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John Patterson
Chief Executive Officer

Kirkland Tibbels
President and Chairman of the Board

Program Faculty

Kirkland Tibbels
John Patterson
Drew Knowles
Marne Power
James Walls
Dr. Gary Ward
Bernard Jordan

Office of Admissions

Liz Smiley (Registrar)
Registrar 1+805-269-6691

Drew Knowles (Auckland, NZ)
Vice President 1+805-270-7232
+64 21 838 433 NZ

Ra Piripi (Auckland, NZ)
+02 75 500 039 NZ

Josh Damigo (Ventura, CA)

Tim Wilbur (Ventura, CA)

Ian Collins (Western Australia)
+04 09 843 433

Marne Power (Virginia)

Bernard Jordan (New York)

Suzanne Pool (United Kingdom)
+44 7976 565139

Finance, Technology, and Business Affairs

Darryl Anderle
Chief Financial Officer 805-269-6690

Maria Robles
Finance 805-397-9881

Program Coordinator

Karie Kohn

Digital Marketing + Web Engineer

Tyson Crandall


Karal Gregory

World Headquarters

200 E Santa Clara St. Ste 210
Ventura CA 93001


Our Faculty resides in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Programs are held via webinar classrooms scheduled for both the western and the eastern hemispheres time zones to allow participation from anywhere in the world. Our programs are currently only delivered in English.

We also hold live local workshops in areas with expanding student populations. Workshops help you construct new solutions, reach elusive goals, and connect with an expanding resource of ambitious professionals from diverse industries and occupations.

We hold our global flagship Annual Member Conference each January in North America and a July Mid-Year Member Conference hosted in both North America and the Asia-Pacific.

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