to be wholly satisfied across many conditions of life.

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Four 1-Hour Webcasts


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One-Day Workshop


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What's it about?


A powerful one-day experience that delivers a big dose of the business philosophy behind our holistic approach to transactional mastery.

Our new workshop is an extraordinary opportunity, like experiencing a full day at an Influential U conference for a fraction of the cost. It is not a lecture, presentation or how-to session. It is immersive and interactive.

Participants will explore their personality, the transaction cycle and their place in it. We’ll show how understanding your role in the process is the key to achieving your aims, both professional and personal.

Our Introductory Workshop focuses on a primary cornerstone of Transactional Competence™ that we call Personality and Transactional Behavior; it’s about how we approach every exchange.

Think about how you and I grapple with our everyday transactions; all of our relationship conversations, business meetings, and essential exchanges.

Often we try to overcome our obstacles with communication classes, leadership programs, or negotiation training – and here’s why it doesn’t work: these tactics don’t account for the simple fact that you and other people are unique. Instead, you must consider your Transactional Behavior while approaching other people from their Transactional Behavior. 

Personality and Transactional Behavior allows you to understand your own personality and easily influence other personalities.

We introduce Transactional Competence™ – the fundamental way we engage in everyday exchanges to get what we want. Those who transact powerfully, thrive!

Learn what transactions are, how they work, and how to transact efficiently and effectively. Understand how human beings are constantly transacting to satisfy their aims in every Condition of Life™.*

  1. Personality and Transactional Behavior™: People tend to exhibit personality styles with attributes that make them a perfect fit in some aspects of a transaction. Understanding your own and other’s personalities speeds up any transaction.
  2. The Transaction Cycle: This model helps construct and speed up transactions designed to satisfy our aims.
  3. Influence and Persuasion Principles: Our biology dictates fundamental psychological principles that dictate human behavior. When fully understood, these principles can be practiced and built into the transactions where we want others to say ‘yes.’

We all want to satisfy our Conditions of Life™. 

Condition of Life™ is an inescapable and unavoidable area of life that you must tend to to be satisfied.

  • Discover the fifteen conditions, the power of thinking accurately about them, and how each is the access to whole-life satisfaction.
  • Cash in on the asset (and avoid the liability) of your Personality and Transactional Behavior™
  • Learn how to persuade and influence others ethically 
  • Practice how to get others to say ‘yes’

Our Introductory Workshop begins at 10am and ends at 5pm. The live workshop includes a social mixer, training, plus food & beverage. Where the venue allows, we’ll end the day with a public mixer.


930am-10am Mixer w Tea/Coffee

10am-12pm Training

12pm-1pm Lunch Provided

1pm-3pm Training

3-330pm Break w Refreshments

330pm-5pm Training

5pm Mixer in the Venue Bar


Business Casual

*This schedule may vary slightly by location.

Ambitious professionals.
Business owners, executives, and managers who want to achieve more, faster with less friction and dysfunction—those who seek to achieve their life goals and enjoy complete satisfaction.

Our Introductory workshop webcasts are four recorded one-hour webinars supplemented by faculty Q&A. 

Once purchased, these webcasts are available in the student dashboard area. These include webcast recordings, diagrams and models, and learning exercises.

Our Recording Library includes a decade of webcasts on a variety of topics.

These recordings include topics primarily led by our co-founders John Patterson and Kirkland Tibbels.

In most cases, these recordings include tips and approaches, student coaching, plus member interaction.

There are no prerequisites.

The program is currently offered in English (you may hear programs delivered by a variety of global accents).

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