Transactional Competence™ Across Teams (TCX)

TCX helps any team or team member achieve more, faster with less friction and dysfunction. TCX develops the work environment to pace human transactions with the speed of evolving new technologies and markets.

Achieve More, Faster with Less Friction and Dysfunction


Team members require a cohesive framework to coordinate action, accelerate initiatives, and support large-scale buy-in.

TCX offers a simple, cohesive framework to coordinate activities within and across teams. It arms team members with the competence to produce the influence and buy-in they require in enterprise environments.

While this acceleration will reduce operational expenses, more importantly, it can profoundly minimize the time and resources it takes to implement new initiatives or launch new products or services.

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$2250 USD Per-Participant

Team Size Requirement: 18 + Team Members

Scaled participation may warrant pricing tiers.

We recommend that the program is supplemented with one or two on-site sessions. Additional fees for consulting, travel, and accommodations will be included.

Please chat with us for more information.

  • Coordinate action; meetings and projects go faster, easier, and smoother
  • Build a cohesive framework for collaboration that can scale
  • Cash in on the asset (and mitigate the cost) of each individual’s Personality and Transactional Behavior™
  • Accelerate initiatives; speed up the time to complete actions, projects, and product or service launches
  • Train participants how to produce ethical influence
  • Produce large-scale buy-in and compliance for enterprise initiatives

TCX applies training while working on the business. It is a learning structure to support the implementation of any initiative. The program consists of ten weekly 90-minute webinar sessions and associated web-based learning modules where each session includes training delivery followed by direct application and practice. An online learning management system (LMS) with recorded webinar replay makes this training available in every time zone.

Ten weekly 90-minute webinar sessions and associated web-based learning modules

Certified faculty deliver our enterprise programs through live interactive webinars. The program includes ten web-based learning modules that include written, video, and audio segments to support a variety of learning styles. These learning modules are over 30 years in the making and include both critical thinking and practical application of the study material.

Each program team will be encouraged to form a Community of Practice (“CoP”); the environment and deliberate practice required for embodiment and application. It is through the process of continuous development that the team members learn from each other and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

The study is supplemented by optional and periodic webinar lectures on specific topics and by featured authors or guests.

In some major cities, supplemental live workshops support both the study and the growth of a local peer environment.

The ten weekly webinar sessions are 90-minutes in duration.

Our participants report an average of 1.5 hours between sessions (every week) to complete a single learning module.

All in, you might expect to invest an average of three hours per week for ten weeks.

Your investment in your education determines your success.

Delivered internationally, our study programs are delivered live on the Influential U Campus, powered by VirBELA; a virtual campus platform. The virtual campus promotes social interaction, engagement, and collaboration with students, faculty, sponsors, and campus partners–24-hours a day from any country.

Launched with our July 2020 Conferences, we offer corporate training, educational workshops, and study incubators that include ambitious professionals from many industries, professions, and cultures. We allow students, faculty, and mentors the opportunity to connect before and after virtual program sessions to get help, form study groups, and use the campus for discussion. We offer our advanced student’s premiere program venues that serve their aims for an elite experience amongst peers.

Our study modules are offered through a website-integrated learning management system (“LMS”) to organize, track, and simplify the learning process. The webinar sessions are co-led by seasoned program faculty and successful advanced mentors and members and are fortified by peer-formed study groups.

The LMS systematically offers the study module content and its application, lesson by lesson, topic by topic. Any work you complete is saved as you have last completed it. This means that you can write something and return to any aspect of it throughout the program (and the entire curriculum) to edit it as you evolve.

The Fundamentals of Transaction Program study modules are date permitted, meaning that they are only available for your class group to coincide with the campus session schedule of your class group.

Our programs are currently only delivered in English.

The program is designed to serve the following types of enterprise teams:

  • Product line or market segment, geographic, or functionally (by role)
  • Project, task, or initiative teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams grouped by project or initiative
  • Entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial start-ups
  • Virtual Teams or Self-Directed Teams

Certified Program Faculty are successful and accomplished business professionals immersed in our four-year curriculum. Once certified, our Program Faculty participates in ongoing training and development led by Influence Ecology co-founders. Their rigorous certification is practical, pragmatic, and measured. It includes a deep understanding of our entire curriculum, founding philosophy, and the ability to facilitate engaging and relevant online and live training programs, workshops, and lectures. Our aspiring membership includes an international assembly of accomplished business professionals, entrepreneurs, and faculty from a variety of countires, industries, and cultures.

The Influential U Campus is powered by VirBELA; a virtual campus platform. VirBELA posts the hardware and software requirements for running its products on your computer. If your computer does not meet these requirements, we can make no guarantee that your computer will be able to run the Campus. In order to get the best performance out of VirBELA, we suggest meeting or exceeding the “recommended requirements.”

Influential U Virtual Campus Hardware and Software Requirements

Please check to see that your computer and accessories meet the minimum system requirements. If not, you will need to make upgrades to your own system to attend.

Operating Systems Supported

Windows 7 SP1+ or newer
Mac OS X 10.11 or newer

Note: These minimum requirements are the very least necessary to run the Influence Ecology Campus. If your computer does not meet these requirements, we make no guarantee that your computer will be able to run the Influence Ecology Campus. In order to get the best performance, we suggest meeting or exceeding these requirements.

No, the course is the first and primary program in our curriculum. 

The programs are currently led only in English.

Yes, however, check the prerequisites to be sure. 

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