• Dr Dawn Dalili, The Influence Ecology Podcast, Transactional Competence, Transactionalism

The Transactional Whole with Dr. Dawn Dalili

As a successful naturopathic physician, Dr. Dawn Dalili offers an approach that guides patients toward a vibrant life. In this episode, Dr. Dalili and Co-Founder John Patterson discuss why attending to a partial aspect of the body — or a transaction — doesn’t address the whole truth: that contemplating whole systems and processes isn’t easy, but exponentially more effective.

Transactionalism is a philosophical approach that addresses the fundamental nature of social exchange or human transaction. All human exchange is best understood as a set of transactions within a reciprocal and co-constitutive whole.

In our talk, you’ll hear Co-Founders Kirkland Tibbels and John Patterson address Transactionalism and the Transactional Whole, offering a preliminary definition of this philosophy and our study of its importance and relevance.