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Those Who Transact Powerfully, Thrive™

We designed our enterprise programs for teams.

Originally offered to support Agile Project Management and cross-functional teams, our enterprise programs are designed to serve many types of enterprise teams: functional, cross-functional, project, virtual, entrepreneurial, and self-directed teams.

Teams require a cohesive framework to coordinate action, accelerate initiatives, and support large-scale buy-in.

Our enterprise programs offer an initiative-driven approach with an aim to both provide a cohesive framework to coordinate action across and within teams and to arm its individuals with the competence to produce the influence and compliance they require to accelerate initiatives in enterprise environments.

While this acceleration can produce a reduction in operational expenses, more importantly, it can profoundly reduce time to completion and the cost of missed market revenue. 

Key outcomes:

  • Build a cohesive framework for collaboration that can scale
  • Cash in on the asset (and mitigate the cost) of each individual’s Personality and Transactional Behavior™
  • Accelerate initiatives; speed up the time to complete initiatives, projects, and product or service launches
  • Train participants how to produce ethical influence
  • Produce large-scale buy-in and compliance for enterprise initiatives

The program consists of ten weekly 90-minute webinar sessions and associated web-based learning modules where each session includes training delivery followed by direct application and practice. An online learning management system (LMS) with recorded webinar replay makes this training available in every time zone.

Program Details


$2250 USD Per-Participant

Team Size Requirement: 18 + Team Members

Scaled participation may warrant pricing tiers.

Please contact us for more information.

Program Logistics

Ten weekly 90-minute webinar sessions and associated web-based learning modules

Certified faculty deliver our enterprise programs through live interactive webinars. The program includes ten web-based learning modules that include written, video, and audio segments to support a variety of learning styles. These learning modules are over 30 years in the making and include both critical thinking and practical application of the study material.

Each program team will be encouraged to form a Community of Practice (“CoP”); the environment and deliberate practice required for embodiment and application. It is through the process of continuous development that the team members learn from each other and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

The study is supplemented by optional and periodic webinar lectures on specific topics and by featured authors or guests.

In some major cities, supplemental live workshops support both the study and the growth of a local peer environment.

Time Requirements

The ten weekly webinar sessions are 90-minutes in duration.

Our participants report an average of 1.5 hours between sessions (every week) to complete a single learning module.

All in, you might expect to invest an average of three hours per week for ten weeks.

Your investment in your education determines your success.

For What Type of Teams?

The program is designed to serve the following types of enterprise teams:

  • Product line or market segment, geographic, or functionally (by role)
  • Project, task, or initiative teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams grouped by project or initiative
  • Entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial start-ups
  • Virtual Teams or Self-Directed Teams

Program Faculty

Certified Program Faculty are successful and accomplished business professionals immersed in our four-year curriculum. Once certified, our Program Faculty participates in ongoing training and development led by Influence Ecology co-founders. Their rigorous certification is practical, pragmatic, and measured. It includes a deep understanding of our entire curriculum, founding philosophy, and the ability to facilitate engaging and relevant online and live training programs, workshops, and lectures. Our aspiring membership includes an international assembly of accomplished business professionals, entrepreneurs, and faculty from a variety of countires, industries, and cultures.


Western Digital

Western Digital® creates environments for data to thrive, helping customer capture, preserve, access and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data.

TCX has provided our team with the language and framework to communicate more effectively with each other, hold more efficient and productive meetings, and appreciate the value each person brings to the team. I am feeling more confident in my role and my personality, and I’m feeling more optimistic about reaching our team’s aims.

I have enjoyed going through the TCX experience with my teammates at work, and I am looking forward to continuing our practice together. This class has transformed my relationships with my teammates in a meaningful way. I feel a much richer appreciation for their personalities, and I feel more seen and understood, which is a gift. I feel so grateful for this opportunity.

Marika Meertens, Lafayette, CO

Have you ever been in a meeting where there are lots of words spoken but seemingly nothing came of it? If so, I invite you to let Transactional Competence for Cross-Functional teams help you and your team better understand why that is and how you can make your meetings and transactions more fun and effective!

I have a lot of doing and practice ahead of me to raise my transactional fitness! And thanks to Influence Ecology and WD for helping me learn, grow and improve.

Steve Ruckman, San Jose, CA

During initial study modules, the picture was not clear (it didn’t get my attention), but toward the end, I became more and more pulled toward this material.
This course has provided enough seeds (materials and ideas) for future readings and practices. Thank you for having the knowledge to extract such behavioral knowledge to teach it to others

Ammar Zayed, San Jose, CA

Powerful skills!

Angel Yu, San Jose, CA

I am seeing myself and other member utilizing different language during our everyday transactions. Things are going smoother. And I am beginning to understand the strengths in others.

Bob Taraba, Rochester, MN

This is an awesome class to learn how to transact powerfully!

Chung Lin, San Jose, CA

It was a good experience to interact with others during the 10 weeks study course. All the materials are well prepared and presented. Also, clarifications were made right on the spot, and contributions made by John and the participants helped clarify any doubts in each of the topics studied.

Eduardo Cantillo, Irvine, CA

Revisit the studied material, you will find new insights. Discussions around our specific environment where the most useful and helpful.

George Vlasov, Irvine, CA

TCX is very relevant to people who work in complex organizations. The knowledge acquired will improve your daily interactions forever.
Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the first cohort. I think this class is very relevant to my life in a corporation.

Jeff Whaley, San Jose, CA

This course opened my eyes as to why, though I was able to lead a compliant group to solve some problems, I was unable to consistently get the organization around me to embrace the solutions that we wrought.

I am enthusiastic to expand my fitness in transactional competence and will coordinate my efforts with others to transact powerfully.

Jonathan Haines, Longmont, CO

I found the program very eye-opening. I gained a completely new perspective of my environment and how I transact within it.  I appreciate the great material that was provided and the expertise in leading us through it.

Steve Wiertsema, Rochester, MN

Excellent course content reinforcing many years of experience, learning sometimes difficult lessons on transaction slowdowns that I may have been a factor in attempting to push the cycle without getting acceptance at earlier points in the transaction cycle.

Excellent presentation and background reading material. I especially enjoyed the podcasts and their content. I believe that more leadership within our product development teams would benefit from this education and training to help speed our team’s transaction cycles.

Wes Cook, Rochester, MN

This is a valuable framework for teams to successfully interact with each other and the ecologies in which they operate.

I’ve expressed to others that at this stage I sometimes feel like we’re ten-year-olds with power tools. We might get the treehouse built in the back yard, but somebody is probably going to the emergency room before we’re done. That is to say that we’ve learned some powerful ways to transact, but without sufficient practice, extreme care must be taken with how we use this knowledge.

William Stockdell, Rochester, MN

System Requirements

We currently use GoToWebinar as our portal for webinar sessions. Both webinar sessions and study modules are designed to be viewed from your computer (recommended) or pad and may be accessed from a smartphone mobile device, although the latter has been known to presents challenges and is not recommended.

Participants are required to have access to a computer, pad, or mobile device with internet access. You must be capable of viewing Flash files, Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files and have an e-mail account that is safe to receive content, prompts, and emails from Influence Ecology. Participants (or the company) are also required to purchase one business book per participant.

The audio portion of the virtual classroom can be joined via telephone or your computer’s audio system. To use a computer audio system, you will need a headset with a microphone.

System Requirements and FAQ for GoToWebinar*.

*We do not promise to make content available if your system does not support it. You may need to purchase the software outlined above.


There is no prerequisite for this program.

“This course opened my eyes as to why, though I was able to lead a compliant group to solve some problems, I was unable to consistently get the organization around me to embrace the solutions that we wrought.”

Jonathan Haines
Western Digital, Irvine, CA, United States

“TCX has provided our team with the language and framework to communicate more effectively with each other, hold more efficient and productive meetings, and appreciate the value each person brings to the team. I am feeling more confident in my role and my personality, and I’m feeling more optimistic about reaching our team’s aims.”

Marika Meertens
Western Digital, Longmont, CO, United States

The leading business education in Transactional Competence™.

Those who transact powerfully, thrive.™