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Influence Ecology Vice President

Drew Knowles is Vice President of Influence Ecology, the leading business education in Transactional Competence™.

We teach people how to transact for what they want.

Drew manages and co-leads the Fundamentals of Transaction Program, the first in a four-year curriculum that includes webinars, conferences, workshops, online tools, podcasts, case-studies, and mentors utilized by men and women in seventy + countries. Student membership includes an international assembly of accomplished professionals, faculty, and peers from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures.

Prior to his work with Influence Ecology, Drew became known as the go-to expert on stress and its effects on the mind/brain by many of New Zealand’s top CEOs and Executives. In 2010, his consulting business focused on stress management; attending specifically to how stressors affect human performance, wellness, and lifestyle. He published a two-year series of articles in a leading men’s magazine to help readers cope with the stress of modern day living. His early history includes work in the delivery and management of a specialized leadership and performance curriculum for a global training and development company. He has facilitated training for thousands of people internationally and has been responsible for the training, development, and management of hundreds of leaders, managers, and mentors. 

Today, Drews’s primary responsibilities are enterprise growth, client management, and program faculty.

Launched in 2009, Influence Ecology is headquartered in Ventura, CA. Additional faculty resides in Australia, New Zealand, London, Singapore, and the United States. Drew is married and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.


  • Vice President of Influence Ecology, the leading business education in Transactional Competence™
  • 20 years focused on performance, health, and stress
  • Facilitated training for thousands of people internationally
  • Co-leads and manages a four-year curriculum for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Primary accountability is enterprise growth, client management, and program faculty
  • Lives in New Zealand

“Trying to do it by yourself or figure it out by yourself, in my view, is counter to being human. Human beings rely on others for help.”
– Drew Knowles

“Influence Ecology programs are, in my opinion, required learning for anyone who has the desire, but not the tools or application, to reach their aims in life. In no uncertain terms, Influence Ecology holds you to account for all of the things you know you should start, stop, or continue doing (but ignore as habit) and makes you responsible for your own future.”

– James Walls, Wellington, New Zealand


The Influence Ecology Podcast

Episode 47: Drew Knowles – Embrace Your Naïveté

We all can observe naïveté in others, but can we identify it in ourselves? As a poster child for ambition, Drew Knowles is a case study in embracing his naïveté. This episode describes and demonstrates what we mean by the term State of Mind: the state or condition of one’s thinking or knowing. We address four primary states of mind—despair, naïveté, adult, and ambitious adult—and the importance of learning to acknowledge the condition of your own ambition. Link to Episode

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Drew Knowles Leads Local Workshops

Local personal and professional development training is offered quarterly in established student communities. Our live workshops help you construct new solutions, reach elusive goals, and connect with an expanding resource of ambitious professionals from diverse industries and occupations.

This is practical training for existing Influence Ecology members and their guests. With a focus on understanding and practice, our global faculty is certified to teach and mentor the Influence Ecology methodology.

Local Business Education Workshop

About Influence Ecology

Influence Ecology is considered the leader in the field of Transactional Competence™, having published and contributed to the only comprehensive text on the subject, Transactionalism: An Historic and Interpretive Study by Trevor J. Phillips. Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels has authored more than 500 papers on the subject, study, and discipline of Transactional Competence™ and is a sought-after lecturer at universities, major corporations, and civic organizations around the world. 

Influence Ecology’s curriculum includes conferences, webinars, online tools, podcasts, and mentorship utilized by men and women in over seventy countries around the world. Our membership includes an international assembly of accomplished professionals, faculty, and peers from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures.