How to Advance in the Corporate Environment

How to Advance in the Corporate Environment: Trisha Tyler

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How to Advance in the Corporate Environment

Trisha TylerKim CorbettDavid Somerville, Ron Sprengler, Jenn Oliver

  • How does one discover the transactional personality of their superior or the owner of the company.
  • How to increase your value within an enterprise.
  • Best practices and tips for negotiating a raise and increasing your income.
  • Tactics for self evaluation and determining if one is fit for advancement.
  • How does one know if they will need to find another enterprise to satisfy their aims?

During the January 2020 Annual Member Conference, we’ll host Master Classes. These are curated interviews with successful experts eager to answer your most pressing questions about the pragmatic, on the ground, tactical application of Transactional Competence™ as it applies to specific topics.

Master Classes are live-streamed and recorded for free viewing by Conference Participants (available in your program dashboard automatically).

For non-conference customers, Master Classes are available via pay-per-view for a single class or an all-access pass.

Streaming or recorded all-access is $449 USD – or – $49 USD / single class. 

This class is scheduled for 3:30-4:15pm (45-minutes) on Thurs, 23 Jan Pacific time.

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Note: Some events happen concurrently and can only be viewed as recordings. You can purchase an all-access pass or access to individual Master Classes.

For Conference Participants, there is no need to register. Master Classes will be available in your program dashboard automatically.

Influence Ecology makes no claim to the validity or accuracy of information offered by its participants. Please be mindful of coaching or advice; you must think accurately for yourself and on behalf of your own aims. Influence Ecology Master Classes are offered to illuminate knowledge or resources in which to satisfy ambitious aims. As always, if you are interested in someone’s offer, by all means, ask. We reserve the right to inspect or cease any activity to preserve the ethics of this educational environment.

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Other Master Class Options

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