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Those Who Transact Powerfully, Thrive™

Our private membership curriculum provides an education, methodology, and structure for producing exceptional results—but it is not for everyone. Successful participants must earn candidacy into our advanced programs and peer groups.

This rigorous six-month course of study provides the fundamental understanding and practical application of the transactional approach to satisfying conditions for work, career, and money in the current marketplace.

Our curriculum begins with the Fundamentals of Transaction Program; a six-month course of study specifically designed to satisfy the following objectives:

  • To accurately target your aims and eliminate hardship
  • To construct the fundamental transactions that produce continual results
  • To cash in on the asset of your Personality and Transactional Behavior™
  • To produce a balance across many situations or Conditions of Life™
  • To accelerate your ability to influence others, gain compliance, and produce results

In the first six months of participation, our members produce an average of 47% more income than anticipated and report high satisfaction levels with work, career, health—and other areas of life.

We teach a specific transaction cycle which offers a framework for any transaction and considers the Transactional Behavior™ appropriate for each aspect of a transaction. While learning to construct their own primary transaction, participants develop powerful abilities for influencing others, gaining compliance, and producing results.

Participants use a proven transactional approach for thinking accurately about how to construct and then fulfill highly valuable transactions that satisfy multiple Conditions of Life™. This fundamental approach is then embodied as a platform for building any successful transaction and its recurrence and expansion. [FAQ]

Program Details

Next Class Group Start Date

Next Class Group Start Date: February 12, 2020
(closes for registration Janaury 31)

Webinar sessions are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month starting February 12, 2020, 4:00pm–5:00pm Pacific Time.

2/12, 2/26, 3/11, 3/25, 4/8, 4/22, 5/13, 5/27, 6/10, 6/24, 7/8, 7/22

Webinar sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes.

An Invitation to Participate

This is a small segment of a webinar led by Co-Founder and CEO John Patterson.

If you’re ready to satisfy your ambitions, apply for a free strategy session and let’s see how we can help. Your personal 45-minute Strategy Session will outline an approach to building transactions that get you more of what you want.

Tuition *

$5550 US

Tuition Payment Options and Financing:

  • Option A: Pay in full for a 3.5% discount.
  • Option B: Pay a 1975 non-refundable deposit with the balance of 3575 due by Session #5.
  • Option C: Pay 6 equal installments of 925 plus a 35 admin fee per invoice.

Tuition can be paid by check or credit card and is due after the application process is complete and you have been invoiced as per the option selected.

In the United States, financing is available almost everywhere PayPal is accepted through Bill Me Later, a credit line on your own PayPal account.

*In some countries, the tuition may vary.

Key Benefits

  • Learn to think accurately about how to satisfy unavoidable Conditions of Life for work, career, money, and health (other conditions are addressed in advanced programs).
  • Navigate the current marketplace and learn how to decline the offers and assessments that don’t forward your aims.
  • Transact to produce compliance; have your offers, requests, assessments, and assertions accepted.
  • Practice negotiating with differing personality types and behaviors.
  • Build and present your business offers to have them accepted quickly by your specific customer.
  • Gain practical knowledge, relevant resources, and highly valued help from members throughout the world.

For more, see our testimonials.

Measured Results

For all the Fundamentals of Transaction Program participants from 2012 through 2018, the average personal income (during that first six months of participation) was 47% more than anticipated.*

In addition to tracking income increases, participants target and track one health aim (weight loss, fitness activity, etc.) and one money aim (debt reduction, savings, etc.). The average results in 2012-18 were 87% of target for health goals and 99% of target for financial goals.

We don’t promise these results or that someone will increase their income; their business transactions may be faulty or ill-conceived—or they may not apply the education as instructed. These averages include those who performed better or worse than the average.

This program focuses on results in the areas of work, career, and money and encourages attention on one’s health as a foundation for satisfying these and other loftier aims. Our advanced programs continue to build on the results achieved in these aims and address the satisfaction of many other Conditions of Life.

All metrics are tracked confidentially represented by percentage increases over time. Metrics are inspected by program leaders and mentors for accuracy throughout the program.

*This increase is calculated against anticipated income, a figure which a participant determines by looking at the income anticipated during the program’s six-month time period. “Anticipated Income” is not based on what participants hope, dream, or aspire to produce; rather, this figure is based on what participants already expect to make, based on historical data and already contracted raises and increases. This allows us to track the impact of the program on their income. Extreme increases in income metrics that sometimes occur are removed, as outliers of this nature do not represent the typical outcomes of a typical participant.

Who Should Participate

  • Recommended current annual income level is minimal $100K USD seeking to earn incomes of $280-$400K+ annually.
  • Entrepreneurs and small to mid-size business owners seeking to build successful and sustainable businesses.
  • C and mid-level managers and executives who seek to expand their influence within their organizations, communities, and personal lives.
  • Business and creative professionals who seek the knowledge and practice required to reach their aims for money, work, and career.
  • Those focused on expanding an existing or new business endeavor.

Program Faculty and Mentors

Our aspiring membership includes an international assembly of accomplished business professionals, entrepreneurs, and faculty from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures. As students begin the successful completion of the Influence Ecology curriculum, they often seek to continue their mastery by teaching or mentoring others.

Program Faculty are successful and accomplished business professionals who have completed our four-year curriculum and have been certified to facilitate our programs. Once certified, our global faculty participates in ongoing weekly training and development led by the co-founders.

Program Mentors are successful and accomplished business professionals who have been invited into our advanced curriculum and have been accepted to personally mentor our programs.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to satisfy your ambitions, schedule a free strategy session and let’s see how we can help. Your personal 45-minute Strategy Session will outline an approach to building transactions that get you more of what you want.

Program Logistics

The Fundamentals of Transaction Program is led by seasoned program leaders through online webinar sessions. The co-founders make special appearances during some sessions.

The twelve webinar sessions are 60-minutes in duration but may last as long as 90 minutes where Q&A has extended the allotted time. These webinars are attended by program class participants, mentors, and advanced members seeking additional study.

Each program class includes 20–30 participants who form peer study groups (3–5 people) across a variety of cities around the globe. The study groups are voluntary but highly recommended and typically meet virtually as per the group’s determination.

The program includes twelve study modules completed online. The modules include written, video, and audio segments to support a variety of learning styles. These study modules are over 30 years in the making and include both critical thinking and practical application of the study material.

The study is supplemented by optional and periodic webinar lectures on specific topics and by featured authors or guests.

In some major cities, supplemental live workshops support both the study and the growth of a local peer environment.

Time Requirements

There are 12 one-hour webinar sessions over six months.

Our participants report an average of 6.5 hours between sessions (every two or three weeks) to complete a single study module.

There are other ways you might participate that may include your own research or voluntary involvement in a 3–5 person study group, which is recommended.

All in, you might expect to invest an average of five hours a week in your study and development of this specialized knowledge.

Your investment in your own education determines your success.

System Requirements

We currently use GoToWebinar as our portal for webinar sessions. Sessions are designed to be viewed from your computer (recommended) or pad, and may be accessed from a smart phone mobile device, although the latter has been known to presents challenges.

Participants are required to have access to a computer, pad, or mobile device with internet access. You must be capable of viewing Flash files, Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files and have an e-mail account that supports sending, receiving, and editing attached Microsoft Office Word and Excel files. Participants are also required to purchase three business books.

The audio portion of the webinar classroom can be joined via telephone or your computer’s audio system. To use a computer audio system, you will need a headset.

System Requirements and FAQ for GoToWebinar*.

*We do not promise to make content available if your system does not support it. You may need to purchase the software outlined above.


There is no prerequisite for the Fundamentals of Transaction Program, however, Influence Ecology is a private member curriculum and requires that those referred complete an application through our Office of Admissions.

To apply, please submit an online application or Contact Us for more information.

“I chose Influence Ecology because the measures reports for their students were beyond unlikely—they appeared quite absurd. With research on your methodology and interviews with staff and other participants, however, I concluded that it was vaguely plausible that these numbers (50% more income than anticipated!) might be valid. Now, upon reviewing the final outputs, outcomes aligned completely with the outcomes they said their participants produced. I was astounded (104% increase in income).”

Ana Athanasiu
Consultant, San Francisco, CA, United States

The leading business education in Transactional Competence™.

Those who transact powerfully, thrive.™