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Program Faculty | Fundamentals of Transaction Program

Dr Gary Ward is a general medical practitioner in Perth Western Australia and a program leader on the faculty of Influence Ecology, the leading business education in Transactional Competence™.

Gary’s university studies won him a bachelor degree in zoology (the study of animals in their environment), then a bachelor degree in human physiology with first class honours. He then completed a bachelor of medicine and a bachelor of surgery.

Throughout his university career he participated at the elite level in the sport of rowing winning multiple state titles and two national titles in eight oared and coxed pair boats.

Following graduation in medicine in 1980 Gary worked at Perth’s leading teaching hospital (Royal Perth Hospital), and began physician training. He then travelled to England and worked in a specialist neurology hospital in Leeds and then at the prestigious Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, and the tertiary cardiology unit at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. It was in Cambridge that he met his future wife, Claire.

In 1984 Gary returned to Royal Perth Hospital to continue physician training and then entered private general practice in 1987.

Claire and Gary have four children: the eldest, Sophie, a writer and married to a rock star, lives in Ojai California, Gemma is a supermodel living in New York; Henry is studying philosophy at the University of California and Oscar is a budding film director currently in Perth.

Gary continues to practice medicine and is the personal physician to many of the leading business and community leaders in Perth. His focus and specialisation is preventive medicine and health promotion.

Gary commenced studying with Influence Ecology in 2013 and has completed FOT, MAP and is midway through MAP2. In 2016 he requested to train as an FOT leader for the eastern hemisphere and is currently co-leading his fourth program.


  • Program Faculty | Fundamentals of Transaction Program with Influence Ecology, the leading business education in Transactional Competence™
  • Bachelor of Science (Zoology), Bachelor of Medical Science (Sensory Physiology) with first class honours (numerous publications), Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery, Research registrar at Royal Perth Hospital (Perth Community Stroke Study – numerous publications)
  • 1984 Royal Perth Hospital for continued physician training, 1987 entered general practice
  • Personal physician to many of the leading business and community leaders in Perth. His focus and specialization is preventive medicine and health promotion
  • He and his wife, Claire live in Perth, Western Australia and raised four children

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“I had that experience of being surrounded by a body of incredibly smart, accomplished people who were there to accomplish their own aims, but as well and almost equal to their own aims, were there to help other people. That blew me away.”

Dr. Gary Ward, Podcast Episode: Influence Ecology Faculty Dinner with the CEO

“Influence Ecology programs are, in my opinion, required learning for anyone who has the desire, but not the tools or application, to reach their aims in life. In no uncertain terms, Influence Ecology holds you to account for all of the things you know you should start, stop, or continue doing (but ignore as habit) and makes you responsible for your own future.”

– James Walls, Wellington, New Zealand


About Influence Ecology

Influence Ecology is considered the leader in the field of Transactional Competence™, having published and contributed to the only comprehensive text on the subject, Transactionalism: An Historic and Interpretive Study by Trevor J. Phillips. Co-Founder Kirkland Tibbels has authored more than 500 papers on the subject, study, and discipline of Transactional Competence™ and is a sought-after lecturer at universities, major corporations, and civic organizations around the world. 

Influence Ecology’s curriculum includes conferences, webinars, online tools, podcasts, and mentorship utilized by men and women in over seventy countries around the world. Our membership includes an international assembly of accomplished professionals, faculty, and peers from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures.

Influence Ecology Co-founders John Patterson and Kirkland Tibbels
Co-founders John Patterson and Kirkland Tibbels