Transactional Competence™ Across Teams (TCX)

Established in 2009, Influential U is the leading business education in Transactional Competence™. You are always transacting.  If you do it well—you win. We teach individuals and teams how to build transactions that use our differences to go faster. Inclusion is an asset  to achieve more by reducing friction and dysfunction.

Achieve More, Faster with Less Friction and Dysfunction

Core Competencies

  • Building cohesive frameworks for collaboration that scale
  • Accelerating initiatives: reducing the time to complete actions, projects, and product or service launches
  • Coordinating action to make meetings and projects go faster, easier, and smoother
  • Maximizing the assets of and mitigating the cost of each individual’s Personality and Transactional Behavior™
  • Training participants how to produce ethical influence
  • Producing large-scale buy-in and compliance for enterprise initiatives
  • Identifying and utilizing individual personalities in a way that enhances team effectiveness

Past Performance

Hi Marley, Inc.

Date(s): 2020
Value: $23,950

Details: Transactional Competence™ Across Teams (TCX) training for executive team – developing the company culture framework.

Western Digital

Date(s): 2019
Value: $74,500

Details: Transactional Competence™ Across Teams (TCX) training for Agile senior team – reducing product development time and time to launch.

University of Virginia, School of Medicine

Date(s): 2016-2018
Value: $47,450

Details: Customized Fundamentals of Transaction program to enhance team workflow, cohesion, and efficiency.

Program Options

Influence Accelerator

One Day Workshop

Fundamentals of Transaction

Individuals Program

Program (TCX)

Teams Program
In-Person/Zoom Hybrid
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  • We have Agile Certified Scrum Masters and an iSPCT – Internal SAFe Program Consultant Trainer on Faculty to apply our training within the Agile framework.
  • We codified Transactionalism – the Intellectual Property behind the practical application in the Influential U education.
  • We have 13 years of proven results with individual professionals and within teams & departments in university and multi-national corporation settings.
  • Our workshops and training are delivered in-person and via Zoom or Microsoft Teams based on customer requirements.
  • We have delivered our curriculum virtually and in-person since 2009. We had no need to retool during the pandemic.
  • We utilize our proprietary 4-quadrant personality profile and apply it to the Transaction Cycle, placing the correct person in the role they’re best suited for and most comfortable in.
  • Live sessions are supplemented with a Learning Management System (LMS) for individual study.
  • Our Programs are customizable to address your known and unknown issues.

Certified Program Faculty are successful and accomplished business professionals immersed in our four-year curriculum. Once certified, our Program Faculty participates in ongoing training and development led by Influential U co-founders. Their rigorous certification is practical, pragmatic, and measured. It includes a deep understanding of our entire curriculum, founding philosophy, and the ability to facilitate engaging and relevant online and live training programs, workshops, and lectures. Our aspiring membership includes an international assembly of accomplished business professionals, entrepreneurs, and faculty from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures.

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Our study modules are offered through a website-integrated learning management system (“LMS”) to organize, track, and simplify the learning process. The webinar sessions are co-led by seasoned program faculty and successful advanced mentors and members and are fortified by peer-formed study groups.

The LMS systematically offers the study module content and its application, lesson by lesson, topic by topic. Any work you complete is saved as you have last completed it. This means that you can write something and return to any aspect of it throughout the program (and the entire curriculum) to edit it as you evolve.

The study modules are date permitted, meaning that they are only available for your class group to coincide with the schedule of your class group.

Our programs are currently only delivered in English.

Our team program is designed to serve the following types of enterprise teams:

  • Product line or market segment, geographic, or functionally (by role)
  • Project, task, or initiative teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams grouped by project or initiative
  • Entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial start-ups
  • Virtual Teams or Self-Directed Teams

Zoom system requirements

See the Zoom Download center for the latest Zoom software.

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam – built-in, USB plug-in, or:

See the Zoom System Requirements page for additional details.

Learning Management System requirements

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • The website browser recommended is Google Chrome
  • You will require Microsoft Excel. Other software like Numbers will not work.


The programs are currently led only in English.

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