The Fundamentals of Transaction Program

Our private membership curriculum begins with an education, methodology, and structure for producing exceptional results—but it is not for everyone. Successful participants must earn candidacy into our advanced programs and peer groups. 

Influence Every Human Exchange


What is Transactional Competence™?

  • The ability to see every human interaction as a series of exchanges you can influence.
  • The skill to start a new business or manage an enterprise as a series of exchanges you can control.
  • The capacity for you to be wholly satisfied across many Conditions of Life™.

This course provides the fundamental understanding and practical application of our proprietary approach to satisfying the Conditions of Life for health, activity, career, and money.

Our curriculum begins with the Fundamentals of Transaction Program: a potent course of study specifically designed to satisfy the following objectives:

  • Accurately target your aims and eliminate hardship
  • Construct the fundamental transactions that produce continual results
  • Cash in on the asset of your Personality and Transactional Behavior™
  • Produce a balance across many situations or Conditions of Life
  • Accelerate your ability to influence others, gain compliance, and produce results

In the first six months of participation, our members produce an average of 46% more income than anticipated and report high satisfaction levels with work, career, health—and other areas of life. Health goals are 90% of target, financial goals are 103% of target.

We teach a specific transaction cycle that offers a framework for any transaction and considers the Transactional Behavior appropriate for each aspect of a transaction. While learning to construct their own primary transaction, participants develop powerful abilities for influencing others, gaining compliance, and producing results.

Participants use a proven transactional approach for thinking accurately about how to construct and then fulfill highly valuable transactions that satisfy multiple Conditions of Life. This fundamental approach is then embodied as a platform for building any successful transaction and its recurrence and expansion.

Six Months
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Single Payment
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Program Application

Influential U is a private membership curriculum. Participants must apply for admission.

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Next Class Group Start Date

November 30, 2021, at 4 pm Pacific
(closes for registration November 19th)

Campus sessions are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month starting November 30, 2021, from 4:00 pm–5:00 pm Pacific Time.

11/30, 12/14, 1/11, 1/25, 2/8, 2/22, 3/8, 3/22, 4/12, 4/26, 5/10, 5/24

Campus sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes; however, some come early or stay later to take advantage of conversations with peers, faculty, or mentors.

  • Learn to think accurately about how to satisfy unavoidable Conditions of Life™ for work, career, money, and health (other conditions are addressed in advanced programs).
  • Navigate the current marketplace and learn how to decline the offers and assessments that don’t forward your aims.
  • Transact to produce compliance; have your offers, requests, assessments, and assertions accepted.
  • Practice negotiating with differing personality types and behaviors.
  • Build and present your business offers to have them accepted quickly by your specific customer.
  • Gain practical knowledge, relevant resources, and highly valued help from members throughout the world.

Our programs are progressive and accelerated training for life-learners; accessible professional development to elevate individuals and their teams.

  • Recommended current annual income level is minimal $100K USD seeking to earn incomes of $280-$400K+ annually.
  • Entrepreneurs and small to mid-size business owners seeking to build successful and sustainable businesses.
  • C and mid-level managers and executives who seek to expand their influence within their organizations, communities, and personal lives.
  • Business and creative professionals who seek the knowledge and practice required to reach their aims for money, work, and career.
  • Those focused on expanding an existing or new business endeavor.

For all the Fundamentals of Transaction Program participants from 2012 through 2021, the average personal income (during that first six months of participation) was 46.6% more than anticipated.*

In addition to tracking income increases, participants target and track one health aim (weight loss, fitness activity, etc.) and one money aim (debt reduction, savings, etc.). The average results in 2012-20 were 90.1% of target for health goals and 103.3% of target for financial goals.

We don’t promise these results or that someone will increase their income; their business transactions may be faulty or ill-conceived—or they may not apply the education as instructed. These averages include those who performed better or worse than the average.

This program focuses on results in the areas of work, career, and money and encourages attention on one’s health as a foundation for satisfying these and other loftier aims. Our advanced programs continue to build on the results achieved in these aims and address the satisfaction of many other conditions of life.

All metrics are tracked confidentially represented by percentage increases over time. Metrics are inspected by program leaders for accuracy throughout the program.

*This increase is calculated against anticipated income, a figure which a participant determines by looking at the income anticipated during the program’s six-month time period. “Anticipated Income” is not based on what participants hope, dream, or aspire to produce; rather, this figure is based on what participants already expect to make, based on historical data and already contracted raises and increases. This allows us to track the impact of the program on their income. Extreme increases in income metrics that sometimes occur are removed, as outliers of this nature do not represent the typical outcomes of a typical participant.

Delivered internationally, our study programs are delivered live on the Influential U Campus, powered by VirBELA; a virtual campus platform. The virtual campus promotes social interaction, engagement, and collaboration with students, faculty, sponsors, and campus partners–24-hours a day from any country.

Launched with our July 2020 Conferences, we offer corporate training, educational workshops, and study incubators that include ambitious professionals from many industries, professions, and cultures. We allow students, faculty, and mentors the opportunity to connect before and after virtual program sessions to get help, form study groups, and use the campus for discussion. We offer our advanced student’s premiere program venues that serve their aims for an elite experience amongst peers.

Our study modules are offered through a website-integrated learning management system (“LMS”) to organize, track, and simplify the learning process. The webinar sessions are co-led by seasoned program faculty and successful advanced mentors and members and are fortified by peer-formed study groups.

The LMS systematically offers the study module content and its application, lesson by lesson, topic by topic. Any work you complete is saved as you have last completed it. This means that you can write something and return to any aspect of it throughout the program (and the entire curriculum) to edit it as you evolve.

The Fundamentals of Transaction Program study modules are date permitted, meaning that they are only available for your class group to coincide with the campus session schedule of your class group.

Our programs are currently only delivered in English.

Yes, with the subscription option, you can add the annual Membership Program at the time of registration. 

You can add membership or conferences at the time of registration by contacting our Office of Admissions.

The Influential U Campus is powered by VirBELA; a virtual campus platform. VirBELA posts the hardware and software requirements for running its products on your computer. If your computer does not meet these requirements, we can make no guarantee that your computer will be able to run the Campus. In order to get the best performance out of VirBELA, we suggest meeting or exceeding the “recommended requirements.”

Influential U Virtual Campus Hardware and Software Requirements

Please check to see that your computer and accessories meet the minimum system requirements. If not, you will need to make upgrades to your own system to attend.

Operating Systems Supported

Windows 7 SP1+ or newer
Mac OS X 10.11 or newer

Note: These minimum requirements are the very least necessary to run the Influence Ecology Campus. If your computer does not meet these requirements, we make no guarantee that your computer will be able to run the Influence Ecology Campus. In order to get the best performance, we suggest meeting or exceeding these requirements.

No, the course is the first and primary program in our curriculum. 

The programs are currently led only in English.

Yes, however, check the prerequisites to be sure. 

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