Focus Lecture:
A Course Correction


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John Patterson

Led by Influential U CEO John Patterson

Join us for a special Influential U webinar when we will address ways you can course-correct during the Year of Reinvention. Validate what is working. Modify what is not. How do we validate and modify our assumptions? What if we’re off track? We’ll cover all this and more. 


Focus Lecture  Series

This webinar is a part of our Focus Lecture Webinar Series which takes place three to four times a year. Our popular online training series offers specialized knowledge that focuses on a single principle from our exclusive curriculum.

Influence Ecology teaches ambitious professionals how to transact to satisfy their aims. Our practical and rigorous programs help participants face the behaviors, practices, and naïveté that keep them from satisfying their work, career, and financial aims. You can learn more about our programs, podcasts, conferences, and workshops by visiting our website

A small course correction now will make all the difference later.

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