Our Esteemed Alumni

Congratulations on the completion of the Influence Ecology Curriculum. It is our honor and privilege to welcome you to this, our most advanced and esteemed access.

On a personal note, please allow all of us at Influence Ecology to take this moment to offer you our thanks for the contribution and gift of your learning with us. You are among a very small group of people who have journeyed this far into the study and application of Transactional Competenceā„¢ and the development of the philosophy of Transactionalism, and we thank you. We recognize the substantial investment of time, energy, and money you have made in the pursuit of this education, and we do not take it lightly. Please know, Influence Ecology would not exist as it does today without you and your help. We intend to try, but for now, we cannot thank you enough for your help, intellectual contribution, and support.

Esteemed Alumni Program Registration and Contract

  • Program Agreement

  • Esteemed Alumni Tuition: $1680 Annual Subscription

    Options B & C include a $20 admin fee
  • Please enter today's date.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • The program starts on the first day of each Month.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Auto Renewal

    Checking "Yes" to Auto Renewal instructs us to charge you automatically 15 days prior to your Esteemed Alumni anniversary.

    Though Esteemed Alumni Tuition rates are subject to increase , if you choose auto renewal, your annual rate is locked in at your first contracted rate for the life of your Esteemed Alumni provided there are no interruptions in your participation and you remain in good standing.  If you renew before your term ends, remain in good standing and have no breaks in your participation you will be exempt from future annual tuition increases. 

    You may terminate your auto renewal at any time and will then continue to be invoiced only for the duratin of your existing Alumni anniversay. 

    REFUND POLICY: All Alumni tuitions, are fully non-refundable

    Alumni does not auto-renew unless instructed above. Alumni benefits are subject to change without prior written notice. There is no option to pause or terminate your Alumni participation once contracted and all tuitions contracted are due through the anniversary of the contract.

    Accepting this offer and registering yourself for Alumni is a contract that includes your agreement to honor the Participation Requirements and Obligations, to pay these tuitions on or before the due dates, and your compliance with our policies. Failure to comply with these satisfaction metrics may forfeit your Alumni.

    NOTE: By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to abide by the Participation Requirements and Agreements.
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