• Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture CEO Craig Bouck, The Influence Ecology Podcast, Transactional Competence, Transactionalism

The Elements of Value with Craig Bouck

Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture designs buildings and places that bring people together. As award-winning architects, their projects are sharply differentiated from competitors, but the final selection still often won to price. Wanting more control of their future, CEO Craig Bouck pursued an education in the elements of value; the firm had mastered practical utility, but they hadn’t yet positioned themselves as a scarce resource. They then did the hard work to deeply understand their clients’ breakdowns (which go well beyond the design of a building) and developed specialized tools and processes that help communities overcome the complex hurdles that threaten the success of building and operating a community recreation center. In doing so, they changed the perception—from an expensive community accessory used by a few—to a vital, sustainable community asset that raises the quality of life and acts as an economic driver.

This episode’s talk is a study of the elements of value and how too often this naiveté can lead to labor, frustration, and lost income.